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Sourcing from China: 7 Valuable Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business

One of the most popular and successful e-commerce retailers’ business philosophy is to buy directly from China and then sell through Amazon. For international importers, Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business are very useful,for the cost efficiency of Chinese producers is higher than that of American and European producers.

However, Amazon has strict standards for its products in the market, and buyers’ expectations are high. In order to win in this harsh industry, importers must take special measures to ensure that they get high-quality goods from suppliers.

After Amazon’s product survey, it will take time and effort for Amazon to find suppliers and purchase goods. It is difficult to purchase Chinese suppliers, especially if you have obvious cultural, linguistic and moral differences with Chinese suppliers.

In Chinese culture, establishing a direct one-to-one relationship is based on establishing relationships. Today, we will put forward some Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business to help them successfully purchase goods from Chinese toy factory.

1、Profit evaluation

Will the cost of deciding to purchase and send them to Amazon be much lower than the price of each item you plan to sell on Amazon?
You can divide your sales into three aspects:

  • 1/3 of sales for fees
  • 1/3 in landed costs
  • 1/3 is the profit you make.

Arrival cost refers to all the costs required for the manufacture and delivery of products, including:

  • Inventory cost
  • Taxes and Taxes
  • ocean shipping
  • Inspection expenses

In addition, Amazon will also charge “commission” to the online store to collect any product introduction fee. If you sell your products in Amazon, you usually pay 15% of the price.

2、Evaluate whether your cargo transportation is convenient

If you buy things in China, you will find that they are light, small, easy to transport, not easy to be damaged, and affordable.
This product can also be easily transported by air, which can speed up the arrival of goods and enable you to sell immediately.

If you have a large number of goods, or the goods are heavy or large, you must transport them by sea.
This will not only increase the losses caused by changes in climate or humidity, but also cause delays in the delivery of goods.

Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business

3、Conform to national standards

Before you start to purchase reliable goods from China, you should ensure that your products meet the special regulations of the United States and Europe.
Your product’s safety regulations, patents, intellectual property disputes, quality standards, and other legal prerequisites.

If you are selling complex products such as electronic equipment, then the manufacturer must comply with certain safety and technical specifications. Testing in China is very challenging, and requires a certain degree of technology and experience.

4、Find the appropriate supplier

Alibaba, as the largest market in the world, often goes to check when you are looking for goods for Amazon. Many manufacturers can provide it.
Recognition of high-quality suppliers is an important business. Everyone must have the conditions to enter this platform, and must also consider other possible factors, such as Global Resources, in order to find the best supplier.
If you want to know and meet with Chinese suppliers, you can also attend exhibitions related to your industry. Now is the time to let you know more about them.

5、Negotiate with your supplier

When negotiating with suppliers, we should not only consider the price of the product, but also the quality of the product, payment method, delivery time, etc.

A strong negotiation skill can make your quotation lower than that of the supplier, but it will also lead to quality degradation, poor packaging, delivery delay or other problems. In establishing a long-term cooperative relationship, the optimal quotation of the negotiating parties is crucial.

For Chinese suppliers, negotiation is a long-term practice and part of their culture. You may have to spend more at first, but you can get a discount by significantly increasing your second order.
In negotiations, it is a good start to find the right cost for your first order. If you want to get the best price and long-term friendship, you’d better do it yourself.

Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business

In an exhibition or a factory in China, you can have the opportunity to meet with the manager or boss of the company. In this way, you can quickly solve all problems and establish a special relationship with customers.

6、Request for samples

Please be sure to ask for samples from the supplier before you transact business with him. In this way, you can test the project and evaluate whether it meets the needs of your target market.

Before ordering, you can also evaluate the product design and the supplier’s high-quality products.
You can propose three different samples to your supplier. Examples are:

Factory sample: This product is not manufactured according to your requirements. This is used to determine the manufacturer’s capacity.

Customized product samples: The pre made samples are used to determine whether the manufacturer can manufacture according to your requirements.

Manufacturing sample: it is extracted from products manufactured in batches. They are used in functional testing, quality assurance and laboratory testing. In order to ensure that the products produced are obtained from a batch of products, it is recommended to use third-party products.

7、Set up quality control of Toys Sourcing Tips for Amazon Business

Sellers who want to use Amazon FBA project must follow strict rules. If so, suppliers may consider using third-party testing services in China to ensure the quality of their products.
With the help of third-party testing services, your products will meet the standards of Amazon FBA. If you don’t do the inspection, your products will not reach the specific standards and quality levels.

Therefore, Amazon is likely to exclude your products from your products.
In addition to ensuring that your products meet Amazon’s quality and safety standards, you can also benefit from the following aspects:
As long as you can ensure that your customers can give you the best service, you will get positive feedback, and your return will be high.

Prevent the inferior products provided by illegal manufacturers who put their profits before high-quality products.
This can avoid confusion caused by improper labeling and packaging of goods. For example, if the barcode is incorrect, your goods will not be in the proper place. If you try to fix this bug, it will cost too much in the end.

Don’t assume that your Chinese manufacturers have fully understood the contents of the contract. All discussions should be written in the contract, and the buyer and supplier of Amazon should also sign the contract. In the production process, ensure that your investment is connected with the enterprise.

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