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Play Tent Manufacturer Guide: 10 Best-Selling Wholesale Play Tents

For children, play tents are very attractive to them. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for wholesale play tents importers to pull orders. However, many play tent wholesalers do not know how to choose the right tent for children. This article will tell you the best play tent guide and will list 10 best selling wholesale play tents. If you are interested in sourcing wonderful play tents, please continue to reading next!

What Sectors Should Consider When Choosing Wholesale Play Tents

Is it suitable for kids?

Most play tents are specially designed for children. Those tents have bright patterns and colors to attract children’s attention. But some tents are not suitable for children to play. Those tents may not pass the testing standards for children’s tents, or have some dangerous gadgets.

Is it stable and easy to assemble?

For play tent wholesalers, you’re better off looking for play tents that are easy to assemble and sturdy. It is very dangerous for children if the tent will fall apart after it is assembled.

What material is the tent made of?

Generally speaking, children’s tents are made of polyester or cotton canvas or fabric material. If your child has any allergies, be sure to choose a tent with eco-friendly materials. For children with allergies, tents made of polyester or cotton canvas or fabric materials are generally relatively safe.

Where can it be placed?

First, before buying, you must decide where to place your tent. Is it in the bedroom or outside? Does it stay on the fixed point all the time or will it be stowed away frequently? You also need to consider the size of the tent. The last thing you want is a tent that is not suitable for the designated location.

Top 10 Best-Selling Play Tents

1. Princess Castle Shape OEM Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+
Size: 55”*53”

Princess Castle OEM Play Tent

Princess Castle Shape

Every little girl has a princess dream, and this fairytale castle game tent helps you make that dream come true. The hexagonal house tent not only resembles the princess house in the fairy tale, but also has a more stable structure.

Large Space

This wholesale play tent 55″x53″ large size solid fabric and soft mesh play tent provides privacy and relaxing space for children, allowing up to 4 children to play.

Easy To Move

This kid’s play princess tent is mobile and detachable when not in use, and it comes with a carry bag for easy movement when stowed away.

2. Orange Tiger Shape OEM Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 182*96*86 cm

Orange Tiger Shape OEM Play Tent

Selective Design-Tiger Shape

This play tent adopts tiger design and vivid patterns with bright colors, so that children can better enjoy the fun of playing in the play tent.

Large Internal Space

This play tent have plenty of room for multiple children, toys, and kid-sized furniture.

Easy To Assemble

This kinds of wholesale play tents is simple to assemble or pack away in the included storage tote. At the same time, this tent has no complicated parts and components, and it is effortless to assemble

3. Blue Rocket Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 127*99cm

Blue Rocket Wholesale Play Tent

Best Toys for Kids

This tent is the best gift for kids. Because it carries the spaceflight dreams of boys and girls. Can help the little ones set up a great aerospace volunteer. This kids tent is the best toys for little girls/boys!Professional toy tent manufacturer will make your products more professional.

100% Satisfaction

This is not only equipment for camping, but also a small house that carries children’s childhood dreams. Small children can play freely in the tent without any hassle. At the same time, this tent service provider can provide you with absolutely satisfactory pre-sale and after-sale service. Whether you like our pattern and color designs, or want a custom tent with your unique design, we can use our expertise to meet any of your requirements.

4. Portable Ball Pool Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 300*120*90cm

Portable Ball Pool Wholesale Play Tent

Careful Workmanship

This kind of wholesale play tents have breathable mesh and anti-mosquito design, so baby will not stuffy while playing inside.And the high-density sewing needle thread ensures that this tent can be more sturdy. What’ s more, we also use memory spring steel wire with high strength and high toughness, so the tent can have a long time folding without deformation.

Safe Material

The children’s wholesale play tents are made of environmentally friendly and safe polyester fabric, which does not smell any odor. At the same time, the pattern on the tent will not fade and is absolutely clear.

Easy To Take

It uses simple and convenient tote bag, which is easy to carry indoor or outdoor travel. It can give a playroom for your baby at any time.

5. Teepee Grey Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 183*183*120cm

Wholesale Play Tent Teepee Grey

Best Toys for Kids

These wholesale play tents are made of 190T Polyester. The bracket part of this tent is made of sturdy pine wood, which is durable and resistant to insects. This baby tent will be your child’s playhouse for many years.. This kids tent is the best toys for little girls/boys!

Idea for Kids Indoor/ Outdoor Play

This wholesale play tent for children can decorate bay rooms, outside gardens or while going for a happy time. It’s your kids’ new favorite place. They can play games, read, draw, write, etc. in the play tent.

