Wholesale Life-Changing DIY Slime Kit Factory

Product Name: Slime Toy
Packing: Color Box
Product Size:9.26*6.1*2.76 inches
Per Bottle’s Volume: 60 g
Age: More Than 3 years old
Color: Multi Colors
MOQ: 3000 sets


Wholesale 60g DIY Slime Kit Factory For Kid

DIY Slime Kit Factory’s Origin:

Slime is one of the most famous characters in game. Slime has no fixed shape, but looks like jelly. The image is simple and bright, which is loved by many people. Over time, this image was applied to the toy market.

DIY Slime Kit Factory’s Product Advantage:

Various colors and sizes;Playable, easy to stretch, not easy to break;Not easy to stick hands;No need to add water, open the lid then could play.

Playing Method&Feel free to DIY:

Mix the different colors together;Add glitter or other accessories to the inside of the slime;Build different scenes…

Educational Significance:

Soft touch, various colors. Not only can promote children’s vision and touch, promote the cognitive development of variety of senses, but also exercise good movements, cultivate good concentration and hand, eye balance.

Absolute Competitiveness:

As a Professional DIY Slime Kit Factory,unlike other slime toys on the market, this product’s smell is not pungent. Won’t hurt children.

Trigger ASMR&Release Stress:

The tactile sensation of playing slimes, and the sound of squeezing, can be relaxing and pleasurable, relieving stress. Playing with concentration can calm the mind, relieve depression, relax and rest better.

Usage Occasion:

Can be used as a stress relief toy for adults. You could upload videos of playing this toy on the Internet platform, and even people watching it can feel relaxed;
Can be used as educational toys for children;
Can be a gift for weddings, parties, or class reunions. Novelty toys always inspire lively discussion and create a good atmosphere.

DIY Slime Kit Factory’s Notice:

For children over 3 years old only. Children should be accompanied by adults to avoid accidental eating. Please don’t play with a cut on your hand. After playing, remember to wash your hands.

DIY Slime Kit Factory5DIY Slime Kit Factory3

DIY Slime Kit Factory1

DIY Slime Kit Factory2


Q1: Do I need to add water before play it?
No need water.

Q2: Do you support customization(OEM )?
Yes! As a Professional DIY Slime Kit Factory,No matter what the volume of the product you want, what kind of color box you want to use, what kind of brand you want to put, we will try our best to meet it.

Q3:Does it smell good?
Yes, it doesn’t have any pungent smell.


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