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10 Best Toy Fairs Guide: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Toys are creative products. Whether it is a retailer or a wholesaler, only by increasing the innovation of products and constantly innovating, can they adapt to the increasingly competitive market development and stand at the forefront. So how can we capture the latest and hottest trends in the industry and successfully grasp the market trend? Toy exhibitions in various countries provide a good business platform for many exhibitors to develop domestic and foreign markets with huge potential. This article lists the 10 largest, most professional, exhibitors, and most worthwhile exhibitions in the global toy exhibition in 2022. Hope it can provide you with some useful references~

1. Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Germany

Time: February 2-6, 2022

Address: Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition area: 170,000 square meters

For Nuremberg, a small town in southeastern Germany near the Czech Republic, we used to know more about the famous Nuremberg trial after World War II. Those more familiar with German history know that it was once the heart of the Holy Roman Empire and Nazi Germany. But for today’s global people, especially children, Nuremberg has another title – “the city of toys”. Every February, it will become a gathering place for the world’s toys. Thousands of toy practitioners and enthusiasts will come from all over the world to participate in the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Since its inception in 1949, the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany has been attracting toy companies from all over the world. It is one of the three largest toy exhibitions in the world with the most influence and the largest number of exhibitors. It has been held for more than 70 sessions, with an exhibition area of 170,000 square meters. With 2,886 exhibitors from 68 countries around the world, it is the world’s largest, most professional, and oldest toy exhibition.   

At present, Nuremberg Toy Fair has become an expanding sales channel, a platform for releasing the latest products and discovering and maintaining customers. Integrated platform. More than 120,000 kinds of toy products were displayed at the 170,000-square-meter exhibition, and its exhibition halls were divided into different product categories and organized.

Map of Nuremberg international toy exhibition hall, Germany

Nuremberg Toy Fair is the world’s largest exhibition of toys, hobbies, and children’s leisure products, not only the largest but also the best. Covering 12 varieties of product categories, it is the first choice for exploring the international market.

In recent years, to be closer to the market demand, the Nuremberg exhibition hall has been adjusted, the concentrated exhibition area of electronic toy products has been expanded, and the rail model and building model exhibition areas have been combined into one.The authorized toy business forum focuses on the latest knowledge in the industry. 

In a word, Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany is the toy with the highest reputation, the widest influence, the largest number of exhibitors, the largest scale, and the most professional toy in the world toy field.

Nuremberg International Toy Fair

2. Hong Kong Toy Fair

Time: January 10-13, 2022

Address: Asia – China Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition area: 57,000 square meters

The Hong Kong Toy Fair is currently the largest international toy fair in Asia and the second largest in the world. The exhibition area is 57,070 square meters.

At present, the largest international toy fair in Asia and the second largest in the world is the Hong Kong Toy Fair. In 2015, the exhibition area reached 57,005 square meters. There were 1,990 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, and the audience was as high as 42,920, half of which were from areas other than Hong Kong. The exhibition will be held concurrently with the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair, the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair, and the Hong Kong International Licensing Fair. The total number of people at the exhibition exceeded 10,000, an increase of 4% over the previous year.

To keep pace with the development of the economy and follow the market trend, the 2016 Toy Fair continued to retain three special zones, namely the Sports Goods and Amusement Facilities Zone, the Big Kids World, and the New Era Smart Toys Zone. At the same time, the exhibition also added an action and field game area, the main contents include action and skill games, and toy guns. Key exhibition areas include Brand Gallery, Smart Toys, Big Kids World, and STREAM Toys Product Display Area.

The show will focus on multiple product areas, including the prestigious Brand Gallery, Smart Toys, and Big Kids World. Other themed exhibition areas are all-inclusive, such as educational toys and games, electronic and remote control toys, festival and party supplies, fireworks, general toys, paper products and toy packaging, soft toys and dolls, testing and certification services, business services, toy cars and outdoor and sporting goods world, to meet the needs of different buyers.

