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3 Tips about How to Choose Best Inspection Services in China to Reduce the Risks in Wholesale Business?

If you are purchasing products from abroad, inspection services must be taken into consideration. Because of low-cost, cost-effective, and high-quality services, many countries outsource their manufacturing to China. Many companies place orders in bulk or outsource manufacturing to China.

Inspection services are important to make sure the quality of products.
Inspection Services & Quality Control

The implementation of quality and inspection control can ensure that Chinese manufacturers or suppliers meet your quality requirements. Quality control and inspection services in China include two steps, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).

Why Shall We Attach Importance to Inspection Services?

Some companies place orders with unknown manufacturers; causing heavy losses. Therefore, China’s quality and inspection services are crucial for companies that choose to place orders with Chinese manufacturers. As a result, Chinese inspection companies are crucial to overseas buyers. Such inspection companies will assist buyers throughout the process and follow the process to meet their quality requirements.

The quality control process in manufacturing can help companies on the globe and ensure that their products are made according to the standards set by the manufacturer. In China, all reputable manufacturing companies will carry out process quality inspections. However, buyers are strongly advised to conduct reviews through third parties, such as Chinese product procurement agencies who specialize in inspection service.

Every stage needs inspection to make sure the quality.
Flow chart of inspection services

This is especially important if the product needs to meet the safety standards set by the government. However, you can’t blindly trust any manufacturing company. The quality of the product is the key point to your high chance of being cheated. Therefore, to avoid losing money, you must spend hundreds of dollars to inspect your product before or during the shipping process.

Main Kinds of Inspection Services

Pre-production quality inspection

Pre-production inspection is one of the early inspection steps we perform at the beginning of the final assembly. As a customer, you will ensure that suppliers make your products by your requirements. But it seems impossible to go to the factory to check the manufacturing process. After this problem, our qualified inspector will visit the factory for you to verify that the whole manufacturing process is carried out to your requirements.

Initial production inspection

Initial production inspection is important when checking whether the raw materials used in the production process of your products meet the quality standards. The purpose of this inspection step is to make you satisfied with the product quality immediately after the start of production.

During Production Quality Inspection

This inspection starts after 50-70% of the product getting over. It can help you find whether there are any types of differences so that problems can be solved. After the DUPRO inspection, you will be able to find any deviations in the supplier’s breach of your contract with the supplier. Our inspection team will provide you with the latest information promptly so that you can return to normal during the production process. Instead of waiting for the last few minutes.

Different inspection service has its own stage and inspection methods.
Different types of inspection services

Pre-shipment / final random inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is a very important inspection step because it usually occurs before the product is shipped to the customer. Therefore, the inspection of the product before shipment is as important as that in the production process.

Container loading inspection

Container loading is the last step in all inspection services, which ensures that your products are safely loaded onto the container. Sometimes, loaders load products by throwing products or without proper safety measures.

This service includes:

  • Recording the arrival time of the container and the attributes of the container, such as license plate number, color, type, and other details. Checking the safety and safety requirements of the entire container to ensure the safety of transportation approving the quantity and condition of your entire shipment by random selection.
  • Monitoring the entire loading activity to ensure that the goods are safely loaded without any damage or damage.
  • Writing down the seal number of the container.
Container loading inspection has strict checklist.
Container Inspection Checklist

Which Inspection Services are Most Suitable for You?

The quality of imported products is the top priority of importers. Most importers believe that the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring quality and handling the goods. The key is how to get the best product inspection service in China. These third-party services will save you from heartache. If having these inspection services in China, you will get the best products without having to visit China in person.

For quality inspection services, you can hire:

  • Factory quality inspection personnel.
  • Self-inspection.
  • Hire your quality inspector.
  • Third-party inspection company.
A Common Inspection Method: Third-party inspection company
A Common Inspection Method

All these methods have some advantages and disadvantages. For example, QC people who hire factories will be loyal to their company rather than to you. It is almost impossible for you to visit China to check yourself. On the other hand, it costs more to hire a full-time inspector. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire third-party services to check product quality and deliver goods on time.


China has become the manufacturing center of the world. Different kinds of products get produced and shipped from China to every corner of the world. You can get any goods made and transported from China for your business. More and more countries import different products from China. When business owners can’t check the quality of their products by themselves, the third-party inspection team could get involved to ensure that business owners get the best products and do not get damaged during transportation.

This is all about inspection services, if you want to get more information about process of wholesale toy business, please leave your comments or browse our blogs.

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