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How to Buy From China Toy Factory Directly: 11 Steps

China is a big country in toy manufacturing. There are hundreds of toy factories for you to choose from. You can find products that meet your needs or are cheap or high-quality. So how to buy products directly from China toy factories? This is an important issue that we need to focus on.

At present, buying directly from a China toy factory is a very simple process. We have a complete scientific system to guide you through the work of buying directly from a China toy factory. Next, we will talk about how to buy directly from China in 11 steps.

Before you buy directly from a China toy factory, you have to confirm two things:

1. Identify the goods you want to import.

Choosing the right product is the final thing before purchasing. You need to reasonably evaluate the value of the product according to your specific situation and choose the right product for resale.

2. Determine your import rights.

Before purchasing goods from your country, as a business or individual, you need to confirm whether you have the right to import into your country. (For details, please consult your local customs broker)

Choose the right produt

11 steps to buy directly from China Toy Factory

1. How to find a China Toy Factory:

Finding a toy factory in China can seem like a complex task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, if you break down your work into steps and focus on each step over and over again, then you can confidently buy from China and meet your expectations.

Participate in China toy Commodity Fair

If you have the resources to go to China, attending a toy trade show is your best bet to find reputable suppliers.

Below is the China Toy Fair Guide for your reference.

China Toy Fairs Ultimate Guide- Union Vision (

China Toys Trade Show

Buy from China through wholesale toy market.

Wholesale markets in China are worth a visit, where you can browse lots of products at extremely low prices. For example, Yiwu Market is the largest wholesale market in the world.

Find China toy factory online.

For small businesses that don’t have the resources to fly to China, online China wholesale sites are the next best way to order wholesale products directly from China. You can search for suppliers on Google, but most companies go straight to a business-to-business directory where you can find thousands of Chinese suppliers at your fingertips. The main directories are:

• Alibaba.

• AliExpress

• DHgate.

• made in China

Alibaba website

Hire freelancers.

Hire a freelancer to help you find a China toy factory and give you a report.

2. Audit China toy factory manufacturers

One of the most important parts of buying from China is knowing who you are buying from. You want to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy.

Reviewing the china toy factory of gold suppliers, certified suppliers, and trade assurance suppliers is a good start for Alibaba. There are some ways to audit your China toy factory.

1.Google and background check factory

Check the factory by googling

2.On-site inspection:

On-site inspection is not easy. You need to check potential suppliers from the following aspects.

  • Business license
  • Company or factory location
  • Ownership status
  • Supplier business photos
  • Contact information

3. Write efficient queries

If you’ve collected a shortlist of Chinese toy factories, you’d like to know about deals or customization requirements. You need to write effective, clear and detailed enquiries to ensure you get what you need.

We recommend including the following information from the product you are sourcing:

  • Product description and Specification packaging
  • quantity
  • If there is a photo
  • Other key points such as safety, branding, etc.

The more information you provide, the more likely you are to attract china toy factory who can meet your needs. Also, ask the right questions to help you decide if a supplier is right for you:

  • Price by order quantity
  • Certified to FDA, CE/European or Chinese standards
  • Availability
  • Origin of the ship
  • Shipping Terms and Charges
Create a product information list

4. Negotiate MOQ/price

In some cases, you will need to negotiate a suitable minimum order quantity with the toy factory, where courtesy and professionalism are very important.

For example, if the MOQ is set to 5000, it would not be appropriate to request an ultra-low order quantity of 200 pieces at wholesale prices. If you feel this number is suitable, you can set the target between 3000 and 4000, as this number is closer to the seller’s MOQ.

If the price per item is $10, please don’t bid $2. Otherwise, the seller will think you are a serious buyer. A $7 or $8 quote might be more reasonable, especially if you’re ordering 1,000 pieces.

Keep in mind that sellers may not accept your first offer, so there may be some back and forth. You need to make sure that the prices you set make sense for your business.


5. Select a supplier and request a sample.

Once you have contacted a potential china toy factory on the supplier list online or at a trade show, you will need to first send an email requesting a sample of the item you are interested in. Most suppliers will send you photos or catalogs of their products for free, but it’s not easy to judge the quality of a product from a photo.

Ideally, you will receive a test sample of the product to verify its quality. You may have to pay for a sample, but it’s usually a small investment that gives you peace of mind.

6. Negotiate the payment method.

Make sure your order has clear payment terms. There is often room for price negotiation when dealing with China toy factory, but make sure you have a written record of the final transaction price.

7. Prepare deposit

Most china toy factory expect you to pay some money up front, typically around 30%, and the balance to be paid upon shipment. Most suppliers will not review your order until you have paid the deposit to their account. This is risky: if the supplier doesn’t ship, you won’t get your money back.

Prepare deposit

8. Place an order.

The rule of thumb for importing from China is: Be specific. Don’t assume the supplier knows what you want, and don’t assume he won’t cut corners in order to agree on a price. Include as many details as possible with your order size, color, thickness, material, etc. If possible, please send diagrams or images to avoid any doubts.

Once you have confirmed the details of the definitive agreement, it is time to place your order.

Accurate Sourcing china toy factory Agreement Template

9 Product quality control.

Quality control is not easy when suppliers are located overseas. If it is a large order, you can hire a third-party testing company to test the product quality. For around $300, you can get a quality assurance inspection of the product before it leaves the factory .

10. Prepare for shipment.

You can use multiple shipping methods to ship products from China/Alibaba to your country. Standard options include ocean and air freight. But depending on the size of your wholesale purchases, the options you choose can increase or wipe out your profit margins. For large quantities of relatively heavy shipments, ocean freight is usually cheaper. However, if you’re buying a lot of lightweight cargo, air freight makes more sense.

Shipping terms provided by the supplier are also important. Shipping can be ex works (EXW), free on board (FOB) or cost insured freight (CIF). Evaluate each item and find the term that works best for you.

Usually, suppliers can help you ship the goods to your country, but the shipping costs are more expensive.

The best advice here is to hire a freight forwarder to help you ship from China. Try to quote from 2-3 forwarding companies, and then choose a company with a reasonable price.


11. Receive your shipment.

The final step in the buying process is to receive your item. After receiving the goods, remember to check the quality of the goods in time and feedback to the china toy factory . If there is a problem with the goods, it must be solved in time.

Check the quality of the goods

Buying from China Conclusion

Buy products from China toy factories. Alibaba is the easiest way to see companies, but be careful because many companies have a good website, but they don’t have many. Make sure they are a manufacturing company and check their range of goods. If it’s fairly narrow, that’s fine because it means you’re not just dealing with a proxy.

Most bulk orders from Chinese factories can be CIF, you just need to arrange customs and shipping.

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