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9 Business Tips When Wholesale Toy Product from China Suppliers

China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter. More than 70%of toys in the global market are produced in China. From 2016 to 2021, Chinese toys exports have achieved 5 consecutive years, and eight months before 2022, the cumulative export value of Chinese toys was US $ 31.68 billion, an increase of 20.2%year -on -year.

If you want to purchase wholesale toy, then China must be a good choice for you. Of course, in the face of tens of thousands of wholesale toy factories in China, how to find a suitable wholesale toy factory and successfully complete the procurement process is also a difficult problem.

In this article, I will share some techniques for Chinese procurement wholesale toys. I believe these tips will definitely make you easily purchase from China.

Where can I find a supplier?

1. Trading/Exhibition

Participating in different exhibitions in China is the most common thing for many professional toy buyers. You can easily find a large number of wholesale toy manufacturers at the exhibition. In addition, you can touch the sample to understand the quality and directly get all the information about the wholesale toy supplier. You can choose the best toy manufacturer according to your needs.

Well -known exhibitions in China’s wholesale toy industry include Guangzhou International toy Fair, Hong Kong Toys Fair, China International Toys Fair, Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys Gift Exhibition.

You can contact some Chinese toy manufacturers you are interested in before visiting the exhibition. Try to arrange a meeting with them in advance. In this case, toy manufacturers will leave more time to discuss with you. This can help you find the best toy manufacturer.

2. Online Purchasing

In addition to participating in toy exhibitions, you can also find a suitable wholesale toy manufacturer on the online platform of China.

Chinese toy manufacturers most often use the following Chinese B2B market:

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • made in China

3. China Wholesale Market

China’s largest wholesale market is China’s Yiwu market. This market contains nearly 40,000 stores, where you can find the type of wholesale toy you want. One of the best things about it is that they can accommodate very small orders. Often you only need a number of cardboard boxes to successfully promote orders here.

More information to find the Best wholesale toy Manufacturers in China for your reference.

How to verify the supplier?

After finding the right project from the supplier, the next step is to do “verify the wholesale toy supplier”.

When verifying the wholesale toy supplier, you can ask yourself two questions. These problems are:

  • Is this a real supplier?
  • Can they deliver the same items as you want on time?

When purchasing wholesale toy from China, verifying suppliers is very important. You can use the following method to verify the supplier:

  • Registration documents for the supplier for the company/factory (the document of the Chinese company will be Chinese)
  • Requires the supplier to send you a video of their factory, display room or office (if possible, send videos with them to ensure that it is not a repeated video). You can also make video calls with them.
  • Let them refer to their previous customers (names, emails, phone numbers).
  • Ask the supplier if there is a certification. There are usually authentication indicating the company’s stability (how to passify Chinese to goys company? Check those certificates.)

If you need, please inquire for authentication

Before obtaining the offer, ask your wholesale toy supplier if they have the authentication of the product you need.

Imagine that you have checked the quotation form and conducted research. After a lot of work, the supplier tells you that they have no certification to prove the credibility of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a certificate before checking the offer. It will allow you to avoid waste of time.

For example, if you run a wholesale toy company, your product should have EN71 and CE test reports. These reports are essential for selling your products in the European Union. Or you want to sell goods on Amazon; they ask for ASTM and CPC reports so you can send the goods to Amazon FBA.

Trading term (INCOTERMS Rules)

Here are some general trade terms you need to understand first to avoid any payment errors.

1. EXW (Ex works): This means that the price they reported only delivered goods from their factories. Therefore, you need to arrange transportation to pick up goods and transport the goods to your doorstep.

Some buyers choose EXW because it provides them with the lowest seller cost. However, this international trade term may eventually give buyers a more price, especially if the buyer has no negotiation experience in the country of origin.

2. FOB (Free On Board): Usually used for entire cabinet transportation. This means that the supplier transports the goods to the export of China to export the sea port and complete the customs declaration. The goods are truly shipped by your freight agency.

For buyers, this option is usually the most cost -effective, because the seller will be responsible for most of the transportation and negotiations of its native country.

So FOB price = EXW + container’s inland costs (about $ 780 of a 20 -foot container)

3. CFR (cost plus freight): If the supplier’s offer is CFR price, they transport the goods to the port of China. They will also arrange sea transportation to the destination port (the harbor of your country).

After the goods arrive at the destination port, the buyer must pay the unloading fee and any follow -up fee in order to transport the goods to the final destination.

So CFR = EXW + inland costs + shipping costs to your port.

Check price -matching with quality

I think you may have thousands of ways to negotiate the price with the supplier; here, I have something to say: The best price is not the lowest price but a reasonable price. “

China’s production industry has a long history and professional system, so the cost of most products is quite competitive.

The following are two points you need to consider:

1. Each project has more than ten production units. They may be different, but they are similar. Therefore, their wholesale price will not be much different.

If Chinese suppliers give you a higher offer, they may lose their business. So you only need to find a suitable price to match the quality you want.

2. When entering the enterprise, we should conduct a lot of research in the corresponding industry. You must know the market and cost very well. If any supplier’s offer to you is far lower than the market price, you need to be careful.

Clearly convey all details

When purchasing in china, you must keep in mind that you must face language and cultural differences. Many problems between suppliers and buyers can be traced back to due to poor communication.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, all your product specifications should be written in writing from quality requirements, color requirements, packaging and label requirements to delivery time.

Contact someone with a good sale

Sometimes I think you choose the supplier not because of their company/factory, but because of their sales products.

Good promotions can make your purchase smoother and effective.

They have the advantages that the factory does not have

  • English spoken language is good
  • Real problem response
  • Responsibility
  • Honest saying
  • Humor

Through them, your procurement process may be better.

Ask for Sample

You can ask for samples before you order. You can even ask parts from the processing order.

Ask the sample before ordering to ensure that the item accurately meets your purchasing requirements (sometimes items look great, but when you get your hand, it is another matter ..). Of course, suppliers will charge your sample and courier fees. However, they will refund the sample fee after placing an order. Don’t worry about this cost; if you order it directly, but in the end you find that it is not what you want, it will reduce a lot of costs for you.

If you have high requirements for the product, you can ask the supplier to send samples from the processing order (there will be a little difference in some goods)

Can you buy copyright items?

Everyone knows that if your product comes from a well -known brand, it will be much easier to sell and get higher profits. So don’t forget to ask Chinese suppliers, “Do you have copyright products?” They might send you some photos with copyright design, and then said, “We can make it, but we have no license?”

The question now is, should you buy such a product?

The answer is not. “If a Chinese company/factory wants to produce products protected by copyright, they must first get the authorized by the original company. Only in this way can they arrange production and supply to supervise buyers. spent a lot of money)

On the other hand, buyers must also be authorized by the original company to sell these products. If they are not authorized by the company, they must face the customs of their country when imported goods.

So why do those suppliers still provide those copyright products? In fact, they sell products to some undeveloped countries, without strict rules and regulations, and no license issues.

in conclusion

The above are 9 prompts purchased from China. I hope it can help you in some way. If you feel that your purchase of products is a waste of time, you can hire a Chinese procurement agent to do everything for you. UNION VISION is a good choice.

As a wholesale toy manufacturer for more than 20 years, we support OEM and ODM orders for wholesale toy products. We have best-selling Plastic toys, plush toys, wooden toys, educational toys, etc. We provide one-stop service, including production, design customization quality control, logistics, etc.

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