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6 Steps to Find Best Chinese Toy Manufacturers From Alibaba-The Full Guide

There are many ways for reaching best Chinese toy manufacturers, such as toy fairs, B2B platforms and extensive searchers. But can be one of the most convenient and reliable website in China. Today, this post will introduce 6 steps on how to find best Chinese toy manufacturers from Alibaba. Continue reading and use following links to jump to a specific section.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a world’s largest online B2B wholesale site that offers many products in a wide range of product categories and serves as an online trade fair platform connecting international buyers and Chinese suppliers (Alibaba now also has suppliers in other countries).

Unlike Amazon, a B2C e-commerce site, Alibaba aims to help buyers find the suppliers they want quickly and reliably. At the same time, it is a good international sales channel for small and medium-sized toy manufacturers.

How to Find Best Chinese Toy Manufacturers from Aliaba?

3 Ways to Search for Toys on Alibaba

Before you contacting suppliers, you should know how to find the toys you what. There are 3 ways as below:

Keyword Search

Prepare two or three keywords for each toy before starting the search, in case a single keyword doesn’t yield enough results. By entering a keyword in the search box, you will get thousands of results. And many products of best Chinese toy manufacturers will also come out.

best Chinese Toy Manufacturers

Image Search

There are many different types of toys in one category. It is usually not easy to identify the exact name of a toy. If you already have a photo, we recommend using photo search. Upload a photo using the camera icon to the right of the search box and you will see many similar toys.

Search from Categories

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, we recommend looking at the toy category first. Alibaba presents toys by complete categories and offers a wide choice. You can directly consult the “Toys & Hobbies” category to decide what you want to buy.

Verified Toy Suppliers on Alibaba

If you find an interesting toy, you can click on the image to go to the product page. On this page you will find product information, company and supplier profiles, and e-commerce information. Alibaba classifies suppliers as Verified Suppliers based on their annual membership fee.

The status of verified supplier has a number of limitations. First, the verified supplier requires an on-site inspection by one of the world’s leading inspection companies, such as Tuv Rheinland. Next, they must submit a video of the company and an inspection report of SGS.

In addition, to become a verified supplier, only companies with an annual turnover of at least USD 500,000 can apply. Finally, membership fees are relatively high, at 80,000 RMB per year.

Verified suppliers can therefore be considered solid companies. They may pay high advertising fees to Alibaba. So, it’s not hard to find that most of the vendors that appear on Alibaba’s first search page are verified suppliers.

How to Distinguish Toy Manufacturers

In the “Company Pverview” section, you will find information about the type of company. In general, three types of information are displayed. The first two types are understandable, but the last can be confusing.

In general, “trading company and manufacturer” means that the company has both a trading company and its own factory. That may be true. However, you may also find that a commercial company works very close to the factory.

Since information about the type of company does not tell us whether it is a manufacturer or a trade company, how can we distinguish between the two? The easiest way to identify a toy manufacturer is to check their category.

For example, due to the limited number of lines, it is usually impossible to produce plastic toys and kids sofa at the same time. So this supplier below is more likely to be a tradong company that works with factories.

In fact, a large portion of Alibaba’s suppliers are trading companies. There is therefore no need to be particular about the type of business. You need to focus more on service and product quality, especially if you’re new to the toy business.

Create Alibaba RFQ to Connect Toy Manufacturers

RFQ means “Request for Quotation”, a very useful tool when you feel difficult or lost to find out suitable suppliers. With its help, you only need to sit and wait the supplier quotations. Here are 3 steps to submit a RFQ,

Step 1: Go to Alibaba RFQ Page

Step 2: Fill Out the Required Info With Red Marks (*).

Step 3: Submit the RFQ and Wait Quotations.

Usually you will receive quotations within an hour. Fully compare these offers and choose 3 suppliers for further communication. And they can be the best Chinese toy manufacturers.

How to Negotiate with Toy Suppliers on Alibaba?

