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Wholesale Wooden Toys Analysis of International Import and Export Market

Why Global markets pay highly attention to Wholesale Wooden Toys

Wholesale wooden toys refer to toys made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo or synthetic wood, mainly including baby wooden toys, children’s building blocks, chess toys, jigsaw toys, educational toys, and other children’s toys made of qualified wooden materials. For pure wooden toys and synthetic toys.

Wooden toys are derived from natural wood, which is healthy and safe, and can also be biodegraded without harming the natural environment. Therefore, wholesale wooden toys are both domestic and foreign markets are highly respected.

However, if the traditional building blocks, Trojan horses and educational toys do not seek changes and innovations, they are obviously unable to meet the increasingly demanding children’s consumers.

In recent years, Chinese wholesale wooden toys companies have boldly tried to use Authorizing the image and animation cooperation to assign value to the product has played a very good role in boosting the sales of wooden toy products.

It is more environmentally friendly and durable, which is conducive to the growth of children. And wooden toys for young babies are usually made of natural solid wood, and it is more common for the surface to be treated with paint-free or safe special water-based paint.

Wholesale Wooden Toys
Wholesale Wooden Toys

The development status of the global and Chinese Wholesale wooden toys industry markets

“Global and Chinese Wooden Toys Industry Market Analysis and Development Trend Forecast Report (2022-2028)” is based on years of wooden toy industry research, combined with the development status of the global and Chinese wooden toy industry markets, through a senior research team Organize the market data of wooden toys, and rely on the national authoritative data resources and long-term market monitoring database to conduct a comprehensive and detailed research and analysis on the wooden toy industry. 

And it can help investors accurately grasp the market status of the wooden toy industry and make wooden toys for investors to invest in. Predict the industry prospects, explore the investment value of the wooden toy industry, and put forward suggestions on the investment strategy and marketing strategy of the wholesale wooden toys industry.


Well-selling Wooden toys

The International Import Market of  Wholesale Wooden Toys 

At present, the international mainstream wholesale wooden toys brands include Hape from Germany, Sevi from Italy, Goula from Spain, Melissa & Doug from the United States, Colorific from Australia, Brio from a century-old Swedish brand, and Plantoys from Thailand.

Brands have gradually “killed” into the Chinese market through major exhibitions such as China Toy Fair, as well as channels such as Chinese agents. These big brands are all based on “environmental protection, safety and intelligence”. For example, Plantoys, a famous brand from Thailand, was born in 1981. In terms of raw materials, it took the lead in making the best use of rubber wood that can no longer produce rubber when the tree is over 25 years old.

To make toys, the choice of coloring materials is based on natural colors, such as red extracted from the shell of the fruit, green extracted from legumes, purple extracted from olive vegetables… These non-toxic and harmless natural colors are better than paints. And other chemical dyes to be safe.

3-1 The brand Hape in German 

Take the German brand Hape as an example. It started out as an ordinary kindergarten toy supplier and has now become an international cutting-edge bamboo and wooden toy brand that sells in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Hape is not only committed to the development of exquisite toys, but also insists on being the “environmental guardian” of the industry, strictly controlling the source, process, terminal and other links, and strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Yunhe — The largest Export Marke of wholesale wooden toys in China 

In China, the largest wholesale wooden toys production area is Zhejiang Yunhe, the “China Wooden Toy City”. Yunhe’s wooden toy manufacturing history can also be regarded as a microcosm of the development of my country’s wooden toy industry. Yunhe currently has more than 1,000 wooden toy manufacturers. Wooden toy products have reached ten categories, thousands of series and tens of thousands of varieties. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, accounting for nearly half of the similar products in the country. It is the largest and most diverse wooden toy production and export base in China.


4-1 The development of wooden toys in “Yunhe”

In the early days, the Yunhe wooden toy industry mainly relied on low-margin, labor-intensive OEM production. With the constant exploration and testing of brand founders such as Muwanshijia, many companies have embarked on a development path from “products” to “brands”. Today, there are more than 300 registered trademarks for wholesale wooden toys in Yunhe County. The collective trademarks “Cloud and Wooden Play” and “Cloud and Teaching Play” have also been approved and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Yunhe Enterprise accelerates the upgrading of industrial structure by actively improving craftsmanship, building brands, introducing new technologies, new machines and new equipment.

Yunhe factory

New Wholesale wooden toys in Union Vision

At the same time, Union Vision ( FreeFun ) continue to pursue stability and safety in product quality by enhancing the fun, educational, practical and collectible properties of wholesale wooden toys, it increases the added value of products. To create the high quality wholesale wooden toys for our global customers .  To see what we have ai Wholesales wooden toys .

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