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The Complete 3 Guide to Importing Toys from China

Want to importing toys from China? Stop looking! We have listed everything you need to know into a complete set of guidelines. From purchase to delivery, there are only three simple steps!

Step 1: Purchase

When importing toys from China, since the site has a large number of toy suppliers, you can find Chinese suppliers through a trust platform like Alibaba. Look at their positions. In this area, suppliers with a small number of suppliers can be intermediaries.

You know, most of the online providers are in the toy business, and China does not have such a large toy factory. In addition, most of the orders they received were provided by trading companies.

Here are some of the most popular (and safe) platforms that connect American importers with Chinese toy manufacturers when importing toys from China:

Alibaba: On Alibaba’s platform, there are many manufacturers, from heavy machinery to accessories and toys.

DHgate: Like Alibaba, DHgate will find most toy manufacturers. If you don’t find Alibaba’s platform, we recommend DHgate as the second platform, because DHgate has a slightly more product types.

Made in China: Made in China is the same as Alibaba and DHgate. The biggest difference is that 80% of its business is obtained from American and European consumers (Chinese buyers).

Of course, you can also browse our website to buy products.

Importing Toys from China

Step 2. Regulations

According to the toys you bring, the customs documents are different. The following are necessary conditions for transportation when importing toys from China:

Commercial invoice
Login instruction
Air traffic (if aviation)
Packing list
Official invoice
Certificate of Origin

As a reference, the United States Uniform Customs Administration listed the toy in HS code 9503.00.00. These goods are generally duty-free, but they still need to pay for handling and maintenance costs.

Importing Toys from China

Mark inspection

All toys in China shall be marked with their marks on their products or on the outer packaging of their products. The label must contain the following specific product information:
Name of manufacturer
Manufacturing time and place of toys
Specific information related to the production process, including batch or operation number, and other identification characteristics
Other information about specific products

Test specification
According to the American Consumer Protection Association, toys for children under the age of 12 must be tested by a third party. The inspection must be carried out by a laboratory approved by the CPSC of the United States. After passing the test, the products passing the certification will be granted the children’s product certification.
Tests for most toys include:
Accessible point
Contains heavy elements of coatings and similar surface coatings
Heavy elements in the matrix
Small items

Importing Toys from China

Toys designed for children 14 years old or older do not need to meet the safety requirements of toys. If the toy is intended for children aged 13, it will meet the safety requirements of ASTM F963, but it does not need to be tested in the laboratory.

American Society for Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials has developed an international standard for the safety of its products. The safety instructions for toys stipulate that all children’s toys should be tested and identified.
ASTMF963 process is a process meeting safety requirements. Toys and children’s clothing must be inspected by ASTM.

Proposal on improving the safety of consumer goods
The American Consumer Association is regulated by CPSIA. CPSIA supervises children and toys imported from the United States.
Some special materials are not allowed to be used in toys. Lead and phthalates are potential hazardous substances in toys and children’s products.
CPSIA defines the term “children’s products” as:
Observe all relevant regulations on children’s products
Certified laboratory that has passed the CPSC certification in compliance test, with exceptions
There is a written certificate proving that the product meets the requirements
Add permanent tracking information to products and packaging

Authorized toys
The factory that prints famous animated characters on its products must obtain the permission of the animation company.

Otherwise, its products will infringe the company’s design. The United States Customs and Border Protection Administration has high requirements for the import of goods bearing trademarks or marks.
Please confirm that you have the legal registration certificate and your import certificate obtained from the seller. If your toy manufacturer purchases the product from a third-party provider without obtaining relevant documents, it may violate the brand or authorization.

Step 3: Transportation

Choose your transportation mode is important when importing toys from China
The two main transport methods of international freight are air and sea. When you ship from China, you must have the best mode of transportation.

transport aviation
For air transportation, you have two options: express and traditional air transportation.
Faster delivery (4-7 days), 10% – 20% higher than regular air transportation
On the other hand, traditional air transportation costs are low, but the delivery speed is slow (13-15 days)
Obtain an immediate offer for air freight.

sea transport
At sea, you can also choose FCL and LCL.
FCL (all inclusive) means that you “rent” a container yourself. It is recommended only if you have enough cargo (20 tons or more).
LCL (Less Than Container Load) means that you share a container with multiple importers. Because of its low cost and easy operation, sea transportation has become the choice of most companies.

Importing Toys from China

Our advice is the cheapest method of transportation according to the weight of the goods when importing toys from China.
For large pieces above 150 kg, please choose sea transportation.
If it is smaller and weighs less than 150kg, please choose air transportation.

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