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Wooden Toy Factory: 4 Rules for Designing and Making Wooden Toys

When more and more plastic toys flood the toy market, consumers attach great importance to the health problems of plastic toys. In this environment, consumers are looking for toys made from sustainable materials, such as wooden toys. The first factor in wanting to produce and manufacture wooden toys of excellent quality is to find a qualified wooden toy factory. This article will tell you 4 rules for designing and making wooden toys, let’s begin it!


There are many kinds of materials for wooden toys, which can be generally divided into plywood, particleboard, MDF board, natural woods and other materials. The choice of material affects the quality and durability of a wooden toy. Therefore, when you want to import wooden toys, you must first confirm with the wooden toy manufacturer which materials to choose.


Plywood is a kind of artificial board, which is made of multi-layer odd-numbered veneer, and the interlayer sizing texture is perpendicular to each other. The advantages of toys made of plywood are that they are lightweight and can withstand high temperatures after boiling. The disadvantage is that the toy will deform if not fully dried.


The advantages of particleboard are high environmental protection coefficient, smooth surface and realistic texture. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to cut, and the requirements for processing equipment are higher.

MDF Board

The advantages of MDF board are that the surface is flat, the processing performance is good, and stickers can be pasted on the surface. The disadvantage is that the environmental protection index is low.

Natural Woods

Natural wood has more unique defects than synthetic wood and requires additional treatment during processing. Examples include bird pecking (texture stains due to bird pecking), longitudinal cracks (surface cracking due to improper drying of fast-drying goods), rot (wood degradation caused by fungi).

Rubber Wood

The advantages of rubber wood are wear resistance, good hardness, good hand feel and very safe, but the disadvantage is that the price is too high.


The advantages of pine wood are that it is light, relatively cheap, and retains the natural grain of the wood well. The disadvantage is that it is easy to crack and deform, and it is easy to change color.


The advantages of basswood are wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong toughness, and easy processing. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to corrosion, environmental protection is poor, and the price is relatively expensive.


Wooden toys must undergo strict quality inspections to ensure product safety. It requires quality inspection and certification to prove that the manufacturing process is free of chipping and harmful chemicals.

Certification Standards for Wooden Toys in Different Countries

Certification standards for wooden toys vary by region. Generally, some basic testing should be done in the laboratory – see information below.


ASTM F963: Requirements for material quality, flammability, toxicity, electrical/thermal energy, impulse noise, small objects, accessible sharp edges, accessible sharp points, protrusions, nails and fasteners, and stability and overloading common request.

CPSIA: In addition to stricter requirements for lead content in children’s products, there are new regulations for the content of phthalates, a harmful substance in toys and child care products.


CE certification: CE marking (CE Marking) is a pass for products to be sold in the EU.

EN71: Normative standard for toy products in the EU market. The significance of this certification is to carry out technical specifications for toy products entering the European market through the EN71 standard, so as to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.


Test items: physical and mechanical properties, flammability, toxic element analysis in surface coating test, lead content, phthalates, surface coating test, testing standards CSA22.2NO.149-1972, CSA 22.2NO. 122-M1989.

Lab Test Cost

The laboratory will cut and test the materials of wooden toys according to various parameters required for testing (toxic substances, flammability, etc.). Therefore, what you need to know is that laboratory inspection fees are usually not included in the unit price in the first quotation stage. While considering the cost, you need to take into account the additional cost of this part.


Please remember, the wooden toys you choose to import and sell represent the image of your company and brand. Are they marketable and good for children’s health? Is this design consistent? These are the first questions you should ask yourself when a wooden toy sample comes out. Errors and rework can be costly, so make sure you get it right the first time.

Minimum Order Quantity

What is MOQ

The minimum order quantity is a very important factor to consider, especially if you, as an importer, order wooden toys from China. Generally speaking, the MOQ of wooden toys in China is relatively high, about 500-1000 pieces, especially for many products that need special customization. If you want your wooden toy to have a certain color and design, then you need to communicate with the wooden toy factory. This means additional production costs. Therefore, the factory will ask to increase the minimum order quantity in order to maintain the balance of profits. Only after knowing the minimum order quantity of the wooden toy factory can you adjust it according to your budget.

How to Reduce MOQ

First, you can reduce factory costs by using existing materials, further reducing the minimum order quantity. Secondly, working with a relatively small factory can also reduce the MOQ. But you need to pay attention to product quality and delivery time. Thirdly, you can choose to place an order in the off-season, such as avoiding ordering on special holidays such as the Christmas season. This can also be a good way to avoid the problem of not meeting the delivery date.

In the End

Thank you for reading until now. Above is all the contents of Wooden Toy Factory: 4 Rules for Designing and Making Wooden Toys. If you are interested in the following content of wooden toys, or have any questions of how to choose suitable wooden toys factory, please contact at

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