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100+ Best Wholesale Kids Tent in 2022(Catalog Free Download)

Wholesale kids tent

Wholesale Kids Tent

 Due to the impact of COVID-19, People spend more time at home , so that indoor tents have become more and more popular these years. However, there are various types of wholesale kids tent in the market. To be a good retailer ,you must have to know which ones are the best selling wholesale kids tent. Here, as a professional toy supplier, we will recommend the most popular types of kids tents recently, and you can also download the catalog to find more Wholesale Kids Tent.

For your reference, here are 5 Wholesale kids tent listed. Obviously, it’s far more than 5 kids tents in the catalog. Continue reading and click the button to download free wholesale kids tent catalog.

1.Wholesale Princess Tent

This newfangled design is inspired by the castles in fairy tale, the beautiful and remarkable princess house can provide a private space for kid to entertain themselves, read and relax.

This sizable tent can accommodate up to 3 kids at the same time. It’s Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sites such as home, kindergarten, backyard, parks and so on, It’s hot selling wholesale kids tent in Amazon and are

Wholesale Princess Tent
Wholesale Princess Tent

2.Wholesale Teepee Tent

Every child loves their very own teepee kids play tent, and it can be set up either indoor or outdoor. It can provide a warm and clean environment place, inside this separate space, kids can engage in inspired activities that will aid in their development. Whether they are playing, reading books or having a nap, kids will love to have countless hours of fun in this baby play tent. Kids playhouse tent simple and comfortable design style will never be out of date.

Teepee tents are usually made by natural fabric such as cotton, and the high quality wood poles which are polished until they are splinter free.

Teepee tent is easy to assemble and fold, and is made to be portable and practical so that you can carry your child’s favorite teepee tent anywhere.

Wholesale Teepee Tent
Wholesale Teepee Tent

3.Wholesale Pop Up Tent

It’s a very popular wholesale kids tent which can fit 2-3 kids for indoor and outdoor activities. Used as a playhouse, it can provide a private world for playroom at home, kids can play by themselves for hours, which give parents some time for relax.

It comes with flexible fiberglass rods, easy to set up and take down, comes in a compact carry bag, It can be set up in minutes, and little kids can even try by themselves.


Wholesale Pop Up Tent
Wholesale Pop Up Tent

4.Wholesale Tents & Tunnels

All the kids love tents and tunnels! The vibrant colors and interchangeable pieces allow to customize this multipurpose playset into many different combinations. Use it as an outdoor obstacle course on the playground or an indoor playhouse jungle gym.

 Soft thick fabric, breathable mesh walls, and flexible padded structure gives ksds the safest enjoyable experience.

This gigantic fort for kids pops open in seconds and folds away flat for convenient storage in a deluxe zipper carrying case. Fill it up with 200 or more balls, it will be a wonder tent for parties, picnics, backyard BBQs, parks, playgrounds, day care, school, carnivals, sleepovers, or simply keep it in the playroom at home! Great for dogs, cats, pets as well.

Wholesale tents& tunnels
Wholesale Tents & Tunnels

5.Wholesale Dinosaur Kids Tent

Kid’s love dinosaurs! Transform kids’ bedroom into a prehistoric playground within minutes with this simple kids pop up tent. The vibrant artwork and ROAR button makes this a perfect toddler tent and an unforgettable gift for any boy or girl.

This Dinosaur tent is perfect for kids’ intellectual and creative development with the sound button. They will soon be running and soaring with Dinosaur. It’s the hot-selling wholesale kids tent especially for little boys.

Wholesale Dinosaur Kids Tent
Wholesale Dinosaur Kids Tent

The End

Above are some hot-selling wholesale kids tent recent years, hope it can be a reference for your purchasing work.

Union Vision is a wholesale kids tent supplier specializing in children’s tents and outdoor tents, we provide all kinds of tent products of wide price range.

We have a professional design team, provide OEM design, and design different products every month. Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements. If you have some ideas, our team can help you make samples that meet your requirements. You can rest assured of our raw materials, we have strict requirements for product quality and inspection.

You can find more wholesale kids tent from our catalogues or contact us for more information.

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