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5 Ways to Find the Best Toy Manufacturers in China?

Are you struggling to find a best toy manufacturers in china?

In this article, we will introduce you everything you need to know how to find the best wholesale toy manufacturer in China.

I’ll give you some tips and best ways to find wholesale toy manufacturers in China, as well as things you should be clear about when looking for wholesale toy manufacturers in China.

How to find the best toy wholesaler in China

You can choose a best toy manufacturers in the following 5 ways

  • Toy industry exhibitions in China or around the world
  • Chinese online B2B marketplace
  • Purchasing companies, agents or purchasing offices in China
  • LinkedIn
  • Search on Google

1. Find wholesale toy manufacturers in China from China Toy Fair

Participating in different exhibitions in China or countries around the world is what many professional toy buyers do most often. You can easily find a large number of toy manufacturers at the fair, and you can choose the best toy manufacturers according to your needs

Well-known exhibitions in China’s toy industry include Guangzhou International Toy Fair, Hong Kong Toy Fair, China Toy Fair, Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys and Gifts Fair, etc.

You can contact some of your interested Chinese toy manufacturers before visiting the show. Try to schedule a meeting with them in advance. In this case, the toy manufacturer will set aside more time to discuss it with you. This can help you better find the best toy manufacturers.

Below is the China Toy Fair Guide for your reference.

China Toy Fairs Ultimate Guide- Union Vision (

China Toy Fair

2. Online B2B Marketplace

Besides attending toy fairs, you can also find best toy manufacturers from Chinese online platforms. Chinese toy manufacturers most commonly use the following Chinese B2B markets:

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • Made in China

You can search and get in touch with toy suppliers on these B2B platforms for detailed information of toy manufacturers, please note that the most important thing when looking for toy manufacturers on online platforms in China is to write an effective, clear and detailed query to Make sure you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

We recommend that you include the following information in your communications with suppliers:

Product Description and Specifications Packaging


if there is a photo

Other key points such as safety, brand, etc.

Note: Remember not to write emails that are too short or too long the first time. Every day, many scammers send emails to different vendors in the B2B marketplace. If your email is too short or too long, it is easy for providers to ignore your email as spam. Writing a concise and organized email is a must if you want a reply from the manufacturer.

Online B2B Marketplace

3. Choose a sourcing company to help you find wholesale toy manufacturers in China

If you are lacking in the essentials of toy supply and purchasing, or feel troublesome, you can cooperate with some purchasing companies or purchasing offices in China to help you find the best toy manufacturers.

Generally, purchasing companies or purchasing offices have the ability to professionally purchase and identify suppliers, and they can help you find the best toy manufacturers and provide you with the best service. Going through them can save you a lot of time in the purchasing process, and most of the time they can help you get a better price.

Purchasing companies provide professional services

4. Purchasing with Linkedin

There are many Chinese wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers posting their company profiles or personal introductions on LinkedIn. You can also connect with some suitable Chinese factories to seek the best toy manufacturers.

search on LinkedIn

5. Search on Google

Searching on Google is no secret, there are some search strings that can help you search on Google:

#1 “Keyword” + Manufacturer + China

#2 “Keyword” + Wholesale + Manufacturer + China

#3 “Keyword” + Factory + China

#4 “Keyword” + Factory + Wholesale + China

But few manufacturers in China focus on internet marketing, so it’s hard to find them from the top 10 search results, and you have to turn a lot of pages to see some legitimate Chinese toy manufacturers. 

Search on Google

Looking for wholesale toy manufacturers in China

When looking for the best Chinese toy manufacturers, here are a few things you should know

  • Identify wholesalers, purchasing companies and toy manufacturers
  • Find wholesale toy manufacturers in China based on your business capabilities
  • Choose wholesale toy manufacturers who can provide test reports
  • Choose a toy manufacturer with a formal manufacturing system

1. Identify wholesale suppliers

Identifying and classifying different suppliers in the B2B market is the first thing you should do, please accurately classify whether it is a trader, wholesaler or direct toy manufacturer, this is the first step for you to start looking for the best Chinese toy manufacturer.

You can get a general idea of ​​a supplier by looking at their company page on Alibaba. For the most part, you can get an idea of ​​their business role by looking at their business license.

2. Find wholesale toy manufacturers in China based on your business capabilities

Don’t just go looking for the big toy manufacturers. China’s large toy manufacturers are generally recommended to large companies, and usually their MOQ is relatively high. You can choose a suitable Chinese toy manufacturer according to your own strength and business needs.

Small businesses are advised to seek out small to medium toy manufacturers that offer qualifying merchandise. You will get lower minimum order quantity requirements from these suppliers.

What’s more, small and medium-sized toy makers will pay more attention to support and services for small businesses than large toy makers. In this case, small businesses will get better service from these providers.

3. Choose wholesale toy manufacturers who can provide test reports

Toys exported to the United States, the European Union, Australia and other countries require many certificates or test reports.

When choosing the best toy supplier, pay attention to choose a toy manufacturer that can provide you with a complete certificate or test report, such as SGS test report, SST test report, etc.

4. Choose a toy manufacturer with a formal manufacturing system

Many professional manufacturers are equipped with excellent manufacturing systems such as ISO 9001:2008. Generally speaking, ISO 9001:2008 manufacturers will have better quality standards than manufacturers who are not certified.

Also, toy manufacturers who can offer BSCI and Sedex certification are the ones you need to put on your preferred supplier list.

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