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6 Easy Steps to Find Toy Factories in China for Manufacturing Your Products

If you are determined to make toy products, the nest step is to find toy factories in China to make it happen. It is not so hard to find a reliable, helpful manufacturer with near-perfect workflow and structure in China. Here are several steps for you to discover a reputable Chinese toy factory.

Looking for a Toy Factory in China

Many people want to buy toys in bulk from China use the internet as their main source of information. Examples like Alibaba, Global Sources and Made in China are well-known. These platforms help customers contact with toy factories directly. Compared with extensive searches such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, B2B portals may be more beneficial.

Type your search item in the search bar and hit enter then countless results will come to you. If you want to look for track car, more specific words like “animal track car” will be more helpful than just “track car”. In this case, the platform’s ranking system has narrowing choices for you. However, it is notable that not all the results are manufacturers. Many of them are resellers. So, these paltforms, Alibaba, for example, gives its suppliers a “gold” rating, which customers take as a sign of approval. Global Sources’ “certified supplier” category is similar.

toy factories

Credibility is not dertermined by “gold” rating. You should know that suppliers who pay annual premium membership fee to Alibaba may be granted gold status, which will increase their exposure degree on the site. Besides, on B2B platforms, these suppliers are not always verified as reliable toy factories with validated products, projects and production capabilities. But these phrases mentioned above can help you narrow your search range.

Still, to find credible and helpful toy factories need more information from other sources. Advice from other companies, contacts from toy associations and your industry connections are essential information sources that can provide more toy suppliers for your choice and reference.

Toy fairs are wonderful places for you to know and select toy factories. Many suppliers come to attend the toy fairs and display their selling-well products or new products coming soon. It is a great opportunity for those looking to explore the market and find new products to add to their inventory. You could choose to contact with toy factories that sell same category as you and get their contact information for further communication. We have introduced China Toys Ultimate Guide and Global 10 Best Toy Fairs Guide. You could pay attention to the time and place to better get the newest information.

If you are a green-hand on outsourcing, then manufacturing sourcing agents can help you to find toy factories more easrily. They will assist and guide you to finish the whole process step by step. For example, Sourcing Allies have help companies in US and Europe find manufacturers in India and China for more than a decade. Buyers seeking a toy factory in China can also ask us for help. We are professional wholesale toy manufacturer in China. You can also click here to know how to find a sourcing agent.

China actually is not a single vast territory. It’s a small aggregation of different manufacturers. Professional sourcing agents will know where to go when it comes to finding the best low-cost locations. For example, you can find toy factories in many provinces in China, like Zhejiang and Guangdong, that meet your requirements.

It is undenialble that you must pay efforts to outsource. But advise and assistance from sourcing experts will help you avoid typical pitfalls and guide you to success from the start. Your product can be simply produced if your sourcing agent knows your needs and expectations clearly.

Shortlist Manufacturers and Suppliers You Want to Work with

You will find many toy factories in your first search. And you need to narrow it down to better select which one is most suitable for your product manufacturing. You could call them to explain your needs, such as:

1. Your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity ) ;

2. The size, weight, material and package of your product;

3.If you need to create your own design,etc.

In some cases, toy factories may not accept OEM because it will waste a lot of time and money. But others may offer to create a new mould for your own product design if your order quantity is large.

Verify the Credentials

It is vital to check the credentials of toy factories. Though they may provide some information to you, you still need to figure out these questions as below:

1. Whether they are actual toy factories or just intermediaries;

2. Whether they can deliver on their promises of technical knowledge and manufacturing capability.

You can know Chinese name of the toy factory and its specific manufacturing address. You could ask the factory to send its audited financial statements, verify its VAT invoice, and request samples to you. Besides, you could visit the factory and have a look at the copy of its registration document to check whether the information mentioned above is true. The visit to toy factories uauslly is accompanied by a trip to toy fairs. A skilled sourcing agency can do it if you don’t have time to do this yourself.

How to negotiate price with a Chinese manufacturer?

Toy factories will be very cautious whenver it comes to price. They only will cut down the price when you place an order in large quantity. So if your order quantity is low, there may be little room for you to negotiate with them. Based on qualified plants, you could choose the manufacturers who provide the comparatively lower price for you. Sometimes negotiation is not necessary. What matters is building a mutual understanding between the manufacturer and you.

What Is the Best Way to Check the Product’s Quality?

List several toy factories you want to work with and ask for them to provide samples for you. Though there may be some small differences between those samples and your ideal product, don’t be nervous, these will be improved in later process. By comparing the quality of different factories, you’ll get to know which one is better. And then the toy factory will improve the samples back and forth to reach your satisfaction.

Is It Necessary for Me to Go to the Factory?

There is no need to go to the factory unless you have ordered a big or complex order. If you have doubts about a company, tell them you will do a factory inspection before you finish the deal. This technique will keep fraudulent companies away and reputable companies will accept it. Of course, you could learn more about the toy factory from other resources, such as asking for the recommendations from the pruducer bank and existing customers. This thorough research will reduce the risk of falling into complications and increase your chances of a long and enjoyable relationship with Chinese manufacturer.


Ensure that any possible production problems are identified and dealt with.

A successful cooperation between toy manufacturer and you needs more communication, mutual-understanding and working out plans to solve the problems together.

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