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How to Import Toys from China The Complete FAQ Guide

Import Toys from China

If you are currently struggling to import toys from China and don’t understand the Chinese market, then you have come to the right place.

This guide will answer to any questions you may have been asking about importing toys from China.

Whether you want to know about the various markets, import documentation, requirements or quality certification, you will find everything in this guide.

Read on to find out more.

1.Where to import toys from China?

The toy market in China is very large, with different types of toy factories located in different regions.

Before coming to China to wholesale toys, you need to have an understanding of the categories of toys that are specifically produced in different regions.

In China, you will find the following wholesale toy markets.

1.Yiwu toys wholesale market.
2.Guangzhou toys wholesale market.
3.Zhengzhou toys wholesale market.
4.Baigou plush toys wholesale market.
5.Yunhe wooden toy market.
6.Yangjiang and Wutinglong are known as international toys and gift city.
7.Shantou China toy market.
8.Lingyi Yongxing China toy market.

2.How to get the best price on imported toys from China?

When you import toys from China, you can use the following three strategies to get the best price for toys from China.

1. Buy in bulk. When you buy in very large quantities, manufacturers are often willing to give you a much better price. Usually, the larger your purchase, the better price you will get.

2. Buy directly from the manufacturer. Buying directly from the factory is also a great way to get the best price, so you can avoid middlemen making a difference and get the best price directly from the factory.

3. Market research. When importing toys from China, it is important to do the appropriate market research to help you find the products you want effectively. After all, the wholesale toy market in China is very large.

In addition to this, using a sourcing agent is also a method that can help you get good prices on imported toys from China. When you don’t have the means to come to China to do your toy sourcing in person, you may want to try a sourcing agent.

Chinese toy suppliers are open to long-term partnerships.

Therefore, if you are looking to establish a long-term relationship, Chinese toy manufacturers and suppliers are sure to offer the best prices.

More importantly, learn how to conduct business negotiations to get the best price.

3.Who are the Leading Toys Suppliers in China?

With countless toy factories in China, you can always find the toy supplier you need here. The first step in finding the best toy supplier for your import toys from China is to choose the type of toy you want based on the location of the factory. Different regions specialise in different types of toys.
Top toy suppliers in China will include:

3.1Plastic Toys: Chenghai, Shantou City

As a recognised toy city in China, Chenghai has a large number of people from all over the world coming here every year to import toys.

Buying toys from Chenghai manufacturers will help you to reduce costs considerably, save a lot of time and guarantee quality. Making toy purchases in Chenghai is the first choice for domestic and international businesses for toy imports.

In Chenghai, you will find a number of toy categories including:Chinese baby toys,plastic toys, electronic toys,high-tech toys.


The Yiwu International Trade City is the largest wholesale market in China, especially for small products. This is where you can get the cheapest prices. The great majority of the small toys you see on Youtube or TikTok are manufactured in Yiwu.

There is no doubt that you can find the best-selling Amazon toys in the Yiwu market.Many global buyers import toys from China’s Yiwu market because of its competitive prices.

The toy categories you will find in Yiwu include:Children’s DIY crafts: In this category you will find fashion toys, woven fabric tapes and magic sand.

You will also be able to find plastic toys in Yiwu at much cheaper prices compared to other suppliers.
And in addition to DIY toys and low-value plastic toys, you will also find many suppliers of pool rafts and inflatable play equipment.

3.3Yunhe, Lushui – Wooden Toy City

Import Toys from China

The most professional Chinese wooden toy manufacturer is located in Yunhe Town, Lushui City, Zhejiang Province.Most wooden products, such as children’s wooden kitchens, wooden children’s sets, children’s bricks and Chinese wooden dolls are produced in Yunhe.

As these products are produced for globally renowned wooden toy distributors, the local toy manufacturers are well aware of the specific wooden toy testing protocols for the global market.

4.What are the leading toy fairs in China?

Attending toy shows is one of the most convenient ways to import toys from China.Some of the major toy shows in China are listed below.

4.1China Toy Expo (CTE)

The event has been held annually since 2020.It is the largest B2B toy trade show in Asia, bringing together.
1.Chinese manufacturers.
2.Innovative new products.
3.They are the leading international brands.
4.Trends in industry development.
5.A wealth of forums and events.
6.Business people from all functions of the entire toy industry attend CTE.

A key foreign brand entering the Chinese market, CTE is also a one-stop sourcing centre for international buyers.And if you are looking for a wide range of toys from different manufacturers, you should visit CTE.
This is one of the most prestigious trade fairs that brings together all toy manufacturers.
You will have the opportunity to see exhibitors showcasing their latest product portfolio at CTE.
The some of the products you will come across at CTE include:
Non-electronic plastic toys ,Toy figures,Educational toys.,Wooden toys.,Mechanical toys.,Plush toys,Electronic toys.,Outdoor toys,Electrical toys.

4.2Toy and Edu China (Shenzhen International Toy and Education Fair)

It is one of the major toy fairs organised in South China.

The China International Toy and Education Fair is an exhibition that sees the global industry showcase and promote new products and innovations.

Launched in 1989, the first edition of the show has expanded almost tenfold over the past quarter of a century.

