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Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tent Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

When many novice tent buyers mention the topic of how to choose the right wholesale play tent manufacturer, many people will be distressed. Because although there are so many wholesale play tent manufacturer in all over the world, but the quality of the tents they produce is uneven, and the quality of service they can provide is unreliable. There is even such a wholesale play tent manufacturer who takes pleasure in scamming newbies and even veterans, many of whom have been deceived.

Whether you’re a reseller-type buyer or a private-label buyer, you’d love to have one or even several quick ways to tell if someone is a reliable tent maker. For example, if you want to choose a outdoors play tent for summer, what kind of wholesale play tent manufacturer should you choose? Whether the quality of play tent you choose should be safe and reliable. At the same time, does the play tent you choose also need to be clean and impeccable? This article will tell you top 4 tips of how to choose the right tent wholesale play tent manufacturer. If you are interested in wondering the following content, let us start it.

Experience is Significant

In the wholesale play tent industries, finding an experienced wholesale play tent manufacturer is the most important thing for play tent buyers. It is significant for play tent buyers to make contact with a play tent manufacturer who has a good reputation and integrity in their field. This play tent manufacturers should have the following characteristics.

Firstly, they should have been deeply involved in this industry for many years and have a good reputation in the industry who are prestigious. For instance, if a wholesale play tent manufacturer has a bad reputation in the industry, even to the extent that his peers shy away when they hear his name, then I think it is no longer necessary to have in-depth communication and understanding with this manufacturer.

Secondly, they should provide quality, reliable pre-sales. For example, their consultants can quickly and easily answer any questions you may have about your play tent. And they will always advise you, including suitable size, material, color and other functional suggestions for the tent.

Besides, if you have any after-sales problems after the order is completed, your tent supplier should be enthusiastic and experienced to help you solve problems. For example, some customers have reported that the play tent has quality problems during the use of the tent. How will the tent supplier deal with this problem? Whether to provide quality inspection reports or other after-sales processing methods. Whether the tent supplier is active in dealing with after-sales issues determines whether you can have further communication and exchanges with him.

Next, the wholesale play tent manufacturer you find should be very familiar with all his categories of tent products, preferably to the point where he can go on and on when it comes to his own tent products. A qualified tent supplier should be able to customize different plans specifically according to the needs of the customer. It’s better to be able to give you his key advice at all times. If a tent supplier doesn’t know its own products and asks him for any information and can’t answer you, then what is the need for cooperation?

Experience is key

Are They Reliable and Responsive

A qualified play tent manufacturer should be reliable and responsive. I believe that the moment you decide to contact a tent wholesaler, you begin the process of target selection. It can divided into several parts.

Firstly, is a real person communicating with you when you call or email the tent details? When many tent suppliers communicate with guests, it is often the machine customer service that plays a role.

Secondly, Whether the tent supplier responds to messages or emails in a timely manner in the process of communicating with you. This largely determines the possibility of your final deal and your peace of mind in the end.

Thirdly, is there any contact information for emergency contacts during your communication? A qualified tent maker should be on call at all times to handle guest emergencies.

What’s more, will they provide after-hours contact details. Many tent suppliers disappear after hours and guests cannot reach them. And if you and your supplier are not in the same hemisphere, you face huge jet lag issues. This greatly damages your efficiency. If you only have so many problems in the early communication process, trust me, then in the later transaction process, you will have more problems. These problems can make you feel distressed and depressed, and even damage your interests. Therefore, what you need is a qualified and professional wholesale play tent manufacturer.

wholesale play tent manufacturer-2

Adaptable Designs

A qualified gold tent supplier will propose a variety of designs and customized services according to different customer needs. For example, according to the season, wholesale play tent manufacturer can make play tents with different functions and materials for you. But some service desks have a bad attitude or even bad suppliers will perfunctory, they don’t care about your functional requirements, they only care how much benefit they can get from you.

And there has an another example for reference. If there is a wave of outdoor parent-child camping in your country, it happens that your main customer group is girls. The main requirement of this customer group is that they need a play tent suitable for camping on summer nights. It can not only meet the needs of summer mosquito repellent, but also enjoy the comfort of summer nights. So how do you find play tent suppliers in this category?

In my opinion, an eligible wholesale play tent manufacturer can provide an adaptable design which includes the mosquito gauze with open windows and beautiful star lights. The adaptable design can not only meet the need of anti-mosquito but also can be liked by many girls. At the same time, having more creative and humanized designs can help your tent products sell better in the market. This not only shows that the tent supplier you are looking for is a qualified or even gold supplier, but you can also obtain satisfactory benefits from it.

