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8 Reason, Why You Can Not Find Cheapest Toy Manufacturer

Even if you have a large number of orders, you still cannot get the cheapest price from Cheapest Toy Manufacturer
Everyone hopes that they can get the best quotation from REAL CHINA FACTORY (not a trading company or intermediary).

Get quality goods and cheap prices. But after searching for suppliers on Alibaba. com, or making a long journey to China Expo (such as Carton Expo), you get a lot of quotations from hundreds of suppliers, and the results still don’t make you happy, because you think – why is it still so expensive?! (Even the order quantity is large!)
In this article, we summarized 8 reasons why we could not find Cheapest Toy Manufacturer in China.

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer
  • on the one hand,you can’t find a real manufacturer

1 Real manufacturers do not have websites or Alibaba accounts.

It takes a lot of experience and time to establish/maintain and update your website/Alibaba account.
Most Cheapest Toy Manufacturer prefer to force rather than market on their production lines. So you can’t find them on the Internet.

2 Can’t speak English

Some Cheapest Toy Manufacturer ‘ bosses are between 30 and 50 years old. In their generation, English education is quite unusual. This prevents them from communicating with English speaking customers.
They usually get orders from trading companies or market wholesalers.

3. Shortage of human resources

It is difficult for a normal factory to hire good marketing personnel to let you find their factory. (This time, the average marketing management level of China is still lower than that of western countries.)

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer

4 Where are the factories in China?

Usually, each city has its main industrial production.
For example, badminton projects all come from a city called Fuyang, a small city with more than 300 physical factories (large and small). To find suitable factories, it is the “simplest” way to walk through the industrial area and visit one by one, knock on their doors and check again and again.
But this is not an easy way for you to spend 1 week to complete this work.
Toy factory

5 Cheapest Toy Manufacturer communication

What can you do when you want to search for Cheapest Toy Manufacturer?
I think 95% of people can only use Alibaba. com to search for keywords in Google, participate in exhibitions, or visit Yiwu market or Shantou toy exhibition hall and other Chinese wholesale markets.
However, the answer is still not good enough to find a suitable Chinese factory.
In China, a populous country, the most reliable thing is to recommend people. As long as you can find the right people, they can directly find the right manufacturers for you.

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer
  • on the other hand,You may finally found the right manufacturer with all your efforts, but you are still not satisfied with their offer.

6 Cultural differences lead to communication difficulties.

Chinese thinking vs. European thinking
Sometimes you ask the factory, “Why is the price higher than before?”
Their answer may be “because the factory is too busy this time”. When you get this answer, you will say “What!?” without understanding at all.

In fact, what the factory says is that the factory is too busy this time, so if you arrange your order, you need to hire more temporary workers, who usually spend more labor costs, so the cost rises, so the final price rises. But the Cheapest Toy Manufacturer doesn’t know that it may be possible to change some of the ways of making products (such as changing the mold) or tell you when they have time to offer cheaper prices.

7 A new customer of the factory

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer will trust Chinese buyers more, just as your people will feel safer doing business with your people. Determine your payment status, quality requirements The factory is more willing to deal with Chinese companies. So they will give you a higher quota and reduce some risks in some way.

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer

8 Not know much about the manufacturing operation of products

It will be difficult to negotiate with the Cheapest Toy Manufacturer which process is not at a reasonable price.
For example, for the following “STARWAR” block/LEGO,
Star Wars building block Lego
0.2-0.25USD/piece for all suppliers
If I tell a buyer to get 0.13 dollars/piece, do you believe it?
The team of, a professional toy purchasing company in China, can do this because they have been very professional in toys for more than five years.

Cheapest Toy Manufacturer

Here are some tips for those who want to find Cheapest Toy Manufacturer.

Do some research on city information, production process details and industry information. If you don’t know it before, it really takes time and energy.
Looking for Cheapest Toy Manufacturer is sometimes a challenge for a national Chinese.
If you have to do this, you’d better consult some ethnic Chinese with experience in this field, which will save you a lot of time.

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