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How To Buy Fidget Toys From China Wholesale? (2022 Ultimate Guide)

Fidget toys are very popular in 2021. Various styles of anti-pressure fidgeting toys emerge one after another. We have also recently received a lot of inquiries from customers about fidgeting toys. It can be seen that the import of fidget toys is still a profitable business idea.

It is a collection of popular fidget toys.
A Collection of Popular Fidget Toys

There are so many kinds of fidget toys that buyers don’t know what to sell. Moreover, most countries have many regulations on imported toys, so buyers will encounter a lot of trouble in the process of buying toys. But the truth is, importing toys from China is not as complicated as you might think. You only need to choose some good products and suitable suppliers.

What is Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys are self-regulating devices that helps you concentrate, and listen actively. They have many different shapes, sizes, shapes, and textures, and names.

An Anxious Person Playing Fidget Toys.
An Anxious Person Playing Fidget Toys

Anxious people will fidget or make small moves when they are restless, or anxious. Fidget toys provide an outlet for these movements, which can help ease personal nerves, reduce anxiety and provide an opportunity to escape from a stressful environment.

Several Kinds of Fidget Toys

  • Bubble Pop it Fidgets Toys

This is arguably the hottest toy in 2021.

Last Mouse Lost, launched in 2014 by FOXMIND, a well-known toy company, is dedicated to building toys that exercise reasoning, spatial logic, expression, and other skills. Last Mouse Lost is such a popular toy: a game board similar to hitting a gopher. Two players in the game take turns pressing a certain number of bubbles, and the player who presses the last bubble fails.

“Last Mouse Lost” is made of silicone and the technical requirements are not high. So Chinese factories are producing this product one after another.

Various Kinds of Bubble Pop
Various Kinds of Bubble Pop

The round and square shapes of the toy were registered by the company in October 2020. As a result, Chinese manufacturers have created more different designs to avoid infringement.

  • Mochi Squishy Animals Fidget Toys

This kind of toy won’t deform no matter how you squeeze it. It feels soft. Squeeze it when you are under pressure, and you will feel better. 

Different Sizes of Animals Fidget Toys
Different Sizes of Animals Fidget Toys

This restless toy anxiety can also be made into different shapes.

  • Infinity Rubik’s Cube Toys

This little Rubik’s cube can be flipped infinitely. You can put the small ones in your pocket and play with your cell phone at the same time.

Infinity Rubik’s Cube Toys
Infinity Rubik’s Cube Toys
  • Kids Fidget Toys Dice

This dice has six sides, each of which has a unique function. For example, there are five buttons on one side, which is very suitable for people who like to press the ballpoint pen and can also simulate the sound of pressing the ballpoint pen. There is a joystick on one side and a ball on the other side to keep rolling.

Kids Fidget Toys Dice
  • Rugby Squeeze Ball

It simulates the shape of the football. Its principle is the same as that of the above mollusks. It can be kneaded at will, but it won’t deform.

Another Kind of Fidget Toys
Another Kind of Fidget Toys
  • Marble and Mesh

The marble grid gadget has a brightly colored grid with a marble inside that allows users to scroll the marble back and forth between their fingers. The mesh can be bent, twisted, and squeezed! A great pocket size, and an interesting tactile tool for quiet fidgeting. There are three different colored mesh marble gadgets in each bag.

Easy and Funny Fidget Toys
Easy and Funny Fidget Toys

How to Make Your Fidget Toys Distinguish From others?

Most importers will choose fidget toys that have already been produced in factories. However, some experienced importers customize fidget toys according to their designs. They make their personalized toys unique from many competitors. Importers usually have these changes in fidget toys.

  • Customized color

Most fidget toys are made of silicone and their colors are made by adding toner to the raw materials during the production process. Therefore, the color of custom toys means that the factory has to reschedule the production of the product.

  • Customized Size

For silicone toys, custom sizes require the replacement of product molds. The mold cost of a toy varies depending on the size of the product, about $1000. This is more suitable for long-term bulk buyers, otherwise, it is not cost-effective.

A Major Advantage of Fidget Toys
A Major Advantage of Fidget Toys

The unit price of silicone toys is low, so the initial order quantity is relatively high. Most Chinese factories order at least 10000 personalized silicone toys. If you buy only a few thousand or hundreds of pieces, you can choose to customize them on the product packaging. You cannot make any more customizations for orders of less than 10000 pieces.

  • Customized package

The supplier’s default uncompressed toy package is a plastic bag, which is very rough. Therefore, the best way to distinguish your product from other products is to customize the product packaging. Here are several common packaging methods for fidget toys.

  • Bundled sale

It is the choice of most customers to combine different compression toys into one set. Alibaba also has many compression toy sets for you to choose from.

Giving Customers More Choices
Giving Customers More Choices

However, we found that it is more expensive to buy toy sets directly from Alibaba than to buy each toy individually and then put them together. Usually, this increases the cost of each package by $1.

How to Find the Best Fidget Toys Wholesalers & Manufacturers in China?

  • Chenghai toy wholesale market

If you are looking for the largest plastic toy on the market. Chenghai, Shantou City, has more than 8000 plastic toy suppliers, which is the best place for you to start a business.

You may find the price slightly higher because the materials used in toys are of better quality.

Most buyers here do not use traders, but place orders directly from the factory. 90% of the factories here are small family workshops, run at home and small in scale. It looks irregular.

But Chenghai is mainly a manufacturer of plastic toys, not silicone toys.

  • Yiwu toy wholesale market

When you see China’s largest wholesale market, Yiwu is any place for buyers who want to buy commodities more cheaply.

Some Troublesome Problems you may have when Importing from China

Toys are one of China’s most important export products. If you live in a country that has strict requirements for Chinese exports, here are some challenges you may encounter when importing Chinese toys.

  • Compliance and safety.

When you buy toy products, the first thing you need to do is to test the quality. If you buy wholesale at the cost of testing rather than retail, you can save money. Ask the supplier to give you a copy of the quality test.

  • China Customs Commodity Inspection.

If toys are imported from China, the inspection fee for a container is about 200-300 US dollars.

  • Design infringement

This is another problem for customs. You must seek design authorization from the supplier.

In addition, some common problems in importing toys from China include:

High transportation costs-the most popular and economical way to import goods from China is by sea.

Language barriers you need a translator or purchasing agent.

Be deceived by dishonest suppliers-you must ensure that you cooperate with trusted suppliers and carefully check the integrity and strength of suppliers before placing orders.

Also, we have provided many blogs about how to start the toy wholesale business. Please click Blogs of Wholesale Toy Supplier to get latest information about business.

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