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The Ultimate Guide: How To Wholesale Toys Online From China

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has had a huge impact on the global economy, restricting people’s travel and changing the way people purchase. Wholesale toys online are the best way to go during COVID-19. As we all know, COVID-19. In the past, we used to shop in supermarkets and malls. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we can only wholesale toys online. For buyers, the impact of COVID-19 is huge, as they are unable to come to China to buy goods or get new products, which has severely impacted their business.

Under the influence of COVID-19, buyers can only wholesale toys online from China. So how to successfully complete online purchases in China? This article will take you to understand in detail.

How to Wholesale Toys Online in China

Buying toys in China is usually at fairs such as the Canton Fair, then come to Yiwu or Shantou toy market, or go directly to the factory to buy toys, but during COVID-19, we can only learn about products online and choose the right factory to buy wholesale toys Online. How to find a toy factory and where to choose the right supplier? Below we will introduce 6 ways to wholesale toys online.

1. Online Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is one of the most important ways for major buyers to source in China. At present, each Canton Fair has an exhibition scale of 1.185 million square meters, nearly 26,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors, about 200,000 overseas buyers, and a trade turnover of about 30 billion US dollars. Since 2020, in order to effectively respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Canton Fair has been successfully held online for three times.

The 130th Canton Fair will be held online and offline. It will build a new platform for Chinese and foreign companies to break through the limitations of time and space, “sell the world to buy the world”, and provide countries around the world with new opportunities to share Chinese manufacturing and the Chinese market. At the Canton Fair, 5000+ factories showcased their products through live broadcasts. Buyers can learn about every new toy product by watching the livestream and contacting the factory for catalogs and quotes. It is a good choice to wholesale toys online in this way.

Online Canton Fair

2. Online Toy Market

Participating in different exhibitions in China or countries around the world is what many professional toy buyers do most often. You can easily find a large number of toy makers at the fair, and you can choose the best toy makers according to your needs

Well-known exhibitions in China’s toy industry include Guangzhou International Toys Fair, Hong Kong Toys Fair, China Toys Fair, Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys and Gifts Fair, etc.

Below is a guide to the China Toy Fair for your reference.

China Toy Fairs Ultimate Guide- Union Vision (

To buy toys from China, Shantou Toy Market is one of the must-go places for professional buyers. In the Toy Showroom, you can find all kinds of toys you want, get a factory quote, and then contact the toy manufacturer to order. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Shantou Toy Market offers an online toy showroom. You can select the toy you want on the website, add it to the cart, and finally send your toy to get a quote to wholesale toys online . This method is the most convenient for buyers. Picking up toys and getting factory quotes on TOYS MARKET ONLINE is currently one of the most effective ways to buy toys online.

Online Toy Market

3. Online B2B marketplaces

Besides attending toy fairs, you can also Wholesale toys online from Chinese online platforms. Chinese toy manufacturers most commonly use the following Chinese B2B markets:

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • made in China

You can search and contact toy suppliers on these B2B platforms for detailed information of toy manufacturers, please note that when looking for toy manufacturers on Chinese online platforms, the most important thing is to write an effective, clear and detailed query to Make ensures you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

We recommend that you include the following information in your communications with suppliers:

  • Product Description and Specifications Packaging
  • quantity
  • if there is a photo
  • Other key points such as safety, brand, etc.

Note: Remember not to write emails that are too short or too long the first time. Every day, many scammers send emails to different vendors in the B2B marketplace. If your email is too short or too long, it’s easy for providers to dismiss your email as spam. If you want to get a response from the manufacturer, you must write a concise and organized email.

Alibaba website

4. Choose a purchasing company

If you lack the essentials of toy supply and sourcing, or find it troublesome, you can work with some sourcing companies or sourcing offices in China to help you Wholesale toys online.

General purchasing companies or purchasing offices have the ability to professionally purchase and identify suppliers, which can help you find the best toy manufacturer and provide you with the best service. Going through them can save you a lot of time in the buying process, and most of the time they can help you get a better price.

Choose a purchasing company

5. Purchase with Linkedin

There are many Chinese wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers posting their company profiles or personal introductions on LinkedIn. You can also contact some suitable Chinese factories to find the best toy manufacturers.


6. Search on Google

Searching on Google is no secret, there are some search strings that can help you search on Google:

#1 “Keyword” + Manufacturer + China

#2 “Keyword” + Wholesale + Manufacturer + China

#3 “Keyword” + Factory + China

#4 “Keyword” + Factory + Wholesale + China

But very few Chinese manufacturers focus on internet marketing, so it’s hard to find them from the top 10 search results, and you have to flip through a lot of pages to see some legitimate Chinese toy makers.


The 9 best-selling toys during COVID-19

For toy buyers, besides knowing how to wholesale toys online from China, the most important thing is to know which categories of toys are most popular during COVID-19 so they can buy the right toys and improve their business. Outdoor toys, inflatables and puzzles are the most popular during COVID-19.

best-selling toys
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