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How to Buy Chinese Wholesale Play Tents From Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

When many novice tent buyers mention the topic of how to buy Chinese wholesale play tent from wholesale play tent manufacturer, many people will be distressed. Because many play tent buyers are unfamiliar with Chinese wholesale play tent manufacturers. They do not know how to deal with them. And they don’t know what kind of play tents can be wholesaled from tent manufacturers in China. They couldn’t find the best tent maker for themselves, and they didn’t know how to follow up if they did. They are also very afraid to buy defective play tent products.

Based on these problems, this article will focus on helping play tent buyers to solve these problems, and provide them with some suggestions and help. This article will provide play tent buyers with a complete tent buying guide of how to buy China wholesale play tent from wholesale play tent manufacturer. If you are interested, let us start it!

What Kind of Play Tent Can You Import From Chinese Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

The play tent is a place for children to play at home and outdoors. In addition to placing toys and playing “play house” games, they can also read and rest. Chinese play tent manufacturers make tents from different materials, including:

1.fabric tent: Among the fabric tents, most of the play tents are made of pure cotton. These tents are soft and skin-friendly with good air permeability, and are less irritating to children’s skin. At the same time, it is safe and practical, and children can sleep and rest in it when they are tired from playing. In addition, the fabric tent also includes polyester cloth material, which is durable and more rigid, and can generally be used with ocean balls for children to play with.

2.Mesh tent: This play tent is easy to disassemble and build, with good ventilation and light transmission, so it can prevent mosquitoes. However, the material is weak and easy to collapse and damage, so it is more suitable for indoor use. If you need to place it outdoors, you should choose a product with a thicker base, which is more stable and comfortable.

3.Plastic tents: Plastic tents are mostly suitable for children over 3 years old. This type of play tent has strong functionality, firm structure and high usage rate, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This kind of tent is simple to assemble and easy to clean, but it has poor air permeability. If you want to wholesale outdoor styles from Chinese manufacturers, it is recommended that you want to wholesale tents with rain and wind protection.

4.Inflatable tent: This play tent is simple in structure, comfortable, easy to build and disassemble, but not easy to store. If there is a broken air leak, the entire tent will be scrapped, so there will be fewer tents provided by China wholesale play tent manufacturer.

5.Wooden tents: There is a wooden play tent that is mainly used outdoors. This tent is sturdy and strong, but the material is so hard that children are prone to bumps when playing. Therefore, few Chinese tent manufacturers sell such play tents.

6.Paper tent: Environmentally friendly paper is used as a game house, which can be used for graffiti, drawing, writing, and requires thick material. However, this kind of play tent is also not very popular provided by Chinese wholesale play tent manufacturer.

Finding the Best Importer For China Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer For Bulk

Above, we have introduced the play tent materials you can buy from China wholesale play tent manufacturers, now we will introduce how to find the best importer of play tent wholesales in China. Finding the right source for the best tent products is significant, and for that, you need the ideal play tent supplier.
First, you need to find out where the wholesale play tent manufacturers are. Do they have independent factories? If you successfully understand this, it may be much easier for you to become a professional tent importer.

2 Kinds of Play Tent Buyer

Generally speaking, play tent importers are divided into 2 categories: small and medium tent buyers and high volume tent buyers. If you are a small and medium play tent buyer, then you do not need to contact big companies or factories. They may also refuse to work with you because the order is too small. Instead, you can look for small factories or trading companies to cooperate, because such suppliers can help you save more costs.

However, If you are a large play tent buyer, you definitely have a big tent need. As we can say, the order quantity of each tent is more than 2000, or even more than 10000. And for such a large order, good quality is very significant. To ensure this, you need to get in touch with a trading company or factory that can take responsibility. At the same time, most importers who want to import in bulk will use a third party to evaluate the factories or companies they work with.

At the same time, I suggest you look for a good sourcing agent who can handle all your exporting matters. Because when you are negotiating and arranging an order with a Chinese wholesale play tent manufacturer, the supplier hardly speaks English and hardly understands it, which can lead to misunderstandings. Apart from that, you may also face issues related to price, MOQ and payment terms. At this time, the purchasing agent can help you solve these problems.

Where Do Buyers Buy Play Tent From China

There are actually many Chinese B2B sites where you can find a lot of Chinese play tents. One of the largest B2B platforms is Alibaba. Generally speaking, the wholesale characteristics of Alibaba’s website are that the starting quantity is large and the price is cheap. And often the larger your order quantity, the cheaper the unit price of the product.

There are also other kinds of B2B websites of wholesale play tent manufacturers in China, like union vision chart, AliExpress, Global Sources, Made-in-China, etc. There is no doubt that these following B2B Websites have their pros and cons, and you can use them according to your actual situation.

Placing Order from China, and Making Follow-Up

If you have now decided where to buy wholesale play tents, the next step is to negotiate.

