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6 Reasons for Why Retailers Choose to Directly Buy from China Toy Factories?

Today, Chinese goods are the most popular and everywhere. You will see a lot of things made in China. China toy factories are the manufacturing center of the world for many reasons.

The relationship between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers is also developing. Wholesalers are an important link between producers and end users. It is a veto, not a rule, for producers to sell their goods directly to consumers. Wholesalers act as middlemen. They purchase large quantities of products from Chinese manufacturers and then sell them. This will enable end users to spend more money on goods.

Digitalization has driven consumers to purchase products directly from manufacturers. Intermediary is an effective and economical way to sell target customers. Wholesale enterprises are the link to deal with talents. The introduction of the Internet has expanded the field of e-commerce. Online retail has changed consumers’ understanding of the commodity chain, including the connection between manufacturers and wholesale enterprises.

Turning to a customer-centric approach can reduce the role of dealers. For example, retailers around the world can purchase directly from factories in China or their own factories. Because B2C mode can reduce costs, improve profits and improve customer satisfaction, manufacturers all like B2C mode very much.

This approach will result in a wider range of development and more procurement options, thus providing various benefits to customers. This will foster strong relationships and build brand loyalty.

China Toy Factories

1、China Toy Factories Provide multiple quality products

The quality of China’s products is very poor, which is a misunderstanding. Don’t forget that Apple’s products are made in China. Therefore, the rumors about China’s inferior commodities are totally wrong. Apple found something special in the manufacturing field, so it turned its attention to China. China has efficient and high-quality products.

A large number of buyers have to pay more for high-quality goods, but their profits have been wasted. If the cost is transferred to consumers, the price will be very expensive. Therefore, in the production process, in order to save money and reduce the price of end users, we can take some shortcuts. The purchaser strictly controls the quality of the products and guarantees to cooperate with experienced China toy factories.

China Toy Factories

2、Mass production is possible

China has a large number of labor and labor force. The supply of workers exceeds the demand, so the wages are very low. The local residents are willing to take turns working at a lower salary. A large number of labor resources help a large number of products to adapt to the seasonal needs of the industry, but also to cope with sudden demand growth.

High productivity and high technology – Chinese workers have high efficiency and technology. This is the key to solving product complexity and delivery time. The experience of mass production gives workers practice and experience, so that they can understand how to work more efficiently. This has played a positive role in improving the quantity and quality of production.

Advanced infrastructure and production capacity – China has a sound railway and road network, which can quickly transport raw materials, thus shortening the transport cycle. The energy network is a huge space, so there are many high-tech factories here. As far as exports are concerned, the capacity of the port network in the manufacturing industry is unparalleled.

Material Supply – provides the production process through a complete supply chain in the production country. In the textile industry, they have natural resources, garment factories, and yarn manufacturing. In electrical appliances, most of the components are imported from China.

Reliable supplier – local manufacturers have close contact with Chinese suppliers and are very familiar with the entire ecosystem and network.
China’s economy is developing rapidly, so it is a good choice to entrust your purchase plan directly to Chinese manufacturers.

China Toy Factories

3、Flexible quantities & price

Save the costs of transportation, warehousing and wholesalers without the need for external supply chains. The cost of infrastructure, transportation and warehouse can be shared by all parties to the contract. This is beneficial to both sides. Manufacturers can produce large or small quantities of products according to customer requirements.

China Toy Factories is very good and developed, which makes the whole manufacturing process easier. In the past two decades, transportation equipment has been greatly improved. This huge infrastructure ensures the speed and safety of high-quality products.
You can find some trading companies and manufacturers in China. Cooperate directly with manufacturers to obtain more favorable prices. If you order in large quantities, you will get cheaper products than you expected.

China Toy Factories

4、Transport & quality management

Since the manufacturer understands the local export demand, it can provide a good transportation scheme. You can better manage borders and customs clearance.

If you purchase goods from trading companies, you will face the risk of instability of higher product quality. Some trading companies are not so honest. They spread false information on their websites or Alibaba, or publish false videos and photos on social media. They want to be a manufacturer, and they act as if they understand the needs of international customers.

China Toy Factories can guarantee the reliability of products. Whether there is an intermediary or not, it is impossible for manufacturers to maintain the same control. If it is a dealer, there may be quality problems and even delay in delivery. If customers purchase directly from Chinese factories, the delivery speed will be more stable. This is to receive qualified products within a preset period of time.

5、Clear communication & direct access

If you buy from a manufacturer, you have a person who can be trusted and responsible. This ensures that the products are fully valued and cared for in the production process.

Communicate directly to make it more transparent. The manufacturer can use your product without any mistakes. Message delivery is faster and more accurate. Direct communication can promote long-term relationships. This is a win-win transaction.

You can contact with China Toy Factories in your contact process and negotiate on more favorable prices, new product ideas and other payment methods. You can also understand the production process. Through direct communication and good relationship with customers, you can have direct communication with product designers and engineers. You will have the opportunity to provide ideas for your product development. If the goods you provide do not conform to the specifications, you will have a better chance to deal with the problem or get a refund.

China Toy Factories

6、Other direct access benefits  

• Clear concerns, discuss issues, and get advice and guidance.
• Help solve and resolve product changes and customization issues to increase your sales to end users.
• When you purchase directly from a proven manufacturer, inventory management is under control, and you can obtain goods through regular transactions when needed.

The method of purchasing directly from Chinese factories is beneficial, because it includes advanced control from raw materials to production stage to warehousing and transportation. However, you need to ensure cooperation with reliable manufacturers in China before you can buy directly.

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