Hong Kong Toy Fair

In the exhibition area, the brand gallery gathered more than 240 well-known brands from 17 countries and regions, presenting a variety of innovative products, unique designs, and innovative functions of toy products. The smart toys exhibition area continues to gather toys and games that incorporate innovative technologies, including AI, AR, and voice recognition technology, which have become popular in recent years. The Big Kids World exhibition area is full of toy products for the adult market, including hobby toys, magic toys, models, and action dolls. In response to the strong market demand for STREAM toys, this year’s Toy Fair has set up a “STREAM Toys Product Display Zone” to facilitate buyers to understand the latest industry trends and seize the opportunity.

In response to the current unstable international situation, the “e-exhibition network” encourages more suppliers to make good use of online and offline (O2O) promotion and promotes communication and procurement activities between suppliers and buyers on and off the site. The conference will continue to implement the e-Badge for other exhibitions held in the same period to facilitate buyers to enter and leave the venue.

During the exhibition, several seminars, exchange activities, etc. will be held to help industry insiders grasp the latest market trends and create business opportunities. A series of product promotions, press conferences, and buyer forums provide exhibitors with additional promotion channels and understand the latest purchase needs of buyers. platform.

Features of Hong Kong Toy Fair: Because of its unique policy and geographical environment, Hong Kong is the third-largest financial center in the world. Although the overall brand power and research and development power of toys are in Europe and America, 80% of its productivity is produced in China and Hong Kong produces various toys, among which plastic toys are strong, including dolls, humanoid dolls, and building blocks, etc. Together with re-exports, Hong Kong is the world’s second-largest toy exporter. Many Hong Kong toy manufacturers regularly participate in well-organized and influential international trade fairs to expand their business networks, explore market opportunities, and promote their product images and brands overseas.

Hong Kong Toy Fair

3. London Toy Fair

Time: January 25, 2022

Address: London Olympia Exhibition Centre

Exhibition area: 43593 square meters

The British Toy Fair (TOY FAIR) has been held more than 60 times since it was held in 1954. It is held once a year and is held in London in January each year. It is sponsored by the British Toy Association. The last exhibition area reached 22,000 square meters. Thousands of more than 260 brands.

The UK is one of China’s important trading partners in Western Europe. At present, China is the UK’s 7 largest trading country, after Germany, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Belgium; in the UK market with an annual import value of more than 500 billion pounds In China, China only accounts for about 6% of the market, and there is huge room for further expansion of the market. Especially in labor-intensive products, China’s exports to the UK have a dominant competitive advantage, with an annual export growth rate of up to 20%.

The range of London Toys exhibits includes baby and baby toys and products, batteries, electronic toys, confectionery toys and confectionery, die-cast/mechanical toys, dolls, educational toys and games, hobby products, and more.

 London Toy Fair

According to industry insiders who have participated in the exhibition, the British Toy Fair is more local. TOY FAIR is the largest and most professional toy exhibition in the UK. Since its inception in 1954, the exhibition scale of previous exhibitions has continued to increase. It offers an unparalleled array of achievements, progressive ideas, and innovations from the toy industry.

The last TOY FAIR exhibition in London, UK, had a total area of ​​35,000 square meters, with 600 exhibitors from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, the United States, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, Poland, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 19,224 people. TOY FAIR will bring together numerous toy manufacturers and retailers to provide visitors with an authentic overview and insight into an established, innovative and exciting industry. All exhibitors are from all over the world, and the on-site trade transaction effect of Chinese products is particularly prominent.

The range of exhibits at the London Toy Fair includes a variety of toys and products, electronic toys, candy toys, mechanical toys, educational toys, party supplies, toy parts and accessories, paper products and toy packaging, children’s books, dolls, etc.