These following examples show the importance of adaptable designs provided by an gold wholesale play tent manufacturer.

Know All Fees In Advance

Many play tent buyers make a common sense error when signing a service contract with a wholesale play tent manufacturer. That is, they tend to ignore the upfront costs of some play tents. And many tent suppliers will not list these hidden costs in the contract, which will result in additional costs for buyers. There are also some wholesale play tent manufacturer who seek benefits by raising their quotations when communicating with buyers. They will include a lot of extra fees into the quotation, so play tent buyers need to know all the fees in advance.

For example, you ask a wholesale play tent manufacturer about a play tent, and you provide pictures for the other party’s reference. But the play tent in the picture does not include play tent brackets. Therefore, wholesale play tent manufacturer will play tricks on it. They deliberately quote you the price without the tent stand to entice you to place an order. However, in the end, they will ask for the cost of the bracket in a large amount.

We also provide a few ways to prevent the above situation from happening: know all the play tent costs in advance, or find multiple wholesale play tent manufacturer at the same time to avoid losses.

Quality Control Requirement

Play tents pay attention to the quality and safety of products, and the wholesale play tent manufacturer you are looking for should pay attention to this aspect. Here are the following tips that you should pay attention to.

First is the limit requirements for 8 heavy metal elements such as lead, mercury and chromium in printing inks. Tent suppliers need to be certified by a third-party testing agency to meet the requirements. Because the unqualified printing ink that exceeds the standard will pose a hazard to children’s health. For example, excessive lead may cause mental retardation in children and pose a great threat to their health. If excessive heavy metal elements are detected in the final sale process, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, it is necessary for wholesale play tent manufacturer to provide third-party testing agencies with test qualification reports and product conformity declarations, so as to control the quality and safety of products from the source.

Second is the that the play tent must have ventilation requirements for closures. Generally speaking, most play tents are open, so children do not have to worry about breathing difficulties caused by poor ventilation when playing in the tent. But if the play tent is designed to be completely enclosed or has closures added, the tent body must have enough vents to ensure that the child can breathe normally inside the tent.

Third is that non-woven fabrics must have flame retardant properties, and safety signs and manufacturer’s marks must be complete. The flammability requirements of non-woven fabrics in play tents are very strict, and the surface of the tent cannot flash when it is required to be close to the flame. The safety label requirements of play tents cannot be ignored. Manufacturers should list clearly the precautions for consumers during installation and use in the product or instruction manual according to the characteristics of the various play tent products they produce. The manufacturer’s mark is to indicate the name, address, contact information, etc. of the manufacturer to facilitate product traceability.

Next is that the connection parts of the play tent internal structure produced by the tent manufacturer you want to choose must be smooth and cannot cause harm to the safety of children. For instance, If the steel wire connection port of the play tent structure is loosened during use, it will form tips and burrs, which will cause the tent fabric to protrude and cause harm to children.

The fifth is that there is no danger of needles in non-woven materials. In the sewing process of non-woven fabrics constituting play tents, sewing needles and scissors are the basic tools of the process. Although this tool is simple, it plays a significant role in the entire production of children’s tents. If the management is not good, the final produced children’s tent can easily cause accidental injury to children. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of this accident, manufacturer must control the needles and sharps from the source.

In order to eliminate the hidden danger of this accident, first of all, wholesale play tent manufacturer must control the needles and sharps from the source, formulate appropriate needles and sharps management procedures according to the actual situation. And establish records of the collar, hair, and replacement of needles and sharps. Issued, and the production site adopts a fixed needle replacement according to needs to ensure that the needles and sharps used in the entire production process are in a controlled state.

Lastly, for play tents used outdoors, it must have both waterproof and radiation protection functions. play tent buyers must pay attention to these tips when looking for wholesale play tent manufacturers.

In The End

That’s all the following for this article of how to choose the right tent wholesale play tent manufacturer. If you have any questions while browsing this article, or have a greater interest in the tent category, welcome to visit our website We are a wholesale kids tent supplier specializing in children’s tents and outdoor tents.

We have a professional design team, provide OEM design, and design different products every month. If you have some ideas, our team can help you make samples that meet your requirements. You can rest assured of our raw materials, we have strict requirements for product quality and inspection. All our tents for kids will be delivered to you safely in perfect boxes. We also support packaging customization. You can choose to give this wonderful gift on birthdays and other occasions.

Hopes you all well~

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