Contact Suppliers

There are 4 ways to make contact with best Chinese toy manufacturers as below:

1. Send Message. Scroll down the product page or click “Contact Supplier” and a message box will appear. To save time and communicate effectively, we recommend sending a detailed message with your specific needs. Here is a template for your reference.

Hi (Toy Manufacturers’ Name),

I’m Bella (Your Name), a senior buyer at Union Vision (Your Company Name). We’re interested in the toys you are offering.

Could you please advise MOQ, prices, leading time and packing information of following items?

List the items …..

Moreover, if I want to customize the package with our own logo, how can I proceed?

Appreciate for your quick reply.

Many thanks,

Bella (Your Name)

2. Use “Chat Now”. The “Chat now” icon appears above the company name. It works like a live chat, allowing you to communicate quickly and directly with toy manufacturers.

3. Use social apps, like WeChat/WhatsApp/Skype. Almost all Chinese have a WeChat account, and foreign commerce shops always have a WhatsApp account. Connecting best Chinese toy manufacturers through these apps can make communication easier.

china toy manufacturers

Negotiate MOQ With Toy Manufacturers

Before negotiating, carefully compare all offers received from suppliers. The most satisfactory toy manufacturer is then selected for further negotiations.

If you only buy a few cartons, there is usually not much room for price negotiation. Price negotiations are usually based on mass production of at least 500 full-size toys. If the price is much higher than expected, you need to ask the supplier why it is so high.

Once you know the reason, you can ask the supplier if the quality can be reduced a little more, or if cheaper materials or paints can be used. There are many tactics that suppliers can use to lower their prices.

However, remember not to reduce quality too much or use harmful materials in order to reach the target price. The quality of the products is fundamental to develop your market. Don’t break it. Maintain reasonable quality.

How to Buy Toys Wholesale From Alibaba?

Can I Buy From Alibaba Without a Company?

Yes, you don’t need to start a business to buy on Alibaba if you only buy small quantities and ship by air. However, in some countries, you may need an import license if you buy toys in large quantities and use the seaway. So you should check your country’s policy before importing toys.

Can I Buy From Alibaba and Sell on Amazon?

Yes, it is common for foreign importers to buy toys from Alibaba suppliers and sell them on Alibaba FBA. However, if you ship more than one box with a QM, we recommend AliExpress over Alibaba because Alibaba is a wholesale platform.

Can I Buy a Single Toy From Alibaba?

Yes, but it is up to you to negotiate with your supplier. If the supplier agrees to ship the product, you can even buy a single toy. If you request a sample, the supplier may even be willing to give it to you in anticipation of later mass production. However, for a single toy, suppliers usually do not respond to messages or refuse them outright.

Alibaba is a wholesale platform backed by high-volume suppliers. It is therefore recommended to buy a single toy on, a cheap and convenient B2C site.

Buy Wholesale From Alibaba Best Chinese Toys Manufacturers

Ask Samples Before Bulk Orders

It is important to ask for samples so as not to be deceived. In general, we cannot judge whether a toy is good or bad by simply looking at the picture or the words of the seller. This is because images can be cleaned with changes made by Photoshop and the seller will always say “this product is good, buy it”.

Sample shipping costs can be a significant cost when shipped by air, which discourages buyers from requesting samples. Some providers usually offer free samples and cover shipping costs. This keeps costs down to some extent.

Confirm and Place Orders

Once all the product details have been confirmed, it’s time to finalize the order. Before placing the order, remember to check with the supplier that the bulk product must exactly match the sample. If you do not check, you may receive goods of lower quality than they should be. In the meantime, confirm the delivery date and do not delay the schedule.

Pay For Alibaba Best Chinese Toy Manufacturers

There are five basic payment options.

Alibaba Trade Assurance. This is an excellent payment method, especially for beginners, that protects the interests of the buyer as much as possible. It acts as a third party to resolve issues between suppliers and buyers. If there is a problem with the quality or delivery of the goods, a refund may be requested.

