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How to Import Toys from China ? 5 Sourcing & Transport guide [2022]

When it comes to buying cheap and effective things, we all know that China is the best manufacturer in the wholesale market.
How to Import Toys from China ?Almost 90% of toys are produced in China, making it the largest industry in the toy field.
Many people know about China’s wholesale market, but where to find the best wholesale market is the first question in your mind.

1、What toys can you import from China?

If you plan to buy the following toys, the Chinese toy market will be very helpful.

  • Automobile toys
  • Remote control toys
  • Kitchen toys
  • Dinosaur toys
  • Souptoys
  • Cartoon toys
  • Baby toys
  • candy toy
  • Capsule toys
  • Farm toys
  • Scientific toys
  • Stalk toy
  • Toy box
  • Silicone soft
  • TPR toys
  • Wooden toys
  • electronic toy
  • Plush toys
  • Party toys

Automobile toys, remote control toys, dinosaur toys, educational toys, cartoon toys, capsule toys, silicone soft candy, TPR toys, wooden toys, plush toys, party toys

High quality – car toys, remote control toys, kitchen toys, baby toys, farm toys, science toys, STEM toys, toy boxes, electronic toys

Import Toys from China

1.1 What toys can import from China

  1. Puzzle toys: improve children’s cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and cultivate children’s sense of achievement.
  2. Game toys: On the basis of improving children’s cognitive ability, cultivate children’s ability to use their hands and brains, and develop their ability to think, exercise operating skills and coordinate hands and eyes.
  3. Digital abacus words: While training children’s inlaying ability, they should also practice big movements, train children’s fine movements, inspire children’s accurate understanding of shape, number and quantity, and then exercise their muscle flexibility.
  4. Tools: mainly let children know and master the shape, color and structure of various tools, and train children’s practical operation ability, hand eye coordination ability and imagination development in this process.
  5. Brainstorming combination: to cultivate children’s spatial imagination and fine hands-on ability, so as to deepen their rational understanding of time, animals, vehicles, house shapes, colors, etc.
  6. Building blocks: stimulate children’s practical interest, and cultivate children’s awareness of reasonable combination and spatial imagination; The ingenious dragging design can exercise children’s walking ability and encourage their sense of creative achievement.
  7. Traffic toys: through improving children’s cognition and understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, on the basis of which, train their ability to assemble, drag and sort, improve their sense of operation and self-care ability, and understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.
  8. Dragging: improve children’s cognitive ability, let them know the different characteristics of various animals according to different dragging animals, and exercise their walking ability in a large range.
  9. Panel toys: they are composed of various panels with different shapes and rich contents. On the basis of children’s understanding of the combination, splitting and reassembly of figures, they can exercise their ability to think independently and cultivate their patience and perseverance.
  10. Cartoon dolls: When parents are busy, they need some entertainment toys to accompany children, and cute cartoon dolls are widely welcomed by children.
Import Toys from China

2、Which toy market is suitable for you to visit?

As there are many toy markets in China, we aim at the best and top 8 wholesale markets and import toys from China.
In terms of bulk purchase, we all know that China provides the most favorable price and good quality, while making it easier for buyers to buy many things within a few US cents.

2.1 Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market

Yiwu is one of the largest commodity wholesale markets when Import Toys from China.
This is paradise for any buyer who is willing to buy goods at a lower price. It is the most efficient and up-to-date market, with a wide range of toys.
One cannot come out without taking anything from the market.
The beautiful environment creates a childhood experience for buyers.
There are about 2000 suppliers of conventional toys, electronic toys, inflatable toys and fabric plush toys.
You can find various suppliers in the market in one place, making it easier for customers to browse the whole market in one day.

2.2 Shantou Chinese toy market

Import Toys from China,Shantou is one of the largest plastic toy industry bases. It has 8000 plastic toy suppliers to Import Toys from China . Because of the high quality of the products, the prices here are higher.
The minimum order quantity is also higher than other wholesale markets, from 3 to 5 CTN.
Customers who buy through this market actually buy directly from the factory, eliminating middlemen (traders) to maintain inventory. Therefore, prices are not affected by traders.

2.3 Lingyi Yongxing China toy market

In China, the largest toy market is in South China (Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market), but in North China, the largest toy market is Lingyi.
This amazing huge market has more than 100 toy markets, including two large and small markets, the largest of which is the “Yongxing Toy Market”. 4000 toy wholesale suppliers are located in areas A, B and C.
One area – electronic toys, children’s bicycles, inflatable toys
Zone B – Plastic toys
Zone C – plush toys (plush toys)

2.4 Yangjiang Wutinglong International Toy and Gift City

This toy market is the best place for people who like plush toys.
This toy market is lonely and professional for plush toys. The building covers an area of 180000 square meters and has more than 2500 stores, which only sell plush toys, plush materials and plush gifts.
Import Toys from China,The minimum order quantity here is zero. Even if you only want to buy one, it is acceptable here. Of course, the price will be a little higher than the wholesale price.

2.5 Baigou plush toy wholesale market

Baigou Market is also a wholesale market for plush toys, but if you are looking for a market with lower quality than Yangjiang Wutinglong International Market, this is your best choice.
The plush toys on the market are cheap in quality and price.
The market covers an area of 20000 square meters, and 380 suppliers are willing to sell cheap high-quality plush toys. With a little effort, you may also find some high-quality products.
The daily transaction is about 130000 dollars. Usually they sell wholesale, but they also accept retail.

2.6 Yunhe wooden toy market

Yunhe Town, located in Zhejiang Province, is known as the “hometown of Chinese wooden toys”.
The team in this market deals with forest resources, so 80% of toys are made of wood.
This place is not a market, but a city with many shops and sellers.
This market is not directly composed of stores or sellers, but directly finds factories here.
The products are supplied to Yiwu toy market and other urban areas.

