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How to Import Toys from Competitive Chinese Toys Wholesaler? — 8 Steps to Finish Your Order

If you want to start your trade business in your country, China, as the most famous of World factory is definitely your first choice. China can meet all of your need from small commodities to mechanical accessories, different industrial place are located in every corner of China. So how to choose the products you want and find a reliable Chinese toys wholesaler and import them to your country with most economical and convenient way becomes a knowledge.

This article will tell you the steps and sequence of how to import from China.

1. How to Import from China Step 1

Make sure you have import right in your country

When you buy goods from abroad, you become an importer. If your package is small and only for personal use or sample reference, you can choose an express company (such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX) to provide door-to-door service. Express package is fast and convenient, but the cost of international express is expensive in most of time. You can register an international express account to get a discount and make your operation more facilitate. Because Chinese buyers are always willing to provide free samples, but they are not willing to pay the  international express fee.

However, if you want to make purchaser as a wholesaler, you need to register a enterprise and determine whether you have the right to import. Here are some examples from different countries.

1.1 If you are from the United States

Your social security number (SSN for individuals) or the company IRS number (IRS an for businesses) is sufficient.

1.2 If you are from European countries

You need to register as an economic operator (EORI number).

1.3 If you are in Canada

You need to obtain a business number first which is  issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If you come from other countries and have corresponding problems, you are welcome to consult us. We are happy to provide you with our professional services.

2. How to Import from China Step 2

Figure out the goods you want

List the Chinese suppliers who can provide you with products. You can find suppliers through online outsourcing directory or professional purchasing companies. Here are some good resources:

2.1 Made-in-China.  

Made-in-China. com is a Chinese supplier guide, providing buyers with product catalogs, complete company information, contract details, corporate culture materials, and factory photos.

2.2 Ali baba international.

You can find many Chinese supplier with clear product picture and destails on this web. And also you can buy the sample and make payment in alibaba.

outsourcing guidelines contain thousands of Chinese goods and provide buyers with complete contact information for each supplier. This website also provides buyers and sellers with sales guidance, exhibition information, and trade resources.  NINGBO UNION VISION is a professional Chinese toys wholesaler with strong sourcing department, own forwarder, well-experienced in cooperated with client all over the world. 

2.3 Offline trade

There are top three toys fair for importing from China to abroad.

2.3.1 China Import and Export Commodities Fair

China Import and Export Commodities Fair also known as the Canton Fair, is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. The Canton Fair, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the people’s Government of Guangdong Province and undertaken by China Foreign Trade Center, is a comprehensive international trade event with a long history, large scale, complete commodities and a wide range of sources, good transaction results. It is known as “the first exhibition in China”. However, due to the control of the epidemic in China, the offline Canton Fair still  under control, but the online Canton Fair is becoming increasingly sophisticated, you can find more new items easily through web and live broadcast.

2.3.2 Hong Kong Toy Fair 

Hong Kong Toy Fair is currently the largest international toy fair in Asia and the second largest in the world. The exhibition has been held for 47 times. In 2020, more than 2110 enterprises from 40 countries and regions participated in the toy exhibition; With an exhibition area of 51400 square meters, more than 41503 buyers and visitors visited the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition also held Hong Kong baby products exhibition, Hong Kong International Stationery exhibition and Hong Kong International Licensing exhibition.

2.3.3 China Yiwu International Commodity Fair

China Yiwu International Commodity Fair was founded in 1995, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province. It is an international exhibition with standard elements. With the purpose of “facing the world and serving the whole country” and with distinctive characteristics, outstanding international level, Yiwu International Commodity Fair is become the largest,the most influential and the most effective international exhibition of consumer goods in China. And now it is one of the three major export commodities exhibitions held by the Ministry of Commerce.

3.How to Import from China Step 3

Chose a reliable Chinese toys wholesaler

Contact supplier on your list. Once you have a list of exporters, you can start consulting to narrow down the scope and find the right supplier for you.  What you want each exporter to offer you include:

3.1 Customer recommendation.

A reputable supplier should be able to provide you with customer certificates and recommendations and knows how to works with them.