Get Quotation

The first thing to decide is the tent style and design you want to buy. Then what you have to do is check out multiple online wholesale play tent platforms for information on quotes and MOQs. However, if you are in a wholesale market, such as in Yiwu, you can directly ask for the factory or wholesaler’s business card and ask permission to take photos of the product or ask for samples directly. Apart from price, there are various other things you need to know, such as how to choose the best supplier should be your top priority. Before placing an order, please understand the MOQ, standard packaging and other information.

But there is no doubt that price is a relatively important thing. You can request a quote directly from the supplier, and an efficient way to do this is to create a list of price templates. You can use this template to record the price of each wholesaler and factory manufacturer and finally find a satisfied supplier. What is recommended here is to find a way to get to the e-mails of different wholesale play tent manufacturers, so that you can handle the inquiry directly through the e-mail.

Ask For Sample

You can ask the manufacturer to provide samples to confirm the quality before you start to place the formal order. However, suppliers usually provide a sample. However, if you want to get 2-3 for different purposes, then you need to explain with them. Other than that, you need to be careful with some wholesale play tent manufacturers. They will send you the best tent samples for confirmation, the final cargo quality may not be that excellent.

Conducting Quality Control For Play Tent

So, once you have identified your play tent manufacturer and finished production, the next step is to conduct an inspection. It is important to remember all the risks associated with play tent construction.

Most Common Problems With China Play Tent

Pattern printing is not clear: The pattern on the tent requires clear printing, no fading and falling off. To choose environmentally friendly paint or edible ink material, can not volatilize harmful substances.

The stand and tent are not the right size: This problem is a more serious problem and must be very careful. When the sample comes to you, the first thing to do is to set up the tent to see if the size is appropriate and the connection is standard.

Color difference: When your sample arrives, the problem of chromatic aberration cannot be ignored. Check the colors of the tent and the design draft and compare them carefully.

Other problems: Other problems, such as play tent surfaces, require smoothness, no burrs, and no protruding sharp objects. There should be no problems such as thread ends, holes and snags at the tent joints.

How To Avoid Defective Products

Preventive Maintenance

It is very important that the product does not have quality problems. For this, as an importer, you need to talk to the play tent supplier in advance to avoid confusion. You can do this by giving them advance notice via email. For big play tent suppliers, you can ask to visit their factory or shop. Examining their work environment can give you insight into the quality of the products they offer.

Inspection Advances

It is best to ask for samples before delivery. Usually samples can be divided into the original (if you already have the actual tent, you can ask the manufacturer to make proofing production according to the original), pre-production samples (samples before the official production of tents), production samples (produced according to the standard of large-scale goods) sample). This will help you to check for defective products during mass production. You can ask them directly about the production progress during the production process, preferably a picture or video showing the quality of the product.

Pay attention to communication

In the process of tent production, various emergencies will inevitably occur. At this time, what is more needed is that buyers and wholesale play tent manufacturers have active communication and exchanges to solve problems together.

Quality Control Requirement

Limit requirements for 8 heavy metal elements

The limit requirements for 8 heavy metal elements such as lead, mercury and chromium in printing inks. Tent suppliers need to be certified by a third-party testing agency to meet the requirements. Because the unqualified printing ink that exceeds the standard will pose a hazard to children’s health. Therefore, it is necessary for wholesale play tent manufacturer to provide third-party testing agencies with test qualification reports and product conformity declarations, so as to control the quality and safety of products from the source.

Ventilation requirements for closures

Generally speaking, most play tents are open, so children do not have to worry about breathing difficulties caused by poor ventilation when playing in the tent. But if the play tent is designed to be completely enclosed or has closures added, the tent body must have enough vents to ensure that the child can breathe normally inside the tent.

Non-woven fabrics must have flame retardant properties

Non-woven fabrics must have flame retardant properties, and safety signs and manufacturer’s marks must be complete. The flammability requirements of non-woven fabrics in play tents are very strict, and the surface of the tent cannot flash when it is required to be close to the flame. The safety label requirements of play tents cannot be ignored. Manufacturers should list clearly the precautions for consumers during installation and use in the product or instruction manual according to the characteristics of the various play tent products they produce. The manufacturer’s mark is to indicate the name, address, contact information, etc. of the manufacturer to facilitate product traceability.

In The End

That’s all the following for this article of how to Buy Chinese Wholesale Play Tents From Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer. If you have any questions while browsing this article, or have a greater interest in the tent category, welcome to visit our website We are a wholesale kids tent supplier specializing in children’s tents and outdoor tents.

We have a professional design team, provide OEM design, and design different products every month. If you have some ideas, our team can help you make samples that meet your requirements. You can rest assured of our raw materials, we have strict requirements for product quality and inspection. All our tents for kids will be delivered to you safely in perfect boxes. We also support packaging customization. You can choose to give this wonderful gift on birthdays and other occasions.

Hopes you all well~

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