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How To Find China Toy Suppliers? (Market/Manufacturers/Fairs/Website)

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of toys, with more than 70 percent of toys on the global market produced in China. There are many kinds of toys in the Chinese market. It is a good choice for toy importers to purchase toys in China. So where can I find china Toy Suppliers? For most people who want to import toys from China, this question is crucial and is your first step to buying toys from China.

In this guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know to find the best china Toy Suppliers. Includes tips and best markets for finding china Toy Suppliers, as well as things you should know when looking for toy suppliers in China.

The toy wholesale market is the best place to start looking for a china Toy Suppliers. Looking for toy suppliers from toy production bases is a good choice; You can talk to the factory face to face. In addition, you can visit toy fairs in China to find toy suppliers or find toy purchasing agents for help. If you can’t come to China, you can also search for toy wholesalers from Google and China Wholesale websites.

This guide covers 5 ways to find china toy suppliers and what to know when dealing with toy suppliers. Hope to help you find Chinese toy suppliers.

1. 5 ways to find china Toy Suppliers China Toy Suppliers

1.1. Best 3 China Toy Wholesale Market

Generally speaking, if you want to wholesale more types of cheap toys quickly, then the Chinese toy wholesale market is your best choice.

Because in the wholesale market in China, you can find many wholesalers who sell all kinds of toys. Here, you can complete one-stop toy purchasing, wholesale you want to buy all kinds of toys.

There are five most famous toy markets in China, the largest of which is Yiwu Toy Market. Plastic toys, inflatable toys, plush toys, educational toys, diy toys, girls toys, electronic toys, remote control toys and other types of toys everything.

Here is a description of the five largest toy wholesale markets in China. He can talk and help you find Chinese toy suppliers quickly.

1.1.1 Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market — the most important market

Yiwu Toy Market is located in the first zone of Yiwu International Trade City. It is the largest toy wholesale market in China. There are more than 2,000 toy wholesale shops here, selling thousands of different categories of toys from all over China.

This means you can find over 2,000 wholesale toy suppliers here, and hundreds of different toys from each toy wholesaler.

When you walk into District 1, you will find many toy stalls on many streets. On the front of the street, there are four signs: “Ordinary toy,” “Electric Toy,” “inflatable toy,” and “fabric stuffed toy.” The categories are not specific, but can give you a rough idea of where to find the toys you need. See the table below for more details.

  • Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers Ordinary toys – 1000 suppliers
  • 200 suppliers of electronic toys
  • Inflatable Toys – 200 suppliers
  • Fabric Plush Toys – 400 suppliers

Why can buy the cheapest wholesale toys in Yiwu toy market? Because the toy suppliers here are the toy factory’s general agents, their prices are calculated according to a lot of expenses. So a lot of times, you will find that even if you find the factory, after comparing the price, you will find that the price in the Yiwu market is still lower.

Unfortunately, most of the toy wholesale suppliers here don’t speak English, so you’d better find an English translator or toy purchasing agent to translate with you, in order to communicate correctly with the toy suppliers.

1.1.2 Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market — the earliest market

Guangdong is the world’s largest toy and gift production base, and Guangzhou toy wholesale market is also the most important toy wholesale market in South China. Guangzhou Yide Road toy business Circle is one of the most important toy and gift circulation and trading bases in China, including International Toy boutique City, Hong Kong Toy Wholesale City, Wanling International Toy Boutique Plaza, and Gales Toy City.

For many experienced buyers, Guangzhou Toy Market is a must-see. Several toy markets here gather toy wholesalers from all over China. All kinds of toys are purchased here, such as baby toys, wooden toys, plastic toys, electric toys, holiday toys, etc.

1.2.Top 3 major toy manufacturing bases in China

China has five major toy manufacturing bases.

How to find the right Chinese toy supplier? Different toy categories have different choices.

  • If you are looking for wooden toys, you should go to Cloud River.
  • If you’re looking for plush toys, you need to go to Yangzhou and Baigou.
  • If you are looking for plastic toy or electronic toy manufacturer, Shantou is your best choice.
  • If you are looking for the manufacturer of Barbie dolls, then Jieyang is your best choice.

