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What You Need to Know Before Buying Wholesale Toys from China

The toy market is huge, with countless fund flows recorded every year around the world. However, in order to do business well, it is important to broaden one’s horizons and look to the East,wholesale toys china.

China is the world’s largest toy exporter, so opening up the Chinese market is very important.
Beginners will definitely encounter some challenges when importing and purchasing toys wholesale from

China, but with the help of this guide, it will be much easier to understand certain mechanisms and specific locations (such as exhibitions, cities, and events), where you can purchase and import various toys.

But what are the first difficulties wholesale toys china to overcome? Some of these challenges include

  • Not familiar with the market;
  • Little is known about the types of toys bought and sold in specific markets;
  • Find suitable suppliers;
  • Compliance and safety regulations;

However, if you follow the correct advice and pay attention to the import method, importing and purchasing wholesale toys from China is not as complicated.
This article will serve as a comprehensive guide on how to study your market, choose the right product, and find the most suitable supplier.

wholesale toys china

1.Wholesale toys: use Google Trends to select products to sell

Wholesale toys china,The first thing to do is to select the products to be sold, and then you can use Google Trends. This tool tracks the words people search online, giving you an idea of current trends in a given segment.
Google Trends will provide you with detailed information about different search terms and their changes over time. For example, it can provide you with information about the version with the highest number of searches for the same product, in order to understand which model of product is the best to purchase at a certain historical moment.

Keep a close eye on your category to stay up-to-date with the latest news when wholesale toys china.

For example, wholesale toys china,as early as April 2015, more and more videos of celebrities and VIPs driving floating skateboards were shared on the internet, including Jamie Fox standing on a floating skateboard and appearing on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. This phenomenon can lead to passive advertising, which, due to the viral spread of the internet, creates trends and increases the sales of the product itself. If you plan to sell toys wholesale, please pay close attention to virus videos related to specific products (such as toys), which is always a good habit.

wholesale toys china

2.Where can I find toy manufacturers and suppliers in China?

Easy to wholesale toys china
Like other products manufactured in China, toys also have their origin. No matter where you are in China or if you are searching for Chinese suppliers through online platforms, you need to pay attention to the location of the suppliers.

Toys made in China are mainly produced in five places, but the main city is Chenghai. Chenghai is a district in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, known as the toy capital of the world.
If you specialize in toy trade and frequently purchase in large quantities, Chenghai is the best place for you to find factories or wholesale toys.

Obviously, if you don’t want to go that far to China, the first thing you can do is search for the keyword “Shantou Toys” on Alibaba, and then select the supplier category in the search bar.
There will be over 500 different suppliers, which is not enough for you to start contacting them.

Chenghai Toy Exhibition
Another way to wholesale toys china is to go to one of the exhibitions held in China: the most important thing is:
Canton Fair
The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Commodity Fair, was founded in 1957 and is a large-scale international trade event with a wide variety of goods.
The products typically displayed include:

  • Children’s Toys
  • Electric motors, remote control toys, and watches;
  • Action toys;
  • Puzzle games and toys;
  • Plush toys and cloth toys;
  • doll
  • Driving toys;
  • Children’s revolver;
  • Wheelchairs;
  • Mini bike;
  • Music toys
  • Inflatable toys

Hong Kong Toy Fair Hong Kong Trade Council

The Hong Kong Toy Fair is usually held in January by the Hong Kong Trade Council, including:

  • Toys and educational games;
  • Electronic and remote control toys;
  • Multiple toy products;
  • Outdoor sports equipment world;
  • Paper products and toy packaging;
  • Domestic pet toys
  • Items for gatherings and ceremonies;
  • Intelligent technology toys;
  • Plush Doll
  • Fireworks toys and fireworks;

China Toy Exhibition (October 18-20, 2017, Shanghai)

This is an international exhibition of Asian toys and children’s products. It provides international manufacturers with the opportunity to enter the Chinese market and allows exhibitors to establish contact with visitors to deepen business relationships.
The products exhibited at this exhibition include:

  • Toys and dolls;
  • Souptoys
  • electronic toy;
  • Hobbies and model building toys;
  • Non electronic plastic toys;
  • Outdoor sports equipment;
  • preschool education;
  • Wooden toys;
  • Indoor and outdoor amusement parks.

3.Wholesale safety compliance and regulations for toys

As we are discussing products that will later enter children’s hands on all toys, certificates and specific safety regulations are required. However, as this category can include a wide range of products, it is very difficult to list all applicable European directives. We can say that in general, we must pay attention to:
Material restrictions
Regulations on Electronic Products or Electronic Parts of Toys
Physical/mechanical characteristics that may endanger safety
In Europe, toy safety standards are regulated by the EN71 directive, which considers the following factors:

  • Mechanical
  • noise
  • Flame retardant performance
  • chemical composition
  • Electrical safety
  • hygiene
  • radiation

Adhering to this standard is absolutely necessary for importing wholesale toys from China, which is why we need to ensure that

  • The selected supplier produces products that comply with the instructions
  • The product bears the CE mark
  • There is a manual in the box
  • Has completed and passed laboratory testing
  • Your company’s name and address are printed on the products and packaging

Being very careful is a good thing, as not all Chinese suppliers sell products that comply with EU regulations, and often tend to write on their online pages that they have certifications they do not have.

