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Read This Post First If You Want to Manufacture Wholesale Toy Products in China

Have you ever had an idea of manufacture wholesale toy products from China? As internet connects the whole world as a global village, you could import and export various products easily. So is it from China. Owing to its comparative lower labor cost and multiple choices of wholesale toy products, China export aboundant toy products to eveywhere in the world each year. If you choose to manufacture wholesale toy products from China, the profitability of your company will increased then you will be more competitive than other wholesalers. Digital marketing has given us the power to do business anywhere in the world and improve our economy.

The following are a few wholesale toy products that you can consider manufacturing in China:

1. Dolls

2.Decoration Toys

3. Car Toys

4. Gun Toys

5. Prentend Toys

6. Puzzles

7. Baby Walkers

8. Indoor & Outdoor Tents

9. Beach Sand Toys

Wholesale Toy Products

What You Must Do Before Deciding to Outsource Wholesale Toy Products?

Before you procure wholesale toy products in China, you must make a plan first. Here are several steps for your reference.

Getting Your Product Design Ready

It is undeniable that one product get popularity begin with its design stage. So for selling wholesale toy products in the market, you need an conspicuous or distinctive design. You must do some research to get some design ideas. Looking through toy websites, magzines or go to toy shops and toy fairs can bring certain design concept to you. Then you should translate the design concept of your wholesale toy products into a practical design. Each product designer will employ a unique step:


By creating a few 2D sketches of your own ideas, you can have many options of what your wholesale toy products look like. Before moving on to the next step, you may quickly change colors, materials, and details that to your most satisfaction.

3D Design

It will enable you view the product from every angle by using a CAD design. Having deciding the setup and measurements, you could clearly visualize the product’s final appearance.

3D Printed Prototype

A CAD design is printable, which make you better understand your toy products by holding it just in your hand.

After finishing the product design, the designer will produce all the measurements required by a factory to produce your final wholesale toy products.

Learn More Details about Working with Chinese Factories

After get your product design ready, the next step is to find a Chinese factory and customize you wholesale toy products. Now you can find plenty of Chinese factories available on Alibaba and manufacturers on it are from everywhere. Of course it includes many toy manufacturers. However, some suppliers in Alibaba can be intermediaries, you need to figure them out. We have introduced several tips for you in our previous post. And you could ask a sourcing agent to ease your work.

Managing Production

Since you have confirmed the production after receiving an perfect production sample, then you should move forward to next step, which needs you to consider the following:

Quality Control

The quality of product really matters a lot for it is related to the reputation of your brand or company. In order to do quality control, you need to have inspections to your wholesale toy products before they are shipped to your warehouse. You can either go to the factory on your own or use a inspection company in China. Before the inspection, you should confirm the specific, pre-agreed scope of defects to your inspector, then the inspector will check the wholesale toy products per your demand. If the inspection report shows there are too many defects, then you can ask the company to change its procedures or replace all unqualified wholesale toy products.

AQL Standards

Your AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) is the accepted benchmark for the permitted quantity of unqualified goods in each run of production. You can ask for amends if the factory fails to achieve that standard rate of failure.

Compliance, Shipping Logistics

You are almost finishing! Your wholesale toy products from China are well designed, packaged and produced. Now, the following step is on how to transfer your wholesale toy products to you customers.


Before you import wholesale toy products, you need to make sure that the customs will allow your products into your country. And you need to overcome several consumer protection regulation in place and obstacles. These rules apply to all countries.

Shipping your product

Shipping products is not simply arranging a trip to your country. Instead, considering your demand of time or cost, you need to make a choose from a variety of ports and transportation methods to transport the wholesale toy products. Besides, a freight forwarder and importing bond should also be taken into consideration. The feight forwarder is an individual or business who will help you arrange the transportation from Chinese factory to your market or client, while importing bond is a financial assurance between the insurance business issuing your customs bond, the importer of record and Customs and Border Protection.

Pros and Cons of Manufacturing Wholesale Toy Products in China

You must have known that China has the capacity to manufacture different types of goods at the most affordable prices. However, you also have been informed of the advantages and disadvantages before deciding importing wholesale toy products from China.


Lower Costs

One of the most important factor that attracting lots of wholesaler manufacturing in China is the comparative lower costs than in other countries. The lower cost will make you more competitive in your market, which may help you take up more market share and gain more profits.

High Output

With the updating techniques, the production capacity of many manufacturers has been highly improved. Thus they are able to accept large orders and finish it on time.

Better Customer Services

For there are abundant wholesale toy manufacturers, the better customer service will make them more stand out and competitve. If you are treated politely and promptly by a company, you may tend to choose it in the case of other companies offer equivalent wholesale toy products.

Multiple Shipping Ports

There are many ports in China, which facilitates the transportation of goods and enable the supply chain continue to run smoothly.


Language Barriers

Not every factory invloving in foreign trade can communicate with foreign wholesalers in fluent English. By using translation software, they are enable to chat with you through emails or chatting apps. Or they will hire employees who are good at English.

Higher Minimum Order Quantity

Lower profit margins are typical in Chinese factories, which leads to higher minimum order needs. If your company fail to meet their MOQ, you might need to find another factory.

Shipping Risk

Having deciding the transportation methods of your wholesale toy products, there still need some time for them to arrive you. Besides, if your ship is in distress, you will suffer certain losses.

Quality Control

The quality control depends the efforts from you and your factory, so it needs paying attention to ensure the wholesale toy products are qualified.


Manufacturing wholesale toy products in China is a long-lasting process. You must follow certain steps to reduce the cost your time and enegy. Or you could look for us for help. We will provide the best sevice and competitive products for you.

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