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China Toy Expo Complete Guide 2022

China Toy Expo is an international trade fair for toys and baby products in Asia. It is a leading platform in the Chinese market, providing international manufacturers with access to the Chinese market. The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to get in touch with visitors, especially buyers, and deepen business relations.

China Toy Expo

Basic Informtion of China Toy Expo

Date: 15th-17th September 2022
Country/Region: Sichuan, Mainland China
City: Chengdu
Venue: Western China International Expo City, Chengdu
Address: No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu

Toys on China Toy Expo

Characteristics of China Toy Expo

China Toy Exop is a largest professional orientation platform on Chinese mainland, focusing on toys, hobbies and baby products. 

  1. China Toy Exop is an ideal activity for direct cooperation with factories. More than 600 manufacturers rather than trading companies will show their new designs at the exhibition.
  2. China Toy Exop is the only activity that brings together more than 20 major toy and baby products production regions around the world.
  3. China Toy Exop has become the largest toy exhibition in China, with exhibitors and baby products growing at an annual rate of more than 25 percents.
  4. As the only national toy association, the China Toy Association will ensure that your visit to the exhibition will be more effective by providing you with up-to-date and valuable information about the capabilities and reliability of exhibitors.
Booths on China Toy Expo

Why Shall We Attend China Toy Expo?

China Toy Expo is China’s leading market platform, allowing international manufacturers to enter the booming Chinese market. At the same time, it is also designed for professional buyers who want to purchase directly from competitive toy factories in China.

Also, here are some comments from other international visitors about China Toy Expo.

“We are a Finnish dealer and have only participated in some toy fairs in Europe and the United States before. This is our first visit to the Chinese Toy Expo. Under the pressure of the financial crisis, we are surprised that the Chinese Toy Expo has such a large scale, so many excellent exhibitors and considerate services. This exhibition, we will purchase all kinds of toys, will certainly achieve good results. ” Paula Nordgren from Finland.

Visitors from other counteries

“I am from Baby’s Harmony Company in Israel. This is the fourth time that I have participated in the China Toy Fair. Great progress has been made in each exhibition. I’m glad to see all this change. This time I will distribute Chinese toys to Israel and the Middle East market. In addition to visiting some old customers, I also want to meet some new exhibitors at the exhibition. ” Jacob Brosh from Israel.

“Our company is a Re-el toy company in Spain, which distributes toys to Spain and South America. This is our first visit to the China Toy Expo. The services provided by the organizers is excellent. With a tour guide, it is easy for us to find a booth to see the new exhibits. We believe it will be a successful trip and we will be back next year. ” Gianni Merry from Spain.

How to Be a Visitor or Exihibitor of China Toy Expo?

It is free to visit China Toy Expo. You can click the official website to pre-register online. You can also call the visitor hotline + 86-10-68293608 to obtain the registration form. Once you have pre-registered online, China Toy Expo will provide you with a unique ID code through E-mail. Everyone need to register before participating in this fair. Pre-registered attendees will receive their unique ID code within 2 days after submitting the registration form by fax or online and a preview of the exhibits everyweek so that you can get the latest information about products.

If you want to be an exhibitor, you can take USD 300 for a Standard Booth Minimum 9㎡ (1 or USD 240 Raw Space Minimum 36㎡ Corner. Head stands are subject to USD 397 for each corner (1

Exhibitors on Toy Fairs

What Should Be Taken Before Attending China Toy Expo?

The following are the main travel documents you need to visit China Toy Expo. The Chinese Embassy may ask you to provide other documents, depending on your country of nationality.

Passport: you need a passport for almost every international trip, so please make sure your passport is up-to-date.
Visa: a visa is authorized by the country you visit and allows you to enter the country for a certain period of time. In China, there are different kinds of visas according to the reasons for the visit. There are different visas for visit (tourist visa), study (student visa) and work (business visa).
How can I get a visa?
Visas can be obtained in person from the Chinese embassy or consulate general in your country, or travel agencies and visa agencies can also help you obtain visa fees.

And some other essential items need to be taken in an international trip.

Toys on Toy Fairs

How to Choose Competitive Toys on The Market?

As we have said about 10 Best Toy Fairs Guide: The Ultimate Guide 2022, toys are creative products. Whether retailers or wholesalers, only by increasing innovation of products continuously, they can adapt to the increasingly competitive market development and stand at the forefront. National toy fairs provide us a good business platform for many exhibitors to explore domestic and foreign markets with great potential so that we can capture the latest and hottest trend in the industry and successfully grasp the market trend. We wish that this guide can help you know what is China Toy Expo and how to attend it.

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