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How to import toys from China toys wholesale market – Complete guide

I know you want to import toys from China.

Or, you’re looking for more information about the China toys wholesale market.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about importing toys from China.

Whether you want to know the various markets, importing documents, requirements, or quality certifications, you will find everything in this guide.

Toy business has become a lucrative business to venture into measuring by the revenue numbers above, and every day the demand for these toys is growing. It’s a fact that China today is the world-leading manufacturer of toys globally. If you’re looking to import cheap but quality toys then China is your one-stop shop since it is the world’s largest China toys wholesale market.

Keep reading to learn more.

Why Import Toys From China toys wholesale market?

1. Distinctiveness; China toys wholesale market have been able to produce toys that are unique and replicas of fictional characters or objects.

2. Cheap; it’s globally known that China toys wholesale market is the one-stop shop for such if you need cheap toys.

3. Quality; In China most of their workers are skilled and nearly all toys sold in America and Europe are outsourced from China.

4. Demand and supply capacity; China has the ability to manufacture any quantity of toys within a very short duration of time.

5. Wide Variety of toys in China to choose from. China has every toy you can think of and they can design anything to suit your preference.

6. Better logistics. China has a very well-coordinated logistic infrastructure that can ship products in any part of the world whether by air or by water.

7. Ease of payment. You can pay your goods electronically from any part of the world using the online banking system and you have the ability to track your shipped order as well.

How Broad is China Toys Wholesale Market?

China’s toy market is so broad that the factories for toys are located in different geographical areas.

This is mainly according to the different types of toys they produce.

You must research and have a list of the China toys wholesale market and the appropriate market before purchasing the toys.

The China toys wholesale market you will find include:

  1. Yiwu toys wholesale market.
  2. Guangzhou toys wholesale market.
  3. Zhengzhou toys wholesale market.
  4. Baigou plush toys wholesale market.
  5. Yunhe wooden toy market.
  6. Yangjiang and Wutinglong are known as international toys and gift city.
  7. Shantou China toy market.
  8. Lingyi Yongxing China toy market.

What Kind Of Toys We Import From China toys wholesale market?

I know you’re wondering what are the best toys to import from China toys wholesale market or which type of toys can you import from China. We do know that China as of today is the world’s largest toy factory and you can import all types of toys from China since they are readily available and also the China toy market is flexible enough you can customize your toys as per your wish.

Whether you looking to import new designs of toys, the classical toys, China toys wholesale market has everything you might be looking for. Below we have classified toys that you can import from China based on toy category, the toys available, and the manufacturer areas of these categories in China.

1.Remote control toys: these toys include cars, tanks, boats, RC helicopters, drones, planes, quadrocopters among others. They can be found in Chenghai and Shenzhen.

2. Learning and Educational Toys: mega blocks, piggy bank, bubble blocks, balance puzzle, magic scratch paper, five little fish, Magna-tiles, magnetic blocks, geometry toys, periodic table building blocks among many others. These toys in China can be found in Yunhe (Zheijiang province) and Guangdong Province.

3. Action Figures Toys: star wars, transformers, WWE, Marvel, DC Comics, Power Rangers, Spiderman, batman, fortnight, Jurassic World, Roblox, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, among others. These toys in China can be found in Guangdong, Fujian, Chenghai among other areas.

4. Electronic Toys: drones, remote control toys, electronic pets, electronic learning toys, electronic, robot toys, toy phones, toy cameras, Tamagotchi, toy walkie-talkies and so much more. These toys in China can be found in Shantou and Shenzhen.

5. Inflatable Toys: inflatable guitars, body bumpers, inflatable unicorns, inflatable sprinklers, inflatable emoji balls, inflatable aliens, inflatable pets, and so much more. These toys in China can be found in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong

6. Ride-on-toys: Truck ride-on, motorcycle ride-on, walking horse, animals ride on, wagon ride on, tractors, cars, ATVs, Gators, go-carts among many others. These toys in China can be found in Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong.

7. Musical Instruments toys: Toy Piano and keyboards, Toy guitars and string instruments, toy microphones, toy instruments sets, toy drums, and music play among others. These toys in China can be found in Hebei, Guangdong, Zhejiang

8. Stuffed Toys: These are dolls or plush toys. They are the stuffed bears, stuffed elephants, fish, cats, cows, and many more. These toys in China can be found in Yangzhou, Qingdao, Yiwu, Dongguan, and other places.

9. Classic Toys: there the all-time toys, bears, cars, guitars, kaleidoscopes, trains, and many others. These toys in China can be found in Chenghai, Yiwu, as well as other places depending on the product.

What are the Quality Certifications for Electronics Toys from China toys wholesale market?

Some of the quality certifications required for electronic toys from China include:


GB 19865

GB 6675.1

GB 6675.2





REACH Regulations

CPSC Requirements

You should buy toys that have passed all the test safety standards.

Remember, different geographical locations may have varying safety toys standards, and requirements.

When most likely will the imported toys arrive?

Before finalizing the deal one of the most important elements in importation is shipping time. If you require your toys to arrive at the destination much faster, air transportation becomes the best option. Toys shipped through the sea normally take up 15-30 days to reach the United States, while South America is 35-50 days, while 30-50 days to reach Europe and to Southeast Asia countries 7-15 days. With this information at hand, you can be able to estimate when most likely your toys from will arrive.

Above is a guideline on how best to find credible toy suppliers in China. We do hope this guide will ease the process of importing toys from China toys wholesale market and it has given you more insights into the China toys wholesale market.


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