 London Toy Fair

4. New York Toy Fair

Time: February 19-22, 2022

Address: Javits Convention Center, New York, USA

Exhibition area: 25,000 square meters

The New York Toy Fair is an unmissable event to enter the US domestic toy market (a huge market share of 2.7 billion US dollars). More than 30,000 toy industry professionals from more than 100 countries gathered here to establish more effective connections with more than 1,000 exhibitors. The New York International Toy Fair is the largest toy fair in the Western Hemisphere and one of the three largest toy fairs in the world. Organized by the American Toy Association.

The exhibition has a long history and the transaction effect is remarkable. Facing the world’s largest toy consumer market, it will play a huge role in promoting the exhibitors to expand the North American market. The last exhibition of Toyfair NY in New York, USA, had a total area of ​​40,000 square meters. 1,106 exhibitors were from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Dubai, etc. The number of people reached 32,000. The exhibition attracted toy merchants from countries and regions including WalMart, Disney, and other countries and regions to negotiate business.

Features of the New York Toy Fair: The United States and North America have a wide area and a developed economy. Although the market is global, it has no productivity and only has one-armed brand power. However, in the past two years, its entire brand power has become more and more mature, resulting in global There are many brands that open companies, hold exhibitions, and participate in exhibitions there, and the market has begun to mature, but its market is more focused on North America, which is difficult to radiate, tends to be global, and has a strong regionality. Therefore, participating in the New York Toy Fair is facing the world’s largest consumer market, which will play a huge role in promoting the exhibitors to expand the North American market.

The United States is the largest consumer of toys, and toy sales account for 30% of the world’s total sales, which shows the huge market for the American toy industry. Various conferences will also be held at the Toyfair NY site to discuss the development trend of the future toy market. ToyfairNY is the best choice for Chinese toy companies to enter North America.

New York Toy Fair

New York Toy Fair exhibits include dolls, plush toys, plush toys, wooden toys, building blocks, wooden intellectual toys, wooden game toys, wooden handicrafts, mechanical toys, electronic toys, voice-activated toys, track toys, sports toys, experimental toys, and other wooden toys, plastic toys, holiday toys, outdoor toys, holiday clothes, hats, face masks, car models, airplane models, rocket models, ship models, tank models, train models including mountains, model books, etc. Water inflatable toys, toy guns, various balls, kites, outdoor toys, baby carriages, bags, clothing, sports cars, small metal souvenirs, toy books, game supplies, game cards, rubber and plastic game supplies, game software, handicrafts, Children’s products, Christmas tree, etc.

New York Toy Fair

5. Australian Toy Fair

Time: postponed

Address: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia

Exhibition area: 19,500 square meters

The Australian Toy Fair has been held since 1966. At the 2018 exhibition, a total of 213 companies participated in the exhibition with an exhibition area of ​​19,500 square meters. More than 4,000 toy retailers from Australia, New Zealand, and the world participated. This is a perfect trading platform.

The Australian Toy Association is Australia’s largest and most influential toy exhibition. Displays promote and sell toys, games, hobbies, and toddler products. The fair also includes a toy collection program to fulfill its social obligations to children with special abilities.

The last exhibition of the Australian ToyAssociation in Melbourne, Australia, had a total area of 11,000 square meters. 220 exhibitors were from China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the United States, Dubai, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Russia, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 8,500.

The Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for Australian distributors, importers, manufacturers, and designers of toys, games, sporting goods and equipment, and hobby items to showcase their latest creations. The Australian TovAssociation will also feature a series of incentives to recognize the contributions of producers and manufacturers of toys, hobby products, educational toys, wholesale toddler products, and more.

Australian Toy Fair

Australia Melbourne Toy Fair exhibits include dolls, plush toys, fur toys, wooden toys, bamboo toys, candy toys, trampolines, building block toys and experimental toys, outdoor sports goods, train and track model series, cars and fast Orbit model series, mechanical toys and electric toys, construction toys and sports toys, books and chess and card entertainment supplies, making models, hobbies, handmade materials, holiday supplies and Christmas tree ornaments, computer game software, and high-tech toys, etc.

The Australian Toy Fair is more local but very professional. There will be people from all over the world looking for new hot spots and new products to buy and sell.

