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Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+

Product Name: Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+

Material: Wood

Product Size:5.67 x 2.28 x 2.24 inches

Age: 12m+


Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+

Company Profile:

Union Vision is a leading manufacturer of oem wooden toy from China. And we are an exportor of DIY toys, craft, gifts, fidget toy, stationary, educational toys, outdoor & sports, plush toys, RC toys, building blocks, Custom Baby Swim Float Toy , pre-school toys, OEM wooden toys….
Over 20 years developing, our company has developed into an export and processing enterprise integrating production and development, covering professional purchaser, salesman, QC and R&D team, Our products have been sold well in Europe,the United States,Australia,Canada,South America,the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia,Russia and other parts of the world.With advanced production equipment, mature technologies,excellent quality,good services and improved management,our company has formed a good brand which has long been highly spoken of by customers.

Product details:

Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+ brings the mystery of numbers into your baby’s appreciation, play with this maths operation toy anytime anywhere.

Each set of Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+  includes ten of numbers (0-9) and five math symbols( +, -, ×, ÷, =)can rotate.Measures 1.9″x1.9″ x4.9″ .
The figures are at the right size making the set easy to manage and control for toddlers.

Solid wooden blocks with safe non-toxic paintings. Recommended for age 12 months old and up.

Our OEM Wooden Shape Sorting Clock for Kids 18m+Hard wood, nice texture, bright color, no impurity and crackle. It has accurate dimension and smooth edge. The coating of this product is water soluble coating.

The Benefits of Play:

Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+ is specially designed for children at all development stages for their mathematical skills and arithmetic abilities.Suitable for baby home school and children’s classrooms. A great gift to teachers and parents.Any problem, please contact us.

The math machine is not only a children’s play toy that integrates fun cartoons, it promotes children’s growth and learning. It can also paste notes, photos, illustrations or cards on the surface of the refrigerator door or other magnetic objects in daily life.

Number symbols can be joined at will, there are four arithmetic forms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By turning the magnet, you can arrange multiple calculations to improve their arithmetic and spatial thinking ability, stimulate children’s curiosity, and help children Have fun in learning.

Special Gift:

Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+  is Palm-sized pocket toys, easy to disassemble, easy to carry, card-type packaging comes with fun stickers, so children can’t put it dow.The perfect little gift: very suitable as a Children’s Day gift, birthday gift, and a good reward for the teacher to the students, and can also be given to the elderly to prevent Alzheimer’s.

The charm of wooden toys is that each is endowed with their own life. Each of them is unique. We hope that the wooden toys the babies have ever held in their hands can play a bigger role than playmates accompanying them growing up healthily and happily, but also become the most precious memory of their childhood when they look back.

Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+ 


Great OEM Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block for Kids 12m+ 

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Q1: What kind of custom service do you offer?
As a Professional Wholesale Supplier ,the product itself can be purchased in single style or mixed style. The color box can be produced according to the design you want, and the packing number can also be arranged according to the quantity you want.(OEM )

Q2: Can you help make our own design?
We are experienced in OEM and ODM service for many world famous brands and retailers for years. Send us your idea, our professional design team will support your vision and make it a reality.

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