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Bulk House Shaped Busy Board from China for 4-6 Years

Type: Bulk House Shaped Busy Board
Material: Non-woven fabric
Product Dimensions:11.8 x11.8 inches
CARE TIPS: Keep away from fire

Masterful OEM & ODM
Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.


Bulk House Shaped Busy Board Maker Manufacturer from China

Union Vision is a leading company in China. As a bulk  house shaped busy board maker manufacturer, we provide custom product design and strict selection of environmentally friendly materials. The factories we choose to cooperate with are all from top Chinese manufacturers, and they have good reputation, which can determines the high quality and high standards of the products. If you place a large order, you can have a discount.

Durable materials

Our bulk house shaped busy board including the following fabric girl doll in a variety of real-world settings: cooking, washing flower, and bathing. Your toddler will use her imagination and build daily home routine skills.


Our bulk house shaped busy board is multifunctioanl.When your little one can modify each room: flower option in the garden, clothing to choose from in the closet, and food items in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Make the next celebration memorable for your kid with this fun book. Taking on activities with this soft book is great for warm family bonding with your kids. Also a perfect gift for a baby shower.

This book is the perfect option to reduce screen time for your kids and prevent them from suffering eye strains.
They can play with the book for endless hours any side effects to their physical or mental health.

The book is designed to ensure that kids learn a thing or two while having fun. The activities are all practical day-to-day activities that they are already familiar with but can now lean themselves. This will make it easier for your kids to understand and explore the world around them.


Including double-stitched cotton fabric to prevent easy wear and tear. Items can be slipped into drawers, placed in a refrigerator, or put on a shelf in this imaginary world.

Bulk House Shaped Busy BoardBulk House Shaped Busy BoardBulk House Shaped Busy BoardBulk House Shaped Busy Board


Q1: Is this book durable because my niece can be a bit rough?
It is very durable. It is designed with quality cotton fabric that makes it highly resistant to tear and typical kids handling.
Q2 : What Is the recommended age for this book?
Most Kids up to 10 years would love this book.

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