1.2.1 Zhejiang Yunhe — the city with the largest number of wooden toy manufacturers

Wooden toy

Yunhe, a Chinese wooden toy city, is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. There are more than 500 wooden toy manufacturers in the city, whose products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan.

Almost all wooden toys in China are made in factories here. But there is no toy showroom to help you locate these factories, so it is best for you to come here with your toy purchasing agent. Otherwise, you cannot find the exact location of the factory. In addition, you can contact us for help.

1.2.2 Baigou and Yangzhou are both plush toy production cities

Baigou, Hebei Province, is one of China’s major plush toy production bases. There are thousands of plush toy factories. Here you can find and purchase the right plush toy manufacturers. In addition to their regular products, you can also ask the factory to customize your plush toys or even OEM.

The plush toys produced here are cheap and of average quality. Suitable for promotional gifts or low-grade plush toys.

As the earliest and largest plush toy production base in China, Yangzhou is the “Capital of plush toy Gifts in China”. Yangzhou is the traditional home of plush toy design and production, accounting for more than 50 percent of the global plush toy market.

Factories here have long worked with Walmart, Target, Disney and other companies, and have long supplied Amazon merchants. Our factory has product design, proofing, production, packaging experience. If you need to purchase customized high-end, high-quality plush toys, looking for professional manufacturers to cooperate, then Yangzhou is your choice.

1.2.3 Chenghai Shantou, the hometown of plastic toys

Shantou Chenghai is the birthplace of all plastic toys, educational toys, electric toys, the most toy factories are located here. It is home to more than 12,000 toy factories and Chinese toy manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for remote control cars, drones, pretend toys, riding toys, jigsaw puzzles, beach toys, and almost children’s toys, you know they’re made here.

In Chenghai, almost all toys are displayed in the toy hall. By visiting the toy showroom, you can find a variety of toys, learn about prices, view factory information directly, and even meet face to face with the best toy manufacturers. These toy showrooms only provide quotation and manufacturer information, but do not sell products. Their main income comes from rent from the toy factory.

How to work in a toy showroom? Picking toys in showrooms is like shopping in supermarkets. When you place the target toy in the shopping cart, the staff will scan the barcode to show you the details of the toy. Finally, you will receive a quotation for the toy of your choice. About Chenghai toy exhibition hall, you can read this site (Shantou toy market guide).

1.3. Look for 6 major wholesale toy websites of china toy suppliers

China has toy markets and some online wholesale sites that can help you import toys from China into your country. The most common B2B markets for Chinese toymakers are:

  • Alibaba
  • Global resources
  • Made in China

Due to COVID-19, all toy fairs have been cancelled and it is not possible to come to China, so online wholesale toys is the most appropriate way to help you continue your toy business.

For small buyers like Amazon sellers or other retailers, sourcing Chinese toys through Chinese wholesale websites is appropriate. Next I will introduce you to 6 Chinese wholesale websites and our online toy market. This guide can help you buy toys from China without leaving home.

1.3.1 Alibaba — the largest wholesale website in China

As the world’s largest wholesale website, almost everyone has heard of Alibaba and has had the experience of selling toys on it.

Most of Alibaba’s suppliers are factories, but some are wholesalers. Here you can search for many toys you want, you can quickly contact the suppliers to confirm the price, product information, etc., you don’t need to consider the minimum order quantity here. They usually accept orders of $500- $1000.

When buying toys on Alibaba, you need to know the balance between product quality and price. After selecting the goods, you can confirm the sample quality with the shop. Large numbers can also haggle with suppliers via online chat tools.

1.3.2 Global Resources

There are many large factories and large foreign trade companies on Global Resources. A total of 900+ suppliers wholesale about 40,000 toys.

The minimum order quantity here is usually very high. You can use online chat tools to communicate with vendors. You can also customize your toys. They usually take longer to produce toys, about 7-15 days.

1.3.3 Made in China

Made in China is similar to Global Resources, their suppliers are mainly factories and large foreign trade companies. Usually, as long as the quantity meets the requirements of the supplier, they support OEM and ODMs.

A total of more than 2,000 toy factories sell nearly 280,000 toys here. Mqos depend on different factories. You need to confirm with the factory in advance. After determining the quantity, you can determine the final price and delivery time with the factory. If it is available, the delivery time will be fast.