Australian Toy Fair

6. China Toy Fair (CTE)

Time: October 19-21, 2022

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition area: 220,000 square meters

CHINA TOY EXPO is the largest, high-quality, omnichannel toy exhibition in Asia. Founded in 2002, and sponsored by China Toys and Infant Products Association, it is on the same stage as CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, CKE China Infant Exhibition, and CLE China Authorized Exhibition. Support the exhibition” title. Held every October in Shanghai, it has developed into the largest international and professional comprehensive business platform in Asia in the industry

It has now become the only exhibition chosen by well-known brands from nearly 30 countries and regions in China. It is Dongguan, Shenzhen, Chenghai, Zhejiang Yunhe, Yongjia, Shandong Gaomi, Jiangsu Baoying, Fujian Jinjiang. It is highly recognized by nearly 20 local governments and associations and is an effective platform to promote the brand of the production area. It is also an exhibition highly praised by professional buyers from more than 130 countries and regions and is a must-see every year.

As an annual event in the industry,during the period, CTE China Toy Fair will invite leaders of ministries, marketing experts, Internet celebrities, etc. to hold a variety of high-end activities, including the China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference, “Leading China’s New Consumption Trend One Year’s Most Market Potential Product” release, special procurement exchange meeting and creative, innovative and award-winning product exhibition, etc., to help you accurately grasp the development trend of products and industries, expand your contacts in-depth, and achieve business profits. Quick boost.

Shanghai Toy Fair-China Toy Expo (CHINA TOY EXPO) well-known exhibitors are: Lego, Transformers, Barbie, Hape, Aofei, Yinhui, Zhigao, Hong En, Wood Play Family, Longchang, VTech, Tianheng, Yucai, Kaiqi, Qi-color flowers, etc. CTE China toy exhibition has a complete range of categories, and it is the first choice for global distributors to purchase in China.

Shanghai Toy Fair – China Toy Fair

Shanghai Toy Fair – China Toy Fair exhibits include:

Toys: plush software, wooden, dolls, electronic electricity, plastic, educational puzzles, children’s riding, holiday party supplies, plastic inflatables, etc.

Preschool education: preschool toys, teaching aids, books, art supplies, early education machines and software, children’s furniture, early education institutions, etc.

Outdoor amusement equipment and supplies; large-scale combined amusement equipment, slides, swings, climbing, indoor and outdoor naughty castle series, bouncing series, rocking horses and swing machines, fitness equipment series, rubber floor mats, human lawn, etc.

Model machinery: airplane models, car models, ship models, architectural models, military models, trains, animal models, imitation models, die-casting and metal toys, etc.

At present, CTE China Toys Fair has become the only exhibition chosen by well-known brands from nearly 30 countries and regions in China. Highly recognized by local governments and associations, there are 2,500 exhibitors, 4,500 brands, and 100,000 buyers. The exhibition area of 220,000 square meters is the largest in Asia, providing the most ideal new products for brand agents and retailers at home and abroad. List of shopping and brand collaborations.

Shanghai Toy Fair – China Toy Fair

7. Tokyo International Toy Fair, Japan

Time: June 16-19, 2022

Address: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Exhibition area: 50,000 square meters

TOKYO TOY SHOW is one of the largest and richest toy fairs in the world. Founded in 1962, it is sponsored by the Japan Toy Association. The organizers encourage foreign companies to participate in the exhibition. It is the earliest professional toy exhibition in Asia, which is synchronized with the toy industry’s entry into large-scale modern production.

The last exhibition of the Tokyo Toy Fair in Japan, had a total area of ​​50,000 square meters. 869 exhibitors were from China, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Dubai, Spain, Italy, the United States, Germany, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 93,971.

To meet the strong demand of the industry, TOKYO TOY SHOW will continue to expand its scale and display comprehensive toy products. Here you can see all kinds of new toys from all over the world, and get in touch with the world’s top toy exhibitors. It is an important choice for global buyers. It is based in Asia and serves the world, opening a pragmatic way for the integration and promotion of the toy industry at home and abroad. , efficient channel.