Happy Childhood Memories

When your kids open this play tent, the happy and excited look on their faces will definitely make you feel like you got the right tent. If you are looking for a tent that can meet all the expectations of your child at this time, this tent is definitely the best fit. At the same time, children can paint and paint freely on the tent and release their own nature.

6. Waterproof Outdoor Camping Play Tent

Recommended age: 3+

size: 240*150*105cm

Waterproof Outdoor Camping Play Tent

Lightweight & Automatic

It has lightweight so you are easy to carry with it to go anywhere. And it is convenient to set up. You just put it on the land and it will set up automatically. Without your hand to set up it personally, you can get a perfect tent. You can use it in several occasions, like car camping, hiking or fishing. I believe your kids will have a good time while playing with tent.

Enough for 3-4 persons

These kinds of wholesale play tents are available for 3-4 persons to stay together. It has spacious commodious, so it can give an area for outdoor gear storage and weather protection. It is wonderful and suitable for couples or family with kids.


The tent is equipped with small hooks, with which children can hang small fans, small electric lights and other small accessories. I believe that with these gadgets, children will have a better experience. With hooks, you can get more space for stocking which can make your camping more convenient. This factory convenient waterproof outdoor camping tent for 3-4 people will be your good choice.

7. Pop up Fire Engine Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 100 x 70 x 70 cm/ 39.4 x 27.6 x 27.6 inches

wholesale play tent manufacturer

Pop up Fire Engine Wholesale Play Tent


This kind of pop up fire engine wholesale play tent for kids 3+ is free of harmful chemicals & safe for use by children including toddlers and little ones.

Durable Material

The play tent uses durable polyester fabric with steel frame built inside.

Benefits of Play

The pop up fire engine wholesale play tents are ideal for role play, teaching young kids about the important work done by our emergency services. With this great play tent, young firefighters can stage emergency drills in their room all day long. A create play tent can increase the imagination of children. Please value the time when play with your kids.

8. Taxi Shape Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 99 x 55 x 55 cm/39 x 21.7 x 21.7 in

wholesale play tent manufacturer
Taxi Shape Wholesale Play Tent

Taxi Shape

This yellow taxi tent is specially designed for boys over 3 years old. The bright yellow is colorful and can quickly catch the boy’s eye. At the same time, the design of the taxi allows children to wander in the joy of the game.

Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor

This is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The many screens on the tent provide breath ability and help protect your child from the elements when used outdoors. They also allow you to monitor their playtime. To clean this tent, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

9. Unicorn Pop Up Wholesale Play Tents

Recommended age: 3+

size: 182*96*86cm

Toy Tent Manufacturer
Unicorn Pop Up Play Tent

Unicorm Shape

The wholesale play tents have a realistic shape and the pink unicorn shape is perfect for girls to play. At the same time, it has a large internal space and can accommodate 3 children to play in it at the same time.

Beautiful Decorations

Cute and delicate unicorns can not only be decorations in children’s rooms, but they can also be the most attention-grabbing decorations in your home.

10. Wholesale Play Tents with 4 Mesh Windows

Recommended age: 3+

size: 240*240*130cm

Manufacturer Hexagon Pop Up Tent for Camping
Wholesale Play Tent with 4 Windows

Double Zipper Doors

The wholesale play tents with 4 mesh windows has double zipper doors. And the zippers have strong design that you can open the door when you want to see views outsides and take a deep breath.

Sturdy Frame

There are 6 premium fiberglass poles to support a sturdy frame. With these sturdy poles, wholesale play tents can be strong enough to prevent strong wind and heavy rain. Also, it supports the whole tent so that it has enough space for living and relaxing. So you can miss this manufacturer amazing hexagon pop up tent with 4 mesh windows.

Storage Pockets

Mesh pockets can hold small items such as mirrors, snacks, etc. for easy access by children. The hook on the top of the tent/door can hang a small fan or a star decorative light. The manufacturer’s amazing hexagonal pop-up tent with 4 mesh windows will make a big difference to your camping time.

In The End

Thanks for reading till now. Above is all the contents of Play Tent Manufacturer Guide: 10 Best-Selling Wholesale Play Tents. If you are interested in the following wholesale play tents, or have any questions of how to choose suitable play tents, please contact us-Union Vision.

Union Vision is a wholesale kids tent supplier, specializing in kids tents and outdoor tents. All of our kids tents will be shipped safely to you in the perfect box. We also support packaging customization. You can choose to give this wonderful gift on birthdays and other occasions.

Hopes you all well~

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