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How to Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality(UPDATE 2022)?

Manufacture Products and Assure Quality
Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality

1. Manufacture Products in China

How to Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality? China is a country that focuses on manufacturing, so there are thousands of manufacturing companies in China, which is why foreign buyers are required to choose Chinese manufacturing.

So for us, it is necessary to learn how to make products in China and how to ensure the quality of products. This paper will elaborate from the following two aspects.

  • How to make products in China

First of all, how to Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality? we need to find a suitable supplier, but before finding a suitable supplier, we need to have a sufficient understanding of the products to be produced, and we need to prepare all the product information, parameter introductions, drawings, etc. in advance. This will help you and the manufacturer to communicate better before, we can find suitable suppliers from the following aspects

ü ①Alibaba website

ü ②Made in China Network

ü ③Commodity exhibition and factory exhibition

First of all, we can find suitable suppliers on Alibaba and Made in China. We can search through pictures to find suppliers that produce the products you need or are suitable for producing the products you need.

At the same time, you can also filter on the two websites, which can better assist you to find the suppliers you need. You can even communicate with the supplier on the details of the product on these two websites, so that you can choose a supplier that is more suitable for you.

After finding a supplier, you can negotiate face-to-face with the supplier through commodity exhibitions and factory exhibitions held in various places. If necessary, you can go to the field to investigate their business status and financial status.

There is a point that needs special attention in this regard. If you are cooperating with your supplier for the first time, or the product you are cooperating with is a new product, you must obtain a pre-production sample from the supplier to confirm the quality of the product. Confirm this link, otherwise it will greatly affect the progress of mass production and the quality of bulk goods.

After finding the right supplier, you also need to find the right shipping method to deliver the product to the customer. If you choose an online platform such as Amazon, you need to ensure that your supplier has a certain storage capacity and a suitable warehouse to store your products.

At the same time, you need to communicate with your freight forwarder in advance. If it is some special products, you need to prepare information in advance and send it to your freight forwarder, so that they can communicate with the shipping company in advance, otherwise your product may be rejected.

Manufacture Products in China
Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality

2. How to ensure the quality of products

The quality of the product is very important, it is related to the safe use of the product, and it is more related to the relationship between you and the customer. No matter how good the relationship is, the customer will not accept the product in question. Similarly, you send the wrong product many times. products, and guests will no longer send you product orders.

Quality inspection plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of products. Sometimes we are not very professional, so we cannot distinguish the quality of the product from a professional point of view. This is why we need to hire a third-party testing agency to do some comprehensive work on the product. detection. At the same time, the qualification audit of the factory is carried out. Quality inspection of products ensures that your products are produced and delivered to the specified quality..

  • Assure Quality institution

The third-party fee structure is different for each company, and can be roughly divided into the following categories

①The specific project cost of the test

②The cost of distance to the test site

At the same time, screening testing institutions is also a crucial matter. When screening them, they may be evaluated from the following aspects

①What type of business license do they hold?

②Do they have ISO9001 certificate?

③The number of their quality inspectors?

④What is the age of their establishment?

⑤ What kind and quantity of their equipment?

⑥ Their inspection process

⑦Expense calculation details

Seeing here, do you want to know the purpose of quality inspection and whether you need them? The answer is yes, even if your supplier is not the first time to cooperate, but you also need to conduct quality inspection on the product. The purpose of the inspection is to let you in Knowing more about the product while releasing your product is also allowing your customers to release your product

  • Purpose of QA

①Let you and your customers feel at ease with your products

②It helps to improve the brand image

③It helps to screen and eliminate inferior products

④Increase product sales

The quality inspection of products can be divided into the following categories according to the situation of bulk goods

① Prenatal checkup

②Intrapartum examination

③ Postpartum examination

Carry out prenatal inspection before mass production, so as to know whether the product to be produced is compliant, so as to release for mass production

Assure Quality
Manufacture Products in China and Assure Quality

After the prenatal inspection, the production of large-scale goods begins. During the production of large-scale goods, you can apply for an in-production inspection. The purpose is to know whether the product is consistent with the quality of the product during production, and to confirm whether the supplier is cheating.

Postpartum inspection is to randomly select and test the bulk products, so as to know the average quality of this batch of products, and lay the foundation for assured shipment.

  • Product inspection mainly includes the following aspects

①Product size and related parameters

②Product quality

③ Product packaging and labeling quality

④ Drop test of the product (if necessary)

In conclusion

Through a series of necessary inspections, you can have a detailed understanding of your products, ensure that high-quality products are delivered to customers, and allow more and more customers to enjoy the convenience that Made in China brings to their lives. Not only will this increase your sales, it will increase customer retention and increase the chances of new customers placing an order.

Having a quality control inspection plan in place ensures that high-quality products are shipped to your customers. Not only will this help increase your sales, but it will also ensure customer retention.

earning from this blog will get you up and running quickly, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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