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How to Wholesale Fidget Toys from China? (2022 Ultimate Guide)

Do you plan to buy Fidget Toys from wholesalers?
Where is the best Fidget Toys wholesaler and manufacturer in China?
Wholesalers’ Fidget Toys are unique, which makes them different and makes them your favorite.
This product is environmentally friendly and will not harm children.
This kind of wholesale toys are generally made of ABS and PVC, which can ensure their durability and withstand various harsh work.
In this blog, we will discuss “Fidget Toys”. Let’s take action now!

1.What are Wholesale Fidget Toys?

Fidget Toy is an automatic tool that can help you focus, concentrate and actively listen.
They have many different shapes, sizes, shapes and textures, and are often called different names.
What are the ways to reduce your anxiety?
Anxious people will feel uneasy or make some subtle actions when they are uneasy, uneasy or anxious.
Fidget Toys are a way of venting. They can relieve people’s tension, relieve people’s tension, and give people a chance to escape from the tense environment.

Fidget Toys are good for reduce irritation and irritability.
They can help you manage your emotions, relax and concentrate on what you are doing.
Many studies are studying the effects of fidgety toys on mood regulation.
Fidgeting can help us focus, especially those children who have special needs, feel difficult to deal with, add or ADHD.
Most of the studies on restlessness are aimed at children with ADHD, and a large number of research results have been confirmed.

2. Best Wholesale Fidget Toys Categories

2.1 Bubble Pop It Fidget Toys

It can be said that it will become the most popular gadget in 2021. Last mouse lost was produced by Foxmind, the famous toy company of 2014.
This company specializes in producing toys to help develop people’s reasoning, logic and expression skills.
“Last mouse lost” is a table game similar to the whack amole game, and is the most popular toy.
Players can press the same number of bubbles. Whoever presses down the last bubble will fail.
“Last mouse lost” made of silica gel. This is a product with low technical indicators.
Therefore, Chinese factories have started mass production.
Both the regular and round shapes of this toy were registered by the manufacturer in October 2020.
Chinese manufacturers have introduced a brand-new design to avoid infringement.
I think the design idea of this product comes from foam packaging.
Whenever I encounter such packaging, I can’t help pushing it to the maximum.

Fidget Toys Categories

2.2  Mochi Squishy Animals Toys

No matter how hard you try, this toy will not be damaged. It is very soft.
Whenever you feel stressed, put it down. Fidgety toys can be made into different patterns.
Having sensitive and flexible animals can alleviate anxiety!
There are penguins, pandas, unicorns, elephants, chickens, and so on!
Sparrow is a sensitive and elastic creature, which can reduce stress! Animals include pigs, pandas, penguins, elephants, unicorns, chickens, kittens, and so on!

 Mochi Squishy Animals Toys

2.3 Infinity Rubik’s Cube Toys

A small Rubik’s cube that can be flipped at will. This phone is very small and can be put in your pocket. You can play on your smartphone.
The prerequisites for infinity cube are very simple. “Infinity Cube” is very simple. It is made of a simple paper cut and adhesive.
First, make eight small squares, then separate them in two ways, and glue their edges together.
Combine them and you will find 28 inconspicuous squares and 20 dark squares.
An infinite cube is usually pictographic. Neither side is the same. But they showed nine different pictures, six outside and three inside.
Each block has six squares. So, 6 × 8 = 48 squares. 24 squares are visible from the outside (not in the standard format), and 24 squares are hidden.

Fidget Toys
Infinity Rubik’s Cube Toys

2.4 Stretch String

Another kind of rope is called elastic floss. Wires come in many colors, but not many sizes.
The most common sizes you can find are 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm, which are the best choices.
Elastic floss is made of several elastic materials.
This is a very flexible ring, bracelet and other jewelry. Elastic rope is a fast and simple way.
In order to ensure durability and strength, you should choose the strongest elastic rope to adapt to the Pearl of your choice, or double when using the Pearl needle.
Elastic cord is ideal for elastic rings, bracelets and other jewelry.
It is recommended to use the most durable elastic rope to adapt to the beads of your choice, or to increase its strength and durability when it is double as the bead needle.
We believe that stretch magic is the most flexible jewelry product on the market.
Stretchmagic is considered to be a strong and elastic jewelry and bead string. This is a unique handmade polyurethane. It is made of polyester and polyurethane.

