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Toy Manufacturer’s Guide: 6 Tips for System Auditing Toy Factory

Finding new suppliers is very difficult,so as system auditing toy factory. After finding new toy manufacturers and negotiating terms, do you consider whether they can meet your requirements, meet your requirements?

If your answer is “yes”, then an on-site toy technical review is a great tool to assess success in terms of productivity, quality, product safety, workmanship, work environment, and other factors. Although they are generally done by third-party suppliers, some buyers prefer to participate in the review in person in order to participate in person and communicate with the manufacturer.

Eurofins provides technical review services for the toy industry. For more information, here are a few tips from our technicians so you can system auditing toy factory in a structured way

1.System Auditing Toy Factory Quality Control System

The safety of toys has always been a top concern for children. The factory evaluates the risk of each toy by tying each toy buyer. What are your company’s rules for your consumer market? What certificates do they have regarding toy safety, such as CE marking and RoHS?

How does a company integrate a quality strategy into its organization and organization? Does the quality management system have the ability to ensure that your product meets the requirements and conforms to the requirements?

Practical tip: Before visiting the factory, sit down and let the management give you a brief introduction to how they manage the quality system.

System Auditing Toy Factory
System Auditing Toy Factory

2.Equipment capacity, capacity and environment

The production capacity and production capacity of the factory will directly affect the production capacity of the enterprise, which in turn affects the delivery time and delivery time. To check the capacity and production capacity of the production equipment, it is necessary to check the production scope, past/present/future orders, machine type and quantity, machine calibration and number of workers. You can also learn more from existing customers.

The environment of the site has a great influence on the quality of the goods (layout, cleanliness, temperature, humidity, etc.). How does the factory maintain an appropriate environment to ensure product safety and compliance? For example, if you are making an electric toy, the temperature of your lithium battery storage area cannot be higher than 60℃ or 140℃, otherwise the battery may fail.

System Auditing Toy Factory
System Auditing Toy Factory

Practical tips: Before visiting the factory, ask the factory management to tell you the daily/monthly production capacity. During the visit, try to understand the production capacity of each production line.

3.Quality management system

Quality management from start to finish helps you guarantee the quality of your products. The storage of materials and finished goods, incoming control, process control, and material control by an independent and qualified quality team are all criteria for evaluation to ensure that the factory has a system in place to evaluate and correct defects.

System Auditing Toy Factory
QC manager System Auditing

Practical tip: When visiting the factory, ask the QC manager to explain how he ensures the quality and safety of all processes.

4.Manufacturing process

You can evaluate the manufacturing process in many ways – is there a mixing, forming, spraying and stamping process? If so, are their operating procedures in compliance with appropriate standards and standards? Has the factory fulfilled its promised on-site quality inspection? If so, do they have strict instructions to guarantee 100% quality control? Are there any subcontracts? If yes, how to manage subcontracting?

System Auditing Toy Factory
Toy Factory

Practical tip: When you go to the factory, ask your management to tell you about your production process, from your raw material warehouse, to your finishing, to your packaging.

5.Test capacity and capacity

From choking threats to restricted chemicals, the safety of toys is familiar to every buyer and seller of toys. If there is such a device, it can be carried out in-house or in a testing company. In most factories, there will be some basic tests, such as choking hazard, cadmium content, lead and phthalates. As you review this section, you want to make sure that their testing criteria meet your needs. Or, if you’re testing at a company, you can review certain test reports to confirm your practice.

Practical tip: When visiting the factory, visit the factory as often as possible and ask about the main test methods.

6.Skilled and Trained Labor

The skill and competence of the employees is an important factor in ensuring that the factory achieves the desired quality in a sustainable manner within the scheduled time. Without qualified personnel, the quality management system will be ineffective. How does the factory manage employees, how does the high turnover of personnel, how does the factory hire, train and retain multiple technical talents?

Practical tip: When visiting a factory, be sure to explain to employees what they are doing, after getting permission from the manager. Their instructions to you should show that they are well trained.

The more relevant information you gather, the better you will be able to conduct risk assessments with new suppliers. For mid-sized businesses, an on-site technical review usually takes a day, so you need plenty of time, including travel time.

In addition to evaluating new suppliers, a toy technical review can be an effective means of identifying deficiencies and taking corrective action to improve existing suppliers. Building strong relationships with buyers and sellers will increase productivity and reduce costs in the long run.

Whether you’re planning to visit a toy factory in person, or hire a third-party supplier, a technical review can help you avoid many possible dangers, such as production delays, product failures, and rejections, all of which are guaranteed to work for you the key to success. Start is right.

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