Wire transfer. Usually, Chinese toy manufacturers prefer to use T/T prepayment. This means a 30% down payment and a 70% payment against bulk or B/L. You can also work with suppliers to accommodate this payment method.

PayPal. High PayPal fees have always been a headache for Chinese toy manufacturers. However, no one can deny its convenience and peace of mind. This payment method can only be used for small orders under 1000 USD. So it can be a good option if you need to place small orders.

L/C (letter of credit). L/C is issued by your bank and guarantees payment to the supplier’s bank. It is considered the most problematic method of payment in foreign trade. Foreign banks are always on the lookout for breach of contract by suppliers and can deduct breach fees from final payment. Many suppliers have complained. So unless it’s a big order over $50,000, it’s not worth worrying about.

Western Union. This is a convenient payment method, well received by suppliers. However, do not use it if you are ordering for the first time. It’s easy to get scammed because you can’t ask for a refund if something goes wrong. Use it with toy manufacturers with whom you already have a close relationship.

How Do I Ship Toys From Alibaba?

Why Is Shipping From Alibaba So Expensive?

On, you can buy a single toy for a very low shipping cost. However, please note that AliExpress sellers use e-parcel, a very cheap and time-consuming shipping method, which usually takes 25-30 days. On the other hand, a single toy is not so heavy, since it weighs less than 1KG for a normal size toy.

Unlike AliExpress, Alibaba is a business-to-business (B2B) wholesale site and the minimum amount to pay is one box for full-size toys weighing more than 10kg. In addition, the e-package is not available on Alibaba. Therefore, suppliers ship the goods through international express services such as UPS, DHL and FEDEX, which are very expensive.

How Do I Get Cheap Shipping on Alibaba?

Due to the unaffordable cost of air travel, they can resort to sea transport. Note that the minimum quantity of goods to be transported by sea is 1 CBM. This means that even if the total quantity is less than 1 CBM, a shipping fee of 1 CBM is still required. In addition, transport times are about two to three times longer than with air freight.

Finding a good freight forwarder is very important in the buying process. With the help of a reliable freight forwarder, you can save a lot of time and money. So how do you find a reliable freight forwarder?

Online search. You can search for keywords such as “send toys from China (to your country)” or “best freight forwarders (to your country)”. Many freight forwarders will appear, so check out their websites and contact them. Ask for prices and compare them to find the one that suits you.

Ask suppliers for recommendations. Experienced exporters usually have long-standing cooperation partners who offer more competitive prices and better service. Asking best Chinese toy manufacturers to find or recommend you is therefore a good option, especially if you are new to the toy industry.

Is Alibaba Safe? How Can I Avoid Being Scammed on Alibaba?

With Alibaba Trade Assurance, it is very safe to buy from Alibaba best Chinese toy manufacturers. The question is how to avoid getting scammed if you don’t use the Alibaba commercial guarantee. Here are some tips to help you.

Place Big Orders to Verified Supplier

As I metioned before, there is usually a powerful company behind the Verified symbol – when you order from a Verified supplier, the chances of fraud are very low. The best Chinese toy manufacturers usually treats you like a guest of honor and will take you seriously if you order a lot. They will do their best to solve your problems throughout the import process, so you don’t have to worry.

Confirm Samples Before Bulk Order

Also, as mentioned above. Sampling fees are reimbursed when you place a bulk order. So don’t skimp on sampling costs if you want your import to be a success. In addition to pre-ordered samples, production samples should be requested for quality control purposes, especially for custom orders.

Entrust Third Party QC to Inspect Goods

This is an important step in the case of custom orders, as no one expects to receive defective goods. This would increase import costs, but imagine the losses incurred with inferior products. You can easily find them on the internet by searching for keywords such as “best third-party regulator”.

The End

Thanks for coming with me here. Alibaba is a great platform that can help you save trip costs and easily find good toy suppliers. Hope this article can help you find best Chinese toy manufacturers from Alibaba.

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