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Why Do So Many Companies Prefer to Source Toy Products from China?

Today, all major international business communities consider to source toy products critical to their profitability. Almost all international brands are starting to take advantage of this opportunity and it has become a trend that drives the success of their business.

Due to the rising prices of various domestic products, the demand for affordable purchases has risen and has also become a necessity to survive in this competitive market. As a result, many companies today find it beneficial to source toys products made in China, where labor costs are relatively low.

As we all know, sourcing toy products from China is massive. It has a broad supplier base, low labor costs and excellent scalability.

That’s why we all claim that this place is a world factory.

You can find high-quality products at competitive prices in the Chinese market. Most Chinese manufacturers allow direct source toy products.

Therefore, international buyers are more willing to cooperate with reliable Chinese manufacturers to source goods. As a buyer, you have many ways to source items. You can use a search engine or follow the traditional way.

So let’s explore some great ways to source toy products from China!

Global Source toy product

Due to the increasingly integrated globalization, many entrepreneurs started to outsource different products and services from different countries. Therefore, both importing and exporting are now the norm. Due to all these developments, source toy products have become more convenient and relaxed.

Globally sourcing literally means source toy products that go beyond geopolitical boundaries. For example, an entrepreneur in any developed country can source certain labor-intensive products and source toy products from any developing country where both raw materials and skilled labor are available at relatively low cost.

For example, if a businessman in a developed country needs to source toy products, he will prefer to source toy products in China at a much lower cost than from any domestic company. This will help save money on sourcing and sourcing supplies from China.

Major steps in global sourcing

The following are some of the steps that any company needs to follow when source toy products from another country.

Identification of product category to source toy products

Strategic sourcing is always a fact-based and very systematic approach that every business uses to optimize and manage its supply chain. This approach will focus on the improvement of the value proposition.

It will not entirely take into account the cost, but also ensure that the right material is available to the business when needed, and also in the required quantity at the best possible cost.

This process will involve making decisions that will be based on various facts obtained through market research and analysis. The process will gear towards getting quality products or services at the best value.

Finalizing product specifications and quality parameters

Having identified toy products such as toy products from China, now it will be the responsibility of the businesses to finalize the specification of source toy products that may include necessary drawing, material specification, dimensions, and so on.

In addition to that, the quality parameters also must be specified to source toy products. Quality parameters may include physical, thermal, and various other properties of the raw materials used for source toy products made in China.

Identification of sourcing manufacturers in China

The next step is to look for companies in China that can provide you to source toy products parts that are as per your requirements. You must try to read the review of the manufacturer and also obtain feedback about the company from any other importers from your country.

Review of general quality standards of toy products available in the country

You must now make a comparative study of the similar source toy products available in your own country with the toy products made in China to know whether Chinese supplies can match the quality standards that are available in your own country.

Due diligence and license/registration verification of sourcing partner

After satisfying yourself with all the technical aspects of source toy products needs, you need to verify all commercial and administrative requirements necessary to import them from China.

These include the licensing details about the Chinese companies that you have short-listed. You can get these details by contacting Chinese government agencies close to the location of the companies in China.

Factory visit

Having verified all the above, it will always be advisable to visit China and see the factory all by yourself. This will give an overview of the company that you have selected, and also develop a personal rapport with the management of the company.

Preparation of draft contract agreement and sample production

If you are satisfied with all the above then you can sign a contract agreement and ask them to produce a sample of source toy products as per your specification and quality parameters.

Product sample verification

You can ask them to send a few samples needed for your trial. If you are happy with the end product using Chinese toy products, then you can place your order.

Final contract agreement

After you are fully satisfied with the performance of source toy products, you must negotiate the price based on the quantity that you want to procure per month or year. You must agree to all the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and vice versa. Any doubts with terms and conditions must be clarified before signing the agreement.

Advantages of sourcing toy products from China

Today, source toy products is beneficial to many in China. Many companies find it beneficial to source toy products from China for several reasons:

low labor cost

Labor cost is the most important factor in determining the overall production cost of any product in manufacturing.

As you know, China is the most populous country in the world, so it is much easier to find skilled and unskilled labor locally. The availability of so many skilled workers enables Chinese sourcing companies to reduce their manufacturing costs.

In addition, many government policies in China allow Chinese manufacturers to maintain work standards without increasing labor costs. Most of their workers have years of experience in their respective fields.

So, as a buyer, you don’t need to invest time and money in training, especially if you want to source toy products.Top 8 Hotel Around Yiwu Toy Market

Broad supplier base

The basic reason why most companies prefer to import source toy products from China is that they have a broad supplier base. Today, China has the world’s largest diversified buyer population.

If you want to source toy products from China, you have a long list of options to choose from. These companies can provide you with services such as raw materials, packaging, shipping, and quality control.

Reasonable Product Quality

A few years back, it was a common misconception that all toy products are of substandard quality, and they do not last long. Often were termed as use-and-throw-quality products. Now, things have changed for good. You will find several small/medium suppliers offering top-quality source toy products.

Most reputed Chinese manufacturers allow their products to be tested by quality control at various stages of manufacturing. This ensures that the end products if durable and of great value. 

Better Scaling Capabilities

The basic infrastructure in China is robust and well established. Most Chinese manufacturers have got years of experience and have in-depth knowledge about global supply chain management. 

Therefore, you can increase your quantity of source toy products requirements from a few hundred to a million within a few days. Of course, the scaling up time will depend on what type of source toy products and the availability of the raw materials used.

Direct Sourcing

While outsourcing, most buyers prefer to deal with a middleman. However, when you source toy produts from China, it is not necessary to involve any middleman and you can deal directly with the manufacturer.

Toy Market in China

Another fashionable trend will be the surprise effect, that is, source toy products will adopt a new marketing strategy to look for the WOW effect, no more transparent wrappers, but containers and bags in which it is impossible to see from the outside. Because the Chinese love this kind of thing? the answer is for the emotion, in fact from small to large, what is sought by the Chinese population is the emotion, when they invest their time and money they want to live an experience.

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