 Fidget Toys
Fidget Toys

3. How to Customize/Diy Fidget Toys?

In fact, most importers use factory made Fidget Toys.
Some experienced importers can customize a disturbing toy for their own design. Your personal toys are different from other competitors.
Importers often make such adjustments on toys to ease their tension.

3.1 Custom color
Most decompression toys are made of silicone. In the manufacturing process, the toner in the raw material is added to produce color.
Therefore, the color of customized toys means that manufacturers should adjust the production and sales of products.

3.2 Custom size
To make toys with silica gel, the custom size needs to change the mold used for the product.
The mold cost of the toy will vary according to the size of the item, about $1000.
This is an ideal choice for buyers who want to buy bulk commodities for a long time, otherwise it is not economically feasible.
The cost of each silicone toy is very low, which means that the minimum order is very high.
It is estimated that the minimum order quantity of silicone custom toys for most Chinese factories is about 10000 pieces.
If you only buy thousands or hundreds, you can choose personalized packaging.
If your order is less than 10000 pieces, no further customization is possible.

3.3 Customized packaging
The standard packaging of uncompressed toy manufacturers is plastic bags. This is very simple.
The most effective way to differentiate your product from other products is to personalize your product packaging.
Here are some common packaging techniques for fidgety toys.

3.4 Bundle sales
The combination of various pressure resistant toys into a set is the first choice for most buyers. Alibaba also has a variety of pressure resistant toys for you to choose from.
However, we found that buying toys directly from Alibaba was more expensive than buying each toy separately and mixing them.
Generally speaking, this will increase the price of each set by one dollar.

4.Where Can You Discover China’s Great Fidget Toy Wholesalers and Manufacturers?

4.1  Chenghai Toys Wholesale

If you want the biggest plastic doll, don’t think about anything else.
Shantou Chenghai, with more than 800 plastic toy manufacturers, is an ideal place for you to trade.
You may think the material of this toy is better, so you may think it is a little expensive.
Most buyers order directly from the factory, rather than looking for an agent.
Most of the factories are family style small workshops, managed by family members. This is very abnormal.
However, the main business of Chenghai company is silicone toys, not toys. You can go to the largest wholesale market in China. Yiwu is the place where buyers want to buy at a low price.

4.2  Yiwu Toys Wholesale

Most of the toys in Yiwu are department stores, and there are no particularly good kinds of toys.
But in general, Yiwu’s toy prices are the lowest. You can find many vendors, not manufacturers.
Yiwu has the most complete range of toys, from plush toys to basic electronic toys.
There are remote control and toys from high-tech enterprises in the market; However, because Yiwu has no advanced remote control equipment and no first-class manufacturers, their pricing is not the most competitive.
The toys in Yiwu are generally cheap, but the quality is not as good as you think. Take plastic toys for example.
Chenghai’s plastic toys are better than Yiwu’s products in terms of material, luster and color.
But the price of Yiwu is definitely lower than that of Chenghai.
In Yiwu, in addition to those annoying toys, there are many other toys.
In addition, you can also see the latest popular toy trends.
Yiwu toy wholesale market also regularly updates the latest toy manufacturers’ products.

5. Conclusion

Fidget Toys can help children learn, because they can help them remove unnecessary feelings and let them focus, listen and concentrate.
Fidgety can be used to play with toys to enhance their attention, so that they can focus on the classroom or online.
Indirect advertising from high traffic sites such as YouTube has been proven to be effective.
Restlessness is a universal trend because it has been accepted by society. Welcome to our website to provide you with high quality and price!

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