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The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Chinese Toy Manufacturer in 2022

Chinese Toy Manufacturer

The global toy market is tremendous, with an industry of up to $80 billion. China produces 85 percent of the U.S. market for toys. There is a question:How do we find the best Chinese Toy Manufacturer in China?

In this blog post, I will give you a glimpse into the distribution of toy factories in China. Introducing you to the Chinese leading wholesale toy market and ways to find reliable Chinese toy manufacturers in China.

Last but not least, you will get to learn on how to find the most suitable Chinese toy manufacturers and guarantee the high quality of toys, whether you are selling on Amazon, running a shopping mall, or a traditional retail and wholesale business.

1.The Main List of Toys You Can Import From China

Before going to China for wholesale toys, it is essential to do good research on toy products. In the following we have listed the most popular types of toys that you can purchase from China.

1.Wooden Toys, Outdoor toys, Toy vehicle, Candy toys, Toy animal, Action figure, Balloons, Dolls, Plastic toys
2.Educational toys, Classic toys, Baby toys, Electronic pets, Fishing toys, Glass marbles, Light-Up toys
3.R.C. toys, Kitchen toys, Dinosaur toys, Maga toys, Capsule toys, Farm toys, Science toys, Silicone squishy
4.TPR toys, Wooden toys, Electronic toys, Plush toys, Gift toy box, and party toys
5.Teethers and pacifiers, arts and crafts, experimental sets, stuffed and textiles toys, rocking horses, and ride-on toys
6.Games, Puzzles, Toy chests, Magnetic toys, Toy guns, Plastic toys, and projectile toys

After clarifying the high potential products for your toy import business, it’s time to discover the Chinese wholesale toy market and seek out reliable Chinese Toy Manufacturers for specific projects.

2.Where are Most Toy Manufacturers in China?

When you decide to come to China for wholesale toys, the first question is definitely wondering where the clusters of the Chinese toy industry are, so let’s explore the most popular toy categories in China’s toy distribution centers.

2.1 Plastic Toys: Chenghai, Shantou City

As a recognized toy city in China, Chenghai has a large number of people from all over the world coming here every year for wholesale toys.
The following reasons can account for this phenomenon.

Feature 1: More competitive prices

Here you can find a complete wholesale toy supply chain, including raw materials, toy tools suppliers, toy manufacturers (main points), toy packaging suppliers. A massive number of Chinese toy manufacturers are located in Shantou, which means you can communicate directly with the manufacturers and get the most competitive prices.

Feature 2:Multiple Choices of  Toy Products

There are actually thousands of wholesale Chinese Toy Manufacturer in the Chenghai , which indicates that you can easily find a toy supplier to work on your program. The vast majority of the best selling products on Amazon again such as wooden kitchen toys, educational toys, etc. are made in Chenghai, Shantou. 

Feature 3: Geographic/Logistics Advantages

Shantou is strategically located to take full advantage of its proximity to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Hong Kong is instrumental in spreading the most popular products to mainland Chinese toy manufacturers. Shenzhen operates some of the largest harbors in southern China, such as Shekou, Chiwan and Dagouwan ports, facilitating toy exports from Chenghai.

Feature 4: Shantou Toys Market/Toy Exhibition Centers

The Shantou wholesale toy market organizes numerous impressive toy exhibitions on a regular basis. You can find plenty of toy samples and packaging solutions from local Chinese toy manufacturers or large trading companies here.

The YS WIN-WIN Exhibition Hall,the HOTON Exhibition Hall as well as the CBH Exhibition Hall are all very popular toy showrooms in Shantou toy market. If you are in Shantou, then you must don’t forget to visit these showrooms.

3.Where can we search for stuffed animal Chinese toysmanufacturers?

Chinese Toy Manufacturer

Three large plush toy industry clusters in China, which are located in Yangzhou City, Dongguan City and Qingdao City.

As one of the most popular export categories in China, manufacturers of stuffed animals and plush toys also deserve our attention.

3.1Yangzhou Plush toy wholesale market

With 30% of the world’s plush toys manufactured in Yangzhou, it is the most important center of plush animal manufacturing in China. Here you can find a wide variety of plush toys and fabrics to choose from. This is because Yangzhou is close to the textile market which is the world’s largest wholesale market for fabric materials for your convenience.

3.2Dongguan Suffed Animals Wholesale Market

Similar to Shantou City, the development of Dongguan‘s toy industry is inseparable from the help of Hong Kong. Dongguan produces a variety of products involving plastic, electronic, wooden, educational, plush and other types of high-end toys, which are exported to the global market through Hong Kong.Dongguan’s Chinese toy factories also lead the plush toy world.

3.3Qingdao Plush Toy Wholesale Market

Qingdao is located in northern China and is part of Shandong Province. It is a city that specializes in high-end plush animals and has become a central hub for large toy retailers’ favorite plush toy OEM factories. Plush toy manufacturers in Qingdao welcome the opportunity to work with brands or customers who want a high quality product rather than a focus on price.

4.Where are the Most Wooden Toys Manufacturers in China?

Chinese Toy Manufacturer

4.1Yunhe Town

The most professional Chinese wooden toys manufacturer is located in Yunhe Town, Lushui City, Zhejiang Province.The following three advantages can explain why Yunhe has the best wooden toys in China.

