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China Toys Fair In 2023 & Tips to Visit Toys Exhibition

China toys fair

As the world’s factory, there are various toy shows all over China every year.Whether you are a wholesale or retailer, a customer, a factory, or a distributor, attending a toy show is a great opportunity.In this article, we’ll introduce you to the major upcoming China toys fairs and tips to visit toys exhibition for 2023, so don’t miss out.

If you can’t attend any of these toy shows listed above, don’t worry, Shantou Toy Fair will be open all year round and welcome you!

1.China Toys fair in 2023

1.1 Hongkong Toys & Games Fair

The first major China toys fair to be launched in 2023 should be the Hong Kong Toy Fair organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which will introduce a new format for the exhibition. It will be held online and offline at the same time, extending face-to-face communication from the physical show to the Internet smart platform.It enhances the communication efficiency between customers and suppliers, and provides solutions for traders who cannot reach the site.

The range of exhibits is very wide, from sporting goods and playground equipment such as bicycles, scooters inflatable toys and playground equipment and balls to model cars, model trains and so on. You can visit the Toy Fair website for more information.

Time:2023.01.09 ~ 2023.01.12 (once in every year)
Place:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

China toys fair

1.2 Guangzhou International Toys and Models Exhibition

The 35th International Toys and Educational Products (Shenzhen) Exhibition will be held on April 7 to April 9, 2023 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the same time, the 14th International Stroller and Maternal and Child Products (Shenzhen) Exhibition, 2023 International Licensing and Derivatives (Shenzhen) Exhibition will be held together, the scale of this exhibition is very large.Here you can see varies kinds of toy products, including electric toys, plastic toys, wooden and cardboard dolls, cloth plush toys, educational toys and so on.

Place: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Model:Remote control model toy, Assembled model, Alloy model, Simulation model, Animation licenses and derivatives, Anime image authorization, Animation derivative products

1.3 The 21th China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition

China Toy Expo (CTE) is organized by China Toy and Baby Products Association and has been held once a year since 2002.

As the largest toy exhibition in Asia, the show covers seventeen categories of toys, as well as raw materials, packaging equipment, technical services, design services and the whole industry chain, and is the preferred exhibition for many international brands to enter the Chinese market.

Highly recognized by the local governments and associations of Guangdong Dongguan, Shenzhen, Chenghai, Zhejiang Yongjia, Ningbo and other 20 major domestic production areas. Most of the high quality export-oriented leading companies and factories will participate.

Time: 2023.10.17-10.19 (once in every year)
Quality: 2500 suppliers, over 5000 brands
Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

China toys fair

1.4 Chengdu Toy Exhibition

Chengdu Toy Fair features exhibitors from countries and regions around the world. Many well-known brands will showcase cutting-edge products and technologies as well as innovative solutions at the show.

More exhibition information is still being updated, please pay attention to the following website for more exhibition information.


2.What is China toys fair?

China toys fair will be held in every year with several particular time. They are known for their excellent quality, abundant variety and multiple toy brands. Every year, some major cities host fairs which will attract people from all over the world. Most of the time, they can find the most popular toys currently available, and the toys that interest them.

3.Why should you participate in China toys Fair?

First of all, China toys fair has a large number of suppliers.

There are a large number of booths at the Toy Fair, and the suppliers come from all regions of the world with a wide variety of toys. They will decorate these booths with their toys and products. You can see different special styles in different booths, which bring you a wonderful experience. Of course, you can also go to the booths and play with the toys by yourself. The suppliers will communicate with you face to face in this way so that you can get more information and details about the toys.

China toys fair

Second, it’s a great way to learn more about great brands.

Most China toys fairs are huge. There are usually thousands of brands of toys on display, and those brands that have the opportunity to exhibit often have greater advantages like better quality and more innovative ideas. If you want to learn more about diverse brands, then attending a toy show.  If you want to compare with other identical toys, then attending a toy show.It would be a good opportunity.These brands are not only involved in single toys but also the majority of areas such as educational toys, STEM toys, baby toys, building blocks and so on. The toy fair contains wooden exhibits, plastic exhibits, plush exhibits, and new technology exhibits. You can see different products in different exhibition areas.

Third, attending China toys fairs can help you better understand the future trends of toys.

Today, most fairs add toy brands from other countries. Many big international brands participate, including LEGO, Barbie, Transforms, Hape, Chicco, Fisher Price, and many other top brands. On the show floor, you can visit different toy types and meet face-to-face with numerous suppliers. Here you can learn the latest industry news and understand the toy market trends. Attending toy fairs helps you inspire better ideas. If you are a national distributor planning to expand your international brands, then you can’t miss it. If you want to learn about the brand new market dynamics, then you can’t miss it. 

4.The tips on the fair

Step 1: Choose the appropriate toy fair

Whether as a distributor or a customer, it is important to choose the right fair. Dealers participate in toy fair not only to show their features and learn news about other rivals, but more importantly, to reach qualified buyers. Buyers also need to choose the seller of their preference among many dealers. Nowadays, there are many different exhibitions. To be able to achieve these goals, participants have to make a selection and choose an effective one.

Step 2: Set up the booth in advance.

If you are acting as a distributor at the fair, it will be essential to set up your booth well in advance. Whether the show can attract visitors and impress potential buyers will be the key measure of a booth’s success. Sellers can choose their most competitive products to set up their booths thoroughly. In addition, you can also contact buyers well in advance and send invitation letters to your potential customers. It is reported that buyers who patronize the booths of companies that have sent invitations before the show have 4 times higher chances than visiting other companies’ booths.

Step 3: Follow up with potential customers.

After the exhibition, the work of following up potential customers will be carried out. For example, we will sort through the business cards collected and contact those who are deemed necessary for follow-up. This is related to whether the potential customers can really become effective customers. This is a perfect closing to the exhibition.

China toys fair

If it’ s your first time to attend China toys fairs, you need to prepare your certificate one month in advance. When you register, you can write down information about yourself on the website. The visiting time varies from show to show, so you need to confirm the time in advance. Plan your transportation and route early.

If you are unable to participate, don’t worry. There are some exhibitions that carry out online participation format, where you can browse the items of concern and communicate with sellers online. In addition, the Toy Fair in Shantou runs all year round and welcome you to visit.

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