1.4. Search for Chinese toymakers on Google

Browsing toy manufacturers on Google is also the way to find toy suppliers in China, there are some search strings to help you search on Google:

#1 “Keyword” + manufacturer + China

“Keyword” + wholesale + manufacturer + China

“Keyword” + factory + China

“Keyword” + factory + wholesale + China

But few china toy suppliers focus on online marketing, so it’s hard to find them in the top 10 search results, and you have to turn many pages to see some legitimate Chinese toymakers.

1.5. Toy Purchasing – help you import toys from China.

If you lack the necessary knowledge in toy supply and procurement, or find it troublesome, you can work with some purchasing companies or purchasing offices in the country to help you find the best toy manufacturer.

General purchasing companies or purchasing offices have the ability to specialize in purchasing and identifying suppliers, and they can help you find the best toy manufacturers to provide you with the best service. Browsing through them can save you a lot of time in the buying process, and in most cases, they can help you get a better price.

More information about finding the Best china Toy Suppliers?

2. Instructions for dealing with china toy suppliers

2.1. What are the biggest problems you encounter when communicating with china toy suppliers?

The language and cultural differences are probably the most obvious challenges you will face when shopping in China. Due to differences in language, culture, and business practices, this can lead to different differences and communication between you and the vendor. If left unsolved, it could cause a lot of trouble.

Some manufacturers have been around for 30-50 years. In their generation, English education was not yet universal. This prevents them from communicating with English-speaking customers. For some small toy factories, they are not equipped with special business personnel to communicate with foreign customers. They usually prefer to get orders from trading companies or market wholesalers because it is more convenient for them. It’s hard to contact them directly.

Now, of course, you have translation apps on your phone. You can use translation software to talk to toy vendors when they don’t understand.

The quickest way is to find a Chinese purchasing agent to help translate and communicate. In this way, you can easily pass your ideas to Chinese suppliers and complete good communication.

2.2. How to obtain quotation from china toy suppliers

Getting a quote from a Chinese toy supplier is not as simple as asking for a price. For imported products, besides the price, we also need to know the minimum order quantity, delivery time, payment terms, product samples, volume and gross weight, etc.

2.2.1 Price

There’s a lot of information about prices. First, you need to know EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR. After seeing these quotation methods, choose their own way to negotiate with the factory.

In general, it is best to have factories quote EXW prices for comparison with other factories. You can compare the lowest price.

Secondly, you need to ask several wholesalers or suppliers for quotations and understand the corresponding product parameters of their prices, such as product quality, size, gram weight of materials, etc., which will affect the price.

In addition, if your order is large enough, you can understand asking the factory to review the price and give you a discount. Generally speaking, the factory quotation is based on the amount. The more you have, the lower the price.

2.2.2 MOQ

You must ask the Chinese manufacturer if there is a minimum order quantity for selected products. Generally speaking, if you want to purchase a small amount of products, the Yiwu wholesale market is more suitable. These wholesalers usually have stock, and naturally, a MOQ is a box of goods.

If you communicate with the factory, you must ask for a minimum order quantity. Most factories do not keep stock. They arrange production according to orders.

2.2.3 Delivery time

You need to ask the china toy suppliers for delivery time. Similarly, if you buy wholesale from wholesalers in Yiwu market, their delivery time is usually no more than five days.

If you are ordering from a factory in China, you must inquire about the delivery time. Most of them are made to order. If they have a lot of orders waiting to be placed, then delivery times to you can become very long and may affect your sales cycle, especially if you want holiday merchandise.

2.2.4 Terms of payment

The method of payment is also one of the most critical aspects of negotiation in the communication with wholesale suppliers in China.

First, you need to understand several standard payment methods: T/T, L/C, D/PD/A.

Generally speaking, Chinese suppliers expect T/T payment, i.e. 30% deposit and the final payment before shipment.

2.2.5 Product sample

After the order is confirmed, you need to ask the supplier for product samples.

Because you can use the quality of the sample as a reference standard to check the quality of the products produced by the factory and prevent the factory from slowing down in production.

After production, you can also ask for samples from your factory in China to ensure that the products meet your quality standards.

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