It has attracted the attention of many companies, including multinational and commercial companies, and has reached 100,000 square metres of exhibition space.

4.3Canton Fair

Started in 1957, the Canton Fair is also a very important toy fair in China. Display items involved include:Cloth toys, action toys, baby toys.

5.How do you Find the Right Toys Suppliers in China?

Finding a suitable supplier is the first and most important step in importing from China.

Different regions of China specialise in different types of toys.

Most toy suppliers do not have their own personal sales teams who cannot communicate in English to a high standard. Most Chinese suppliers will send you samples for you to choose from. You can get a visual feel for the quality of the goods by looking at the quality of the samples. From here, you can identify the correct supplier for the toys you need.

As a trading company, you should ensure that the upload of your products is affected on the Alibaba page.

Next, put your order under international orders to the supplier.

As a customer, you can visit the showroom, select the toys that you want and place your order.

You must be aware that most toy suppliers do not have good English speakers; therefore, you should have a translator to assist you with your communication.

In fact, using a sourcing agent is an effective way of finding the right toy supplier in China.

6.Problems will you Encounter when Importing Toys from China?

With toys being one of China’s most important exports, a large number of traders import toys from China every year.

However, importing toys from China is not an easy task and some of the problems you may encounter include.

1. Compliance and safety issues: Different countries require different standards for imported toys, which can cause some licensing approval issues.

2. Commodity inspection required by Chinese customs: when importing from China, you will need to do a commodity inspection.

3. Design infringement issues: You may encounter design infringement issues with some of the famous animated characters that manufacturers like to print on their toys.

4. Transport issues: There are many routes to import goods from China, the most popular and economical way is by sea.

5. Language barrier : So you will need a translator or sourcing agent to identify suitable Chinese toy suppliers.

7.How do you check the quality of toys from China?

When you import toys for China, it is important to check the toys to determine if they comply with standards such as ASTM F963 4.6, EN71-1998 8.2, GB6675-2003 A.5.2, 16 CFR 1501, UL, RoHS and CE.

You should always check for the safety and certification mark, which will help you to determine that the manufacturer has ensured that the toy complies with regulatory requirements. Remember that products without this marking may not be suitable for children to play with.

Safety and certification marks can vary according to geographical location.

Look for incorrect grammar or spelling errors on the packaging as this may indicate that the toy is a fake. If you are in doubt, you should refer to the manufacturer’s official website and compare the packaging and instructions with the genuine toy.

In order to avoid counterfeit toys, you should buy from a supplier with a good reputation for reliable and safe toys.

Make sure toys are properly labelled. Use a third party company or your team to inspect the toy. On custom orders, try to be involved in the manufacturing process to follow up on various quality control measures. If possible, purchase toys directly from the manufacturer.

If a toy manufacturer in China offers a warranty, this indicates that the product is of high quality. This will imply that the manufacturer has confidence in the toys they make.

8. How do you ship toys from China?

Once you have import toys from China, what is the best way to transport them back to your country must be your main concern. The toys you purchase from China can be shipped by air or sea.

Through ocean freight, the goods are transported in huge containers of approximately 20 x 40 feet. A full cargo container can hold approximately 2400 Cubic feet. A forty-foot box contains approximately 61,000 pounds. That’s a lot of space for toys. If you would like to save costs, it is recommended that you choose bulk shipping.

Import Toys from China

If your toy shipment has at least five pallets, it may be best to ship in full containers (FCL).

For smaller toy shipments, then you should choose LCL (Less than Container Load). With this method it means that your toy shipment will be shipped together with other types of goods.

It is important to have insurance for your cargo. Many international shipping companies have limited liability insurance to cover any damage your cargo may encounter. The carrier’s insurance will only cover a small portion of your shipment. For help with insurance, you can contact a customs broker.

Once your imported toys from China have arrived at the seaport, they may be shipped to an available location near you. These toys are then shipped by rail or road to your final location, your final destination.

Alternatively, if you want your toys to arrive faster from China, then you can choose to have them shipped by air. Although faster, you will pay more for the whole shipping process.

Alternatively, you can choose rail freight, provided there is an existing infrastructure.

9. Why should you Import Toys from China?

The toy industry in China has grown rapidly over the past few years, making it one of the top manufacturers in the global market.

The industry has invested heavily in manufacturing technology and training, as well as having a workforce that has perfected the skills to produce durable and high quality toys.

There are many advantages to the import toys from China.

Import Toys from China

1. Uniqueness: Chinese manufacturers produce toys that are unique and in most cases, different from any other toys in the world.

2. Price advantage: Most toys produced in China are relatively affordable and have a significant competitive price advantage.

3. The quality factor: Chinese manufacturers have highly skilled personnel and make high quality toys that will last for a long time.

4. Quantity: Most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk. Which means that you can buy as much toy as possible. The Chinese toy manufacturer industry is large and highly modernised to meet any MOQ of customers worldwide.

5. Variety available: Factories offer a wide range of toys from which people can choose a design that suits their preferences.

6. Infrastructure. Chinese manufacturers have a good logistics infrastructure to deliver their products to all corners of the world.

7. Payment. Paying for goods is easy using the established online banking system and you are also able to track the shipment of your order.

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