Advantage 1: Complete wooden toy supply chain

Most of the workers in the toy factory are local, which helps suppliers maintain a high level of labor stability.This helps the wholesale toy supplier to match its production schedule.

Advantage 2: Competitive prices

You can find different types of wood in the local market. Wooden toy wholesalers do not need to purchase raw materials from elsewhere, which helps them to take advantage of costs. Labor costs in Yunhe are the lowest compared to big cities, which makes suppliers’ prices more competitive.

Advantage 3: Complete certification test qualification

For wooden toy products, the most important certification is DOF (Declaration of Fumigation), and as a centralized industrial location, it is easier and more effective to obtain certification over there.

Most wooden products, such as children’s wooden kitchens, wooden children’s sets, children’s bricks and Chinese wooden dolls are manufactured in Yunhe. Because it is produced for a globally recognized wooden toy distributor, local toy manufacturers are well aware of specific wooden toy testing protocols for the global market.

5.Small Wholesale Toys: Yiwu Market

Yiwu International Trade City is the largest wholesale market in China, especially for small commodities. This is where you can get the cheapest prices. The vast majority of the small toys which you can see on Youtube or TikTok are made in Yiwu.

There is no doubt that you can find the best-selling Amazon toys in Yiwu market. Many global purchasers buy toys from Yiwu market in China because of its competitive prices.

6.Do the following 8 steps to make your wholesale toys from China smoother.

1. Select high potential toy products for your target market

2. Purchase products through online wholesale sites or from wholesale markets

3.Check the effect of samples

4. Prepay deposit and factory production

5.Hire agent or third party inspector to issue inspection report

6. Coordinate with freight forwarders to confirm shipping methods and tariffs

7. Pay down payment to supplier and arrange transportation

8.Check shipping documents.

7.Import Toys: U.S. and EU Market Product Compliance

It is essential for global importers to purchase safe toys for specific markets. Therefore, understanding local toy compliance is indispensable for importing toys from China. Take the example of the US and EU markets.

7.1U.S Market:

Before selling toy products in the U.S. market, you must pass these tests to ensure that your products are in compliance with the sales regulations.

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act):It refers to lead content/phthalate testing, and labeling testing.

ASTM F963:This is about the mechanical/physical test, flammability test as well as the chemical test.

7.2E.U. (European Union) Market:

All toys exported to the EU market should comply with the Toy Safety Directive (EN71-1, 2, 3) and have the CE mark on the product packaging.

Before you go wholesale, tell them your final consumer market and ask them to share the certificates they have with you. This can save you the cost of conducting new tests, which can be costly.

8.China Fairs: A convenient way to find Chinese toy manufacturers

Chinese Toy Manufacturer

If you are limited on time, then attending a toy show is the fastest way for you to find the proper factory. Every year there are a large number of toy fairs held throughout China where you can meet factories face to face and experience toy products in person.

Canton Fair Spring Session, Hong Kong Mega Show,Yiwu International Expo Center and China International Toy Fair and so on are worth a visit.

9.How to Issue Inspections without an Office or Any Staff in China?

How do you respond to quality issues that arise at your facility when you don’t have an office in China? Sometimes quality problems have been occurring for long time, and the supplier keeps saying they are working on a solution. But obviously, they are just wasting time and the problem must be solved instantly. What would you do at this moment?

You might argue that you could work with a third-party company to issue an inspection report. But are you certain that a third-party service can properly resolve these issues? They may help find the point of defect in the product, but they may not have the ability to provide a solution to the quality problem. Another option is to work with a sourcing agent in China.

9.1Quality Inspection by the 3rd Party Organization and China Sourcing Agency

How to conduct quality checks through third party organizations and Chinese procurement agencies? Next are a few issues you need to be concerned about.

Chinese Toy Manufacturer


The service fees of third party agencies may not be so friendly to small businesses. If your profits are not enough to cover office expenses, we do not recommend setting up a new office in China.

Instead, you can work with a third-party company or an import/export sourcing agency to oversee your operations in China.

Type of service.

Sourcing agents in China can provide various types of services throughout the supply chain loop. This includes sourcing, project development, merchandising, factory audits, order management, inspection, shipping and transportation. It frees up your hands to focus more on selling. Third-party companies usually focus on specific services such as factory inspection, auditing or testing.


If you are a buyer or wholesaler, you may encounter a situation when buying products from China where there is no one to deal with when problems arise. Third parties can find product problems, but they are not responsible for fixing them or charging high prices. China import/export sourcing agents work flexibly and can tailor their services to your needs.

High efficiency.

These two agencies perform toy inspections from different perspectives when submitting results.

The third party will give you an inspection report, but if there are defective points, there is no solution. China Sourcing Agent is a global sourcing expert, specializing in problem solving and providing professional sourcing and quality control solutions for our clients.


Before importing toys from China, you need to analyze your final consumer market and select the most promising toys to source.

After reading this, I hope you can have a better understanding of the distribution of toy factories in China. Know where to go to source the corresponding toys and get the most competitive prices.

In addition to that, you can get a quick overview of factories and products by visiting toy fairs.

It is also important to assess the quality of the toy factories before going wholesale, and you can choose a third party organization to help you do this.

Finally, I hope you can find a satisfactory Chinese toy manufacturer and wish you a wonderful trip to wholesale toys.

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