The range of exhibits at Tokyo Toy Fair Japan includes baby and baby toys and products, batteries, electronic toys, candy toys and candy, die-casting/mechanical toys, dolls, educational toys, hobby products, multiple products/departments, outdoor and sports items, Party Supplies, Toy Parts and Accessories, Paper Products and Toy Packaging, Children’s Books, Toys and Dolls, and Magic Items.

Tokyo International Toy Fair, Japan

Tokyo International Toy Fair is the earliest professional toy exhibition in Asia, which is synchronized with the toy industry’s entry into large-scale modern production. It is the largest professional toy and model exhibition in Japan, organized by the Japan Toy International Expo Association. The exhibition has a total of 4 days, the first two days are professional buyers’ days, and the last two days are public open days. Tokyo International Toy Fair, Japan is held once a year and is held in June every year.

In the last exhibition, 1076 companies from Japan and other countries and regions launched more than 90,000 new toys, and a total of 183,622 visitors from all over the world attended the exhibition. All well-known Japanese companies will be present, and a large number of foreign toy companies will also participate in the exhibition to enter the Japanese market. According to the Japan Toy Association, the size of the domestic toy market in 2017 was about 800 billion yen. The Japanese toy industry has exceeded 800 billion yen for four consecutive years since 2014.

Features of Tokyo International Toy Fair in Japan: Every year, many toys with “new technologies and new ideas” are exhibited. The product innovation is very strong. The exhibition shows us that the Japanese can achieve the ultimate, and simplicity in the design and function of the products, but they are enduring. Japan’s Tokyo Toy Fair market is mainly global, but in recent years, due to various reasons, it has become a local exhibition, forming local brands into the local market, but Japan has world-renowned toy brands such as Bandai, TAKARA TOMY, etc., with super-strong products The innovative market cannot be ignored.

Tokyo International Toy Fair, Japan

8. Moscow International Toy Fair, Russia

Time: March 01-March 03, 2022

Address: Krokus International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

Exhibition area: 9000 square meters

Kids Russia is one of the exhibitions under Kids, a world-renowned brand exhibition. It is the leading professional exhibition for children’s products in Russia, the CIS countries, and Eastern Europe, combining the leaders of the Russian market and leading international companies. It is an ideal platform for business communication and becomes the most important industry event every year.

The last exhibition of Kids Russia, Moscow, Russia, had a total area of ​​13,000 square meters. 240 exhibitors were from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Dubai, Pakistan, the United States, Australia, Poland, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 11,000 people.

Kids Russia is the most promising and fastest-growing children’s products industry exhibition in Eastern Europe. In addition to toys, the event will bring more new products to the children. For example, baby and baby products will expand to baby fashion, strollers, and many other products. Kids Russia presents an excellent opportunity for companies in the global toy industry to establish important contacts in this promising market.

The range of exhibits at the Moscow Toy Fair in Russia includes products for pregnant and lactating women, baby toys and supplies, plush toys, electronic and multimedia games, mechanical and interactive toys, large-scale toys, books, educational games, board games, hobbies and models, children’s clothing, shoes, children’s furniture and multifunctional equipment for children’s playgrounds, Christmas toys and gifts, school supplies, outdoor supplies, and sporting goods

Moscow International Toy Fair

Kids Russia is a well-known exhibition in the Russian toy industry. Professional exhibitors come to participate. According to the statistics of exhibitors in 2017, 25.7% of the visitors are retailers and trade experts; 18.2% of the visitors are distributors; 12.3% of the audience are online retailers; 8.75% of the audience are importers.

The Russian Toy Fair is one of the most important exhibitions in the toy industry in Russia and even the Commonwealth of Independent States. The exhibition provides professionals in the industry with the most effective and perfect platform to build relationships and communicate industry experience. At the same time, the exhibition also brings together a large number of professional visitors, most of which are decision-makers in the enterprise, which undoubtedly provides a huge opportunity for exhibitors.

