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8.5 inch LCD Drawing Board Supplier

Type: Lcd drawing board,drawing board,
Item Weight:0.37 pounds
Product Dimensions:9*5.9*0.31 inches
Supply Ability: 200000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Certificating: Yes
Advantage: more different sizes, solo and multi colors.


8.5 inch LCD drawing board supplier educational toy


1* LCD drawing board, 1*pen.


can paint with pen and clear after click of a button



Eye Protection and Environmental Protection:

The LCD drawing board adopts flexible LCD pressure-sensitive technology, the LCD color screen has no radiation, no glare, and children can use it comfortably. The 12-inch LCD writing board can provide 100,000 times writing, avoiding wasting paper and pen, which is environmentally friendly and fun, and children can enjoy the fun of drawing.

Easy to Use:

The highly sensitive features of the doodle board are very suitable for children to use. Color lines will appear when you draw lightly. It is light and smooth, which satisfies the child’s innocence and allows children to use their imagination to their fullest. There is a lock button behind the drawing pad. It can prevent the content on the doodle board from being accidentally deleted. After the drawing is full, unlock it and press the erase button to clear the screen.

Durable and Portable

The LCD drawing board for kids is made of high-quality plastic, durable and anti-drop, it is a high-quality travel toys for kids. And is equipped with 2 elastic ropes, which can connect the writing tablet and the paintbrush to avoid losing the paintbrush. The drawing board is light and small, easy to carry, suitable for children to increase fun in a variety of occasions, such as road trips, parent-child activities, classrooms, restaurants, cars, airplanes.

The Perfect Gift for Children

The LCD drawing board supplier can use as a doodle board, drawing tablet, writing board, kids drawing pad, toddler drawing board, and scribble board. Drawing pad for kids can cultivate children’s creativity and enhance parent-child interaction. It is also a good helper for children’s learning and the best gift for children!
Satisfaction Ensure: The battery compartment of the lcd writing tablet is fixed with screws to prevent the battery from slipping out, ensuring safety. We provide free return and exchange service for 2 years. If you have any questions about doodle board, please feel free to tell me and we will solve it for you as soon as possible.


Union vision is a professional LCD drawing board supplier, Any question feel free to contact us, we are willing to give your our best service.

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