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How To Find Right China Wholesale Toy Supplier? Complete Guide

For toy practitioners, whether new to experienced importers, finding a phenomenal toy supplier is always the most important part. If you want to import toys from China, it is even more important to find the right China wholesale toy supplier. That’s because a responsible toy supplier can help you save the cost of importing toys from China, grasp the quality of products, and control the delivery time of products. On the contrary, a poor supplier will bring you many problem, and you’ll have constant anxiety throughout the process.

For many toy importers, it seems difficult to find a reliable wholesale toy supplier in China. That is because importers don’t know where to find them or whether they’re trustworthy. But in my opinion, if you are similar with Chinese toy suppliers, the whole process of finding them becomes relatively simple. And this article will tell you the complete guide of how to find China wholesale toy supplier.

Where To Find China Wholesale Toy Supplier

General speaking ,there are 5 ways to find China wholesale toy supplier: China wholesale toy markets, China toy fair, China wholesale website, Google Search and Social platforms.

China Wholesale Toy Markets

We have already write a blog related to several famous China wholesale markets, you can browse it for your reference.

China Toy Fair

There are several famous toy fairs in China, you can click here for your referance.

China Wholesale Website

As for the China wholesale website, we also make a list of it.

Google Search

Currently, sellers of wholesale sites such as Alibaba, globalsource, made-in-china, etc. face fierce competition, which is more intense than in previous years. Buyers of Chinese wholesale websites are choosing to spend a lot of money on product advertisements in order to get more traffic on Google search. Despite the huge investment in the initial product, the good performance is not as good as the sellers expected. As a result, many toy suppliers have built and owned their own websites, while investing in Google SEO and Google Ads to get more traffic. These methods of acquiring traffic have great advantages in building a global brand reputation, especially for branded companies.

The specific search method is as follows. You can google ” keyword of toy + China/manufacturer/supplier” or “wholesale/purchase/import + toy keyword + from China”. Usually you can get a lot of search terms and find the information that pleases you. After you have obtained the website information of the China wholesale toy supplier, you can leave your personal information on the website, or contact them directly via email and WhatsApp. Typically, the feedback will be received within 6 hours.

Social Platforms

Today, social platforms have increasingly become an integral part of people’s lives. Many people seem to live in social platforms, sharing their daily lives on Facebook and Instagram, looking for jobs and meeting work mates on LinkedIn, and watching and tipping videos on Youtube. The good news is that in addition to its entertainment functions, these social media have also been tapped to have great potential for building business relationships. As a result, a large number of China wholesale toy suppliers have entered these social media, updating their daily routines and trying to connect with their potential customers.

Similarly, search ” keyword of toy + China/manufacturer/supplier” or “wholesale/purchase/import + toy keyword + from China”, you can gain unexpected information.

3 Types of China Wholesale Toy Suppliers

Factory & Manufacturer

Toy manufacturers are able to offer sellers the lowest prices on the market. They can be roughly divided into small factories and large and medium-sized manufacturers. However, due to the limitations of scale and production lines, small factories generally only produce one or a few single types of toys, and there are few styles and types to choose from. Moreover, small factories generally do not have mature business systems, and only have dozens of employees.

In addition, the middle and high-level managers are often the factory managers themselves, and their English skills may not be strong, which leads to small factories not directly contacting overseas importers. In addition, the manufacture of toys requires molds, which are generally very expensive, which also results in small factories having only a small number of molds to produce a single toy. In this case, they usually display the toy samples in the showroom of the trading company or rely on the big factory to get the order.

For large and medium-sized factories, they will set up a separate and dedicated distribution department to handle the overseas business. Different departments will develop overseas toy markets according to their toy categories. At the same time, professional representatives will regularly attend domestic and foreign toy fairs. In addition, most large and medium-sized factories have their own toy stalls in China’s toy wholesale markets, which is an important way for them to obtain orders. When a medium or large factory receives a small order, they will give the order to the small factory to do, so they will have more time to deal with the larger order.

Big manufacturers not only accept ordinary orders, they accept OEM and ODM customization. If you want to develop a specific type of toy, you can partner with a large or medium manufacturer. Because they tend to be experienced and have good development skills are looking for a certain type of toy that needs toy development, manufacturers may be a good choice. Their knowledge in toys will greatly help you to develop your own products and save on import costs.

Trading Company

Unlike factories and manufacturers, trading firms face relatively little pressure. Because they don’t have to put a lot of effort into equipment, tooling and labor costs. Most trading companies have their own independent websites at home and abroad and rely on advertising to generate traffic. They regularly send talented sales representatives abroad to visit customers. I will also participate in many domestic and foreign exhibitions to promote my toy products and get more orders.

Brand Manufacturer

To some extent, branded manufacturers can also be described as a kind of trading company, because most of them do not have their own independent factories. But brand-name manufacturers with their own factories are a different story. Since they are brand manufacturers, they need strong product development capabilities to support the iterative update of products. This also leads to huge development costs, which is why branded toys are sold at higher prices than regular toys. At the same time, branded products have short product cycles, and most of them are in line with current fashion trends.

How To Evaluate China Wholesale Toy Supplier

Suppliers from Wholesale Toy Market

If you choose to buy an existing toy directly from the market, your risk of being scammed is relatively small because you can see and touch the sample. But if you’re looking to buy a custom product, be careful. First you need to make sure that you clearly communicate your customization needs to the vendor. Do not blindly give orders to any China wholesale toy supplier, be sure to compare prices with other suppliers, and finally choose a reasonable price. Finally, don’t forget to confirm with the supplier that the final bulk product should be exactly the same as the sample.

Suppliers from Google Search & Social Platforms

After you find a toy supplier on Google, you can go to the whois website “https://who” and search for information about China wholesale toy supplier. Check its time of operation, credit rating, and other information. At the same time, you should carefully browse the supplier’s website to get the information you want. And don’t forget to check its social media to see if it’s updating as usual.

How to Better Communicate With Supplier

Hire An Agent

A good agent can help you deal with different suppliers while providing translation services for you. They will help you get the best price and they will also help you check the quality of your products. All in all, professional forwarders can solve all kinds of thorny problems in your order at the same time and cost your saving.

Pay Deposit For New Suppliers

For many buyers, they are not inclined to pay a deposit with a first time China wholesale toy supplier. But it’s a big risk for the buyer, because you don’t know the new supplier, you don’t know his character. Therefore, I suggest T/T payment, 30% deposit before production and the rest after delivery.

Convey Requirements Specifically

Make sure you communicate your requirements clearly to the supplier before placing an order. For example, after confirming the pre-production sample, don’t forget to confirm with the supplier that the quality of the bulk product should be consistent with the pre-production sample. At the same time, you need to ask the supplier to strictly control the product delivery time. For these details, you should confirm with the supplier one by one.

In the End

Ok, above is all the content related to How To Find Right China Wholesale Toy Supplier? Complete Guide. If you still have questions about it, please contact with us at We can provide the special idea for you.

Wish you all good~

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