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1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer

Backboard Size:75x45cm (29.5″x 17.7″)
Surface material:Powder Coating
Material:Strong durable PE, Metal
Printing:Silk screen printing
Usage:Wall Mount;Stand

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1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer

Adjustable Height

The height of basket can be adjusted from 7.5 ft to 10 ft meet the needs for Kids Adults. And it can shoot or duck according to the different height. This adjustable basketball system is able to fit in different occasions and can be used in many places. It can be used for a long time and it is good value for money.

Rainproof and Sunproof Basketball Stand

With this 1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer , this basketball hoop can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is extremely convenient for users and can be used in different occasions. So you have no worry that the hoop will be damaged if the weather is terrible.

As a Mini Basketball Hoop

The 1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer can be hang on the wall with the hook. So you can play without the rod and base. Besides, you can adjust the height and easy to use and storage. All in all, this is definitely a wonderful product for both adults and children.

Easy Assembly

This 1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer is easily set up. You just need several steps and then you can play basketball freely. Setting it up just needs 20 minutes. And inside it also has manual in the box and we can provide installation video if you have this request.

Some details to ensure your play time

This 1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer is equipped with many details to make sure your play time. Firstly, two bolts with lock nut to fix adjustment system. It is very stable and safe. Secondly, big handle which is easy to adjust rim height. Thirdly, fill full water or sand into base to make it stable. Fourthly, two springs which make this system more flexible. We are professional 1PCS New Type Basketball Stand Manufacturer.

PVC backboard & PE frame

This product has PVC backboard and PE frame. This makes sure the basketball system away from damage. And these material can protect the plastic spraying of backboard. What’s more, this is also equipped with rust-proof so that it is extremely durable.


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