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Guide to Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market:4 Important Questions You Must Know

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market is one of the largest wholesale market in China. From the perspective of the toy industry, Yiwu is known as “China Toy Wholesale City”. It gathers thousands of toys from China and is the distribution center of Chinese toys. 60% of the containers exported from Yiwu are toys. As the Yiwu toy market has the advantages of a the variety of toys, preferential prices, market radiation, and high popularity, it has become the first choice for many international toy importers.

Overlook of Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market
Overlook of Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

Where is the Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market?

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market locates in Yiwu International Trade City district 1. There are 2000 toy suppliers in a business district of more than 20,000 square meters. Because of the easy classification, you can easily find similar products, which is very convenient when comparing products. Generally, you need to ask the supplier about the information of the product carefull, and compare the product quality, price, order quantity, and so on. The starting order quantity of toys here is usually over 200 US dollars.

Different Kinds of Toys are very common in Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market
Different Kinds of Toys in Yiwu

Add: Yiwujuzhou road, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province.

Main categories: cartoon deformation, electric remote control, assembly Yizhi, plush, cloth, electronic flash, flash games, inflatable toys, pet toys, wooden, alloy toys, and so on.

What is in Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu toy wholesale market has four districts. Therere are district B, district C, district D, and district E. Every district has 12 streets, so there are more than 2,000 stores. Each district sales different types of toys.

There are plush toys in district B, plush toys, inflatable toys, party toys, and plastic toys in District C, plastic toys, electric toys, and wooden toys in District D, plastic toys, ordinary toys, gift toys, and party toys in District E.

Buyers From Different Countries Visiting Toy Market
Buyers From Different Countries Visiting Toy Market

Why Shall We Choose Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market?

  • The biggest Chinese toys wholesale market
  • The full range of toys
  • Small wholesale quantities
  • Low price but good quality
  • All kinds of toy manufacturers

What Should We Know About Yiwu Market?

  • Are all the booths run by the manufacturers?

Most of the booths are owned by individual industrial and commercial households. Some are owned by trading companies, because several factories supply goods for them for a long time. If you don’t want to buy products in large quantities, in some cases, you may get a better price from trading companies rather than from a factory.

There are some factory-owned booths. These factories mainly locates in Yiwu and nearby cities. Others are in Fujian, Guangdong, and other provinces. The size of these factories ranges from 10 to 1000 employees.

If you are visiting Yiwu for the first time, or if you do not have much important information and experience, you will find it difficult to tell whether these are individual businesses, small workshops, or large factories. Although most of the booths claim to be manufacturers, you should not trust them at all.

Toy Show in Yiwu Toy Market
Toy Show in Yiwu Toy Market
  • Is the product quality of Yiwu poor?

There are comments on the Internet that all the products in Yiwu are of poor quality and cannot be exported to the United States. This is incorrect for the following reasons:

Yiwu products do not represent “made in Yiwu”. As mentioned earlier, Chinese products have industrial districts where they are manufactured. Many products sold in Yiwu are produced in other producing districts, but they are only sold in Yiwu.

One of the three major exporters of Yiwu is the United States, and many high-quality products are exported from China to the United States every year. Yiwu also has some cheap products in developing countries, but it cannot be said that all the products in Yiwu are of poor quality.

For example, most Christmas products are made in Yiwu, but you can also find suppliers in other markets such as Shenzhen. However, Shenzhen suppliers may play tricks by not telling you that the products are made in Yiwu, or even claim that they sell better than Yiwu. How to avoid this trick? You can browse the official website, Yiwu go, to find the best suppliers.

Chinese Toy Market
Chinese Toy Market

If you want to know about how to import toys from Yiwu, or other importing methods, please click 6 Easy Steps to Find Toy Factories in China for Manufacturing Your Products. Also, you can leave your questions and comments.

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