If you purchase unqualified toys, we not only run the risk of being confiscated by customs, but you may also be fined for not complying with European regulations. In fact, you must remember that the importer is always responsible for ensuring the conformity of the product.
In addition to safety requirements,wholesale toys china it is also necessary to pay attention to labeling requirements, which not only include the origin of the product, but also proof and warning of correct use of the item.

wholesale toys china

4.Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Imported Toys from China

FAQ – How to purchase toys from China

1.What are the compliance and safety guidelines for importing toys from China?
If you live in a country with strict export requirements for China, the following are some challenges you may encounter when importing Chinese toys.
-Compliance and Security
The first thing to do when choosing toy products is to test their quality. If you wholesale toys china, testing costs are more cost-effective than retail purchases. Request the supplier to provide you with a copy of the quality test.
-China Customs Inspection
If you import toys from China, the inspection fee for one container is approximately $200- $300.
-Design infringement
This is another issue for customs. You must apply for design authorization from the supplier. For example, you purchase cartoon characters with stickers and printed shapes without stickers. With this, you need to ask the supplier if they have authorization for sticker design.

wholesale toys china

2.How can I obtain a quotation from a toy supplier?
As a buyer, you need to check the toy price guide before purchasing toys in bulk. If you would like to request a quotation from your potential toy supplier, the following is the toy quotation:
-Unit price – It includes the EXW (factory delivered) price for delivery to the local warehouse.
-Quantity/Carton – Each carton has a unit of quantity, depending on size and value for money
-Carton Measure – used to calculate the total size of the goods
-Minimum order quantity of cardboard boxes – procurement needs to meet the minimum order quantity so that the factory can produce toys and ship them
-NW (net weight) and GW (gross weight) – Net weight is the weight of the toy items inside, and gross weight is the total weight of the items including the box. A 20ft container is equal to 28cbm, a 40ft container is 58cbm, and a 40HQ container is 68cbm.

3.What are the processes involved in purchasing and shipping imported toys?
If you want to purchase a large number of toys from China, it involves the import process from purchase to transportation. Here are the steps to follow:
Purchase toys from Guangzhou, China
-Find suitable toy suppliers for your company.
-Purchase toys through online platforms, wholesale markets, or purchasing agents.
-Check the sample toy product.
-Approve sample toy products and issue deposit checks.
-Hire procurement agents or third parties to inspect the quality of toy products.
-Communicate transportation options and tariffs with freight forwarders.
-Pay a deposit to the supplier and arrange transportation.
-Check all necessary transportation documents.

4.What misunderstandings should we avoid when importing toys from China?
You must understand that imports are complex and challenging as they require different safety and compliance regulations. Therefore, these errors must be avoided when importing toys from China.
-There is no basic research on China’s business practices.
It is applicable to any enterprise worldwide. If you want to establish long-term business relationships with Chinese businessmen when wholesale toys china, please go beyond introductory phrases. Study Chinese business culture and how to negotiate correctly and adhere to their business ethics.
-Not checking the rules and regulations of imported toys from China.
You don’t need to become an expert in trading rules. However, you need to take preventive measures. Check the import laws of your country/region and check if your supplier meets the required certifications and documents. It will help you save time, energy, and money.
Plush Toy Market
-Choosing the wrong international trade term
Incomers will set conditions to comply between importers and exporters. This is to avoid any misunderstandings about overall costs, responsibilities, risks, and management. Choose an international trade term that allows you to better control costs and import processes.
-Dealing with unreliable suppliers
You are responsible for your business and for the items you import. Before finalizing the agreement with the supplier, please ensure that you conduct appropriate research and inspect the production process. This is why it is recommended to have a professional agent as a third party to understand the production to import process.

5.No appropriate business plan
This is your matter, we are currently discussing it. When importing toys from China, poor planning can cause you a great headache. Take time to review all important factors that may hinder your toy business. Arrange imports at least 3-4 months in advance. This gives you more time for research, procurement, finding agents, bidding with potential suppliers, and more.

wholesale toys china

It’s easy to import wholesale toys
Are you discouraged after reading this article? Do you not have the time and money to visit factories or exhibitions in China? You don’t think you can check all the certifications required for imported toys. Don’t worry, there is a quick and easy solution called Union Vision.

Union Vision provides 360 ° services to help you purchase wholesale products from China, control certification and quality control, and organize transportation, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.

We can help you:
Looking for reliable and certified suppliers;
Conduct a comprehensive quality control inspection before shipment;
Request professional photos, videos, 360 ° rendering, or AR files of your item;
Bulk shipping to your doorstep, warehouse, or Amazon FBA;
Customize your items using your own personal tags;
Personalize your packaging to promote your brand;
There’s more!
What are you waiting for?


We hope you can learn from this article on how to purchase toys from the wholesale market in China. Before importing from China, you need to conduct more research on the toy market. There are several factors that affect how to purchase toys from China at the most competitive price. The help of the best procurement agent can provide you with a worry free shopping experience.

Most importantly, you need to be responsible for the safety aspects of your toy business. Get the most detailed reviews for each product you want to cater to. Having the best insight into your business will help you become an expert in the chosen enterprise.

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