3.2 Information about the business license.

You want to make sure that any company you do business with is legally licensed and complies with all applicable trade regulations to avoid legal issues affecting your business in the future.

3.3 The name and address of the factory

If the exporter refuses to provide you with the name and address of the manufacturer of the product, you may not be a reliable supplier. Samples of products. Unless you want to produce your own new product, the supplier should be able to provide you with samples of the product in order to better understand its quality and know in advance why you are paying.

Figure out the trade type of your supplier. Is it a trading company or directly factory? There are many trading company in China which can give you more quotation of different series, better replies, more professional recommendation. Trading company have strong resourcing department in China and control the price and quality better. For directly factory, sometimes the price can be cheap, but they are always not professional and reply slowly and with high MOQ. You can chose according to the different situation.

You’d better have a call to make sure the company you cooperated for the first time is real to avoid any fake company.

4. How to Import from China Step 4

Fix payment way and term

There are different ways we use according to different situation and amount. TT payment is the most common way. For the details, check below introduction.

4.1 T/T telegraphic transfer.

TT have TT in advance & * days against copy of BL. TT is a flexible payment way and most of the client us this payment. You can adjust the percent of the deposit and balance such as 30% deposit and 70% against copy of BL. They are easy to operate and have no additional charges. In other words, they are the same as domestic bank transfers. It is OK to submit the account number and the transfer value.

4.2 L/C letter of credit,  

L/C is divided into sight L/C and usance L/C. L/C refers to the written guarantee document issued by the issuing bank according to the needs of the buyer and the seller, which has a certain amount of money to pay within the specified time limit according to the documents that meet the requirements. L/C is a safe way as there is two banks to make guarantee, but this is also a difficult way and expensive.

4.3 D/P, D / P

D/P, D / P means that the exporter submits the remittance and the same shipping documents to the bank for collection, and requires the bank to hand over the shipping documents only after the importer has paid off the payment. According to the different time of payment, it is divided into D / P at sight and D / P after sight.

Above these payment, there are also many other payment such is Paypal, west union, credit card etc.

5. How to Import from China Step 5

Check the mass production quality

You can arrange Pre-production sample, mass production sample, make test before mass production and arrange inspection before shipment to make sure the mass production goods is as same as what you need and the quality is meet the requirements according to your local testing requirement and your company. Because sometimes the quality of mass production is differ with the pre-production sample which will cost a lot of loss. When the mass production raw material is finished, you can’t change it. Remember to be careful to this part.

6. How to Import from China Step 6

Chose a reliable forwarder

Arrange receiving and transportation from export’s port and transport to your warehouse or local distributor is also an indispensable part.

Mostly Chinese factory will quote as FOB price. FOB equals “free on board”which mean that the seller delivers goods to the export’s port, when the goods pass the ship’s rail at the named port, buyers will bear all costs and risks of damage to the goods from that point. And the buyer also need to clear the goods in local port.

So choosing a reliable and cheap forward is also import to your company. It will because important part of your profit.

You can also choose other trade terms such as EXW, FCA, CFR & CIF etc.

Contact a commercial logistics company to arrange for your shipment to be unloaded at the import port and transported to your warehouse or local distributor.

8. How to Import from China Step 7

Make custom clearance in your country

Pay attention to import duties. Import duties are determined by the type of goods you import, the country of export, and the destination. If your Chinese supplier has foreign trade experience, he should know what the customs code of your product is, but he should check it himself to find out the description of the customs code corresponding to the goods you want to import. The destination is sometimes not clear. If the customs code is wrong, the customs clearance process of your transportation will be delayed.

Chinese exporters generally employ export agents. Some export agents are also third-party suppliers, not limited to providing export services.

8. How to Import from China Step 8

Get goods and ship to your warehouse

At the last is you still need to arrange the car to pick up the goods to your warehouse, then you finish the whole importing way.

UNION VISION should be a reliable Chinese toys wholesaler which rich experience in sale toys to all over the world. Beside, we have our own designer and showroom with office in NINGBO, YIWU and GUANGDONG. More question, feel free to contact us.

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