Import Toys from China

2.7 Zhengzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Zhengzhou is located in Henan Province.
The toy wholesale market is near Zhengzhou Railway Station. It consists of about 80 toy suppliers who live in different squares nearby.
The quality of toys in this market is low, and the price and minimum order quantity are also low.

2.8 Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Most people know Guangzhou because of the “Canton Fair”, a popular exhibition in Guangzhou.
People are often confused about where to find Guangzhou toy wholesale market. This guide will help you find it very easily.
Guangzhou toy wholesale market is not only located in one place, there are almost four major toy wholesale markets.

There are so many toy markets in China, do you need to visit all the inspection items?
no Visiting 2 markets is enough!
First of all, Yiwu toy market – almost all suppliers send samples to display here when Import Toys from China.
You can buy cheap goods in Yiwu Toy Market.
Yiwu toy market toys: automobile toys, remote control toys, dinosaur toys, educational toys, cartoon toys, capsule toys, silicone squeak, TPR toys, wooden toys, plush toys, party toys
The second is Shantou market – almost all high-quality toys come from Shantou factories.
You can buy high-quality brand toys in Shantou toy market.
Toys in Shantou toy market: high-quality – car toys, remote control toys, kitchen toys, baby toys, farm toys, science toys, STEM toys, toy boxes, electronic toys

3.What is inside the Chinese toy market?

3.1 What is in Shantou toy market

Tips for Shantou toy market:
In Shantou toy market, the market is a showroom, also called exhibition.
Shantou toy market has more than 30 exhibitions (large and small)
In each exhibition, you may see the same samples and packages from the same supplier or manufacturer.
The exhibition space is like Wal Mart. The service personnel record the number of the product items you are interested in. You can get all the information listed at the time of checkout, and then order directly.
The top 3 exhibitions are as follows:

  • 1 CBH Exhibition Hall

The CBH exhibition hall is new and will open in 2017. The exhibition hall is luxurious and beautifully decorated. Each booth has a spacious space with a coffee room and meeting room.
Features of Shantou Toy Market CBH Exhibition Hall
13000 square meters of exhibition area
4000+conventional toy booth
4500+professional toy booth
4000+enterprise factory support
110+service team members
Most of the toys displayed here are of high quality and well packaged.
This is the ideal choice for your toy procurement, and it is very helpful for European and American buyers who want to establish their own toy brands.
Minimum order quantity=5 cases/piece

  • 2 Hedun Exhibition Hall

Hongdun, the first exhibition hall in Shantou toy market, opened in 2003. This exhibition hall is very suitable for starting to purchase toys. Their goal is to help buyers get toy information in one place to save time and make business easier.
The exhibition hall covers an area of 15000 square meters.
They also invited other materials (not just plastics) from toy suppliers all over China to display in the exhibition hall.
In the future, you will find all kinds of toys here: plush toys, clothing, wooden toys, plush toys and more to meet your toy procurement needs.
Suppliers update product information quickly, so you may see very new designs when Import Toys from China.

  • 3 YS Win win Exhibition Hall

YS win-win exhibition hall is built on the first floor. October 2018.
More than 16000 square meters, with 3000 suppliers and more than 1 million pieces of goods.
Various toys are available. Brand goods and special goods are available. The exhibition hall is favored by European and American buyers because of its high-quality toys and reasonable prices.
Some factories provide 2-3 boxes/1 piece minimum order quantity
Combining a container with 200+toys is both good and fast

Import Toys from China

3.2 What’s in Yiwu Toy Market

Yiwu toy market This is a variety of toy markets.
Ordinary toys – 1000 suppliers
Electronic toys – 200 suppliers
Inflatable toys – 200 suppliers
Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers
In addition to the wide variety, rapid updating is another advantage of Yiwu toy market.

For example: balance scooter and rotator. These two projects are very popular in 2015 and 2017. The new design will be launched every week, if not every day!
Low minimum order quantity:
Minimum order quantity=1 box/piece. Free delivery (to Yiwu warehouse) usually requires a total of 5-10 boxes from the same supplier.
Low price:
The wholesale price is also applicable to 1 box/piece. The buyer pays the same price as 20 cases. have good prospects of gain.

Import Toys from China

4.How to order and collect toys from the Chinese toy market?

You have obtained all quotations from Chinese toy suppliers and decided to order.
So you have 8+steps to deal with it when Import Toys from China

  • 1 Contact each Chinese toy factory to discuss the order details.
  • 2 Pay a deposit to each supplier.
  • 3 Rent a warehouse to collect your toy goods.
  • 4 Ask the supplier to deliver the goods to your warehouse.
  • 5 Ask the staff to inspect the goods.
  • 6 Pay the balance to the supplier after inspection.
  • 7 Workers are required to load containers.
  • 8 Do business and packaging paperwork, and make Chinese customs declaration.
  • 9 ….

But as an overseas buyer, it is very difficult to handle all these tasks when Import Toys from China, so you need to find a local market purchasing agency to help.

Choose their toy purchase service and pay 3-5% commission to take over all the purchases. In Yiwu,
There are many purchasing agencies. You can contact Yiwu market guide Com. In Shantou, you can check the official buyer assistant company of the market,

Import Toys from China
Import Toys from China

5. What is the total cost?

When Import Toys from China,Value of toys ordered
Market procurement agency commission
Inland container cost (20 feet container=about 600 dollars, 40 feet/40 headquarters container=about 800 dollars)
Freight from Ningbo/Shenzhen Chinese port to your port (you can check with your transportation agent.

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