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China Toys Wholesale Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

China toys wholesale market is one of the largest toy wholesale markets in the world. Seventy percent of the world’s wholesale toys come from China. This article will explain some frequently asked questions and answers about the toy wholesale market in China, especially the Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market. If you’re interested, you can watch it with me!

Where is Yiwu

Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is located in Yiwu, China. Yiwu, as the capital of China toys wholesale market, is located in Zhejiang Province. Almost half of China’s wholesale toys come from Yiwu, so many toy wholesalers like to go there to buy wholesale toys.

What is Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market

As the capital of China toys wholesale market, Yiwu Toy Market is famous for its wholesale trade and toy products. Because of its unique pronunciation, many people call it “Evu China”.

Yiwu has long been known as an international trading city. Its business products involve clothing, jewelry, furniture, toys, gadgets and other products, a very wide range. It is best known for its wholesale toys.
The Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market consists of about 80,000 booths and the number is growing. Experiments show that if it takes you five minutes to visit a toy fair, it will take you a whole year to visit all the toy wholesale markets in Yiwu.

The History of Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market

Yiwu toy wholesale market,as the capital of China toys wholesale market, has a long history, even dating back to the early 1980s. The Chinese government wanted to establish a free market in Yiwu. In the beginning, only a few hundred stalls gathered in Yiwu. As time goes on, the market expands. Today, there are more than 80,000 exhibitions.

In 2000, Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market became one of the largest small commodity markets in the world. The Yiwu Toy Wholesale market attracts thousands of international buyers every day.

Chinese Manufacturer

Where is China’s Biggest Wholesale Toy Market

Yiwu International Trade City is not only the largest toy wholesale market in China, but also the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. There are other markets in China besides the Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market. For example, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong toy wholesale market, but there is no doubt that Yiwu is the largest toy wholesale market.

How Big is the Yiwu Market

As the capital of China toys wholesale market, Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market covers a total area of 7 kilometers, an area of about 5 million square meters. Here, there are 80,000 offline toy stores. In Yiwu City, there are five toy areas, and they all have specific toy categories.

How to Buy from Yiwu Market

Everyone can enter the voluntary toy wholesale market and buy products from there. But you need to carry RMB with you or use Wechat or Alipay to pay.

If you are a toy wholesaler and want to buy toys in bulk, you can buy wholesale toys in the following ways.

1、Directly contact with suppliers to discuss wholesale price, packaging method, delivery time and so on.

2、Get in touch with suppliers through purchasing agents. Purchasing agents know how to negotiate with suppliers and can help you through the process. This includes placing orders, arranging payment, delivering products, and so on.

The Best Time to Visit Yiwu Market

The Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is open all year round, but you should observe the following best times to visit.

1、Don’t visit Yiwu market during Chinese New Year, because everyone is on holiday then. Therefore, do not visit the Yiwu market in January and February.

2、If you don’t like wet, cloudy days, don’t visit Yiwu in August-September. Because during this period, it is the rainy season in Yiwu, rainy and humid.

3、The best time to visit Yiwu market is April and October. During this period, they can not only visit the Yiwu toy market, but also visit the Canton Fair to make the most of their business visit to China.

How to Get to Yiwu Market

If you are an overseas wholesaler and want to go to Yiwu, you’d better choose Yiwu International Airport. This is the airport most foreign friends choose, not only the transportation is convenient, there are many hotels nearby. Those hotels are 15 minutes away from Yiwu Airport. But if you are in China, there are many ways to get to Yiwu.

From Shanghai to Yiwu:
High speed rail: 2 hours.
Bus: 4.5 hours.
Car: 2 hours.

From Guangzhou to Yiwu:

High speed train: 6-7 hours.
Bus: 17 hours.
By plane: 2 hours.

From Beijing to Yiwu:
High speed rail: 7 hours.
Bus: 6 hours.
By plane: 2.5 hours.

From Shenzhen to Yiwu:
High speed rail: 16 hours.
Bus: 19 hours.
By plane: 2 hours.

Is There an App for Yiwu Market

Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market has an official APP, an online store APP for both Android and Apple phones in Yiwu.

Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market)

As the capital of China toys wholesale market, Yiwu International Trade City covers almost all the wholesale toys that international retailers are most interested in.
Once you get to Yiwu, you can easily find this market. You can pick up a random passer-by on the road and ask about it. It is located on North Chouzhou Road. Here, you can find good toys at low prices.

The market is made up of five different segments. To make it easier for buyers to find them, these areas are divided by category. The main products offered in these regions are as follows.

How to Communicate with Yiwu Wholesale Toy Market Suppliers

For most toy wholesalers who don’t speak Chinese, how to communicate with toy suppliers is the biggest problem. Here are some communication skills that will work for you.

Speak in Easy Language

Although Chinese is the mother tongue of Yiwu suppliers, many suppliers have begun to use some common simple words, especially English, in order to better communicate with their international friends. Such as price, quantity, discount, etc.

Use Body Language

When you have trouble communicating, use body language to communicate.

1、Specify which toys you are interested in.

2、Nodding means right, shaking your head means wrong.

3、Surprise emoji is used for expensive products.

4、Show displeasure by frowning.

5、Observe how other people communicate.

Learn Simple Chinese Words

In Yiwu, if you can speak simple Chinese words, such as jia ge, shu liang, or discount, you have an advantage over other non-Chinese speaking buyers.

Don’t be afraid of grammatical errors in what you’re about to say, as long as it makes sense to the vendor.

Always in RMB

No matter what currency you remember the country uses for payment, remember that you must pay in RMB. If you don’t have RMB in your pocket, please be sure to exchange it at the bank.

The End

Here are all contents of China Toys Wholesale Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide. If you have any questions, please contact with us at

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