Moscow International Toy Fair

9. Kids India

Time: September 26-28, 2019

Address: Mumbai Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition area: 12,700 square meters

KidsIndia is India’s largest B2B trade fair for toys and baby products. The leading exhibition for the Indian toy industry in India by SpielwarenmesseeG, organized by the German Nuremberg Toy Fair, is a great opportunity to showcase your products.

The last exhibition of KidsIndia, Mumbai, India, had a total area of ​​13,000 square meters. 295 exhibitors were from China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Dubai, Elchi, Italy, Hong Kong, China, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 16,400 people.

KidsIndia is an ideal platform for you to communicate with important buyers, retailers, wholesalers, and other business decision-makers from India. Every year, it attracts many well-known exhibitors and professional audiences to participate.

Kids India

The range of exhibits at the India Mumbai Toys and Babies Fair includes plush toys, dolls, and role-playing, wholesale educational toys and games, learning and experimentation, technology and action toys, video game multimedia, game puzzle cards, children’s books, and music, creative Design, School Stationery, Handmade Gifts and Souvenirs, Wooden Toys, Baby Products, Party and Holiday Products Licensed Products, Model Building Hobbies, Model Railroads, and Accessories Sports Recreation Outdoors, Playground Equipment, Testing, and Inspection Agencies and Certification Services.

Kids India is India’s largest B2B exhibition for toys, children’s products, and sporting goods. The exhibition is an excellent battlefield for exhibitors to cut into the Indian toy market. The Indian toy industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with huge potential. Key factors for the growth of the toy industry are a growing middle class, rising incomes, a decline in the average number of children per household, and an increased focus on quality and premium toys.

Kids India

10. Istanbul Toy Fair, Turkey

Time: October 3-6, 2019

Address: Istanbul International Convention and Exhibition Center, Turkey

Exhibition area: 13,500 square meters

Istanbul Toy Fair is the most important toy event in Eurasia. With the support of OYDER (ToyersAssociation of Toyers), it is possible to directly observe new products and latest technologies in the toy industry, and hold purchasing committees from all over the world. The last exhibition of the Istanbul Toy Fair in Turkey had a total area of 18,000 square meters, with 350 exhibitors from China, South Korea, Japan, India, Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 15,000.    

Turkey has attracted well-known companies including WalMart and Disney. A wide variety of exhibits at the exhibition site provide buyers with purchasing opportunities and an ideal trading platform, successfully attracting buyers from all over the world to purchase.

Turkey Istanbul Toy Fair exhibits include: Toys: Pregnant and lactating women’s products, baby toys and supplies, plush toys, electronic and multimedia games, mechanical and interactive toys, wooden toys, books, educational games, board games, Hobbies and models, children’s clothing, shoes, children’s furniture and multifunctional equipment for children’s playgrounds, Christmas toys and gifts, school supplies, outdoor supplies, and sporting goods

Kids Turkey Turkey Toy Fair is an important toy exhibition in Turkey, which has made an important contribution to raising the visibility of the toy industry. The Turkish toy market has a bright future and continues to grow steadily. The Class of 2018 Kids Turkey made a perfect impression on all members of the industry. It is a successful platform where information and experiences are exchanged on innovation, import, and export, international markets, manufacturing expertise, and training. The exhibition received a total of 117 exhibitors and 4,834 visitors from Turkey and 45 countries, mainly composed of decision-makers and purchasing agents, with an exhibition area of 13,500 square meters.

 Istanbul Toy Fair

These toy exhibitions are well-known at home and abroad. Participating in the exhibition can certainly understand the latest developments in the market. Of course, our company also displays our rich toy products at many well-known exhibitions. If you want to live the latest and hottest toy products without leaving home, please visit our website! There are rich and detailed product displays, as well as real-time updated toy styles. The hottest and latest toys, while ensuring the quality, the price is also very favorable, click our link and start a wonderful toy journey!

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