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Bulk Quiet Learning Binder Book from China for 3+Olds

Type:Bulk Quiet Learning Binder Book

Dimensions: 10.5 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches(Unfolded)
Weight: 0.47 lbs
Size:10.5 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches

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Bulk Quiet Learning Binder Book  Manufacturer from China

Union Vision is a leading company in China. As a bulk quiet learning binder book manufacturer, we provide custom product design and strict selection of environmentally friendly materials. The factories of bulk quiet learning binder book we choose to cooperate with are all from top Chinese manufacturers, and they have good reputation, which can determines the high quality and high standards of the products. If you place a large order, you can have a discount.

Durable materials

Our bulk quiet learning binder book has soft, Durable, and Secure- Unique design and primarily made of felt cotton material that is soft, flexible, but at the same time, very durable! Rest assured, our board is CPSC certified, tested, and approved so it is tested to be absent of any chemicals and all pieces of the board are securely fixed!


This All-IN-ONE Fyrome Busy Board Toy includes 16 engaging activities for your child’s development!
These educational artificial are specially designed for children of appropriate age, allowing your kids and the whole family to enjoy free time, especially do well for the preschool education to accept the knowlegde of basic cognition.
Your kids will have endless fun playing the vet with this quiet pet book. They will be able to roleplay a pet vet and learn amazing pet care activities, such as bathing a puppy, walking the dog, and treating it when sick.


Including double-stitched cotton fabric to prevent easy wear and tear. Items can be slipped into drawers, placed in a refrigerator, or put on a shelf in this imaginary world.

Bulk Quiet Learning Binder BookBulk Quiet Learning Binder BookBulk Quiet Learning Binder Book

Bulk Quiet Learning Binder Book

Q1:When is the best age for a child to get this book?
Q2: Can this busy board hold up with time and use?
This busy board has great quality and is well made.

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