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OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up


OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up

Company Profile:

Union Vision is a leading manufacturer of pull-back car toy from China. And we are an exportor of DIY toys, craft, gifts, fidget toy, stationary, educational toys, outdoor & sports, plush toys, RC toys, building blocks, Custom Baby Swim Float Toy , pre-school toys, OEM wooden toys….

Over 20 years developing, our company has developed into an export and processing enterprise integrating production and development, covering professional purchaser, salesman, QC and R&D team, Our products have been sold well in Europe,the United States,Australia,Canada,South America,the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia,Russia and other parts of the world.With advanced production equipment, mature technologies,excellent quality,good services and improved management,our company has formed a good brand which has long been highly spoken of by customers.

Safe & High Quality:

First of all, this toy is made of environmentally friendly materials, which do not contain harmful substances and are harmless to the health of children. Secondly, the product meets the relevant safety standards and regulations, and has undergone strict testing and certification to ensure the safety and stability of the product. In addition, the LED light used in this projector toy is also low power consumption and low heat, which will not cause harm to the child’s eyes and skin.

In addition to safety, this projector toy is also characterized by high quality. It uses advanced technology and manufacturing process to ensure image clarity and color reproduction. Moreover, the toy undergoes strict quality control and inspection to ensure that each product meets high quality standards.

How to Use:

This projector flashlight shaped projector toy is very easy to use and does not require much skill or manipulation. The following are the steps to use it:Turn on the flashlight light. Push the flashlight switch up to turn on the light.Select the pattern. There is a rotating ring above the flashlight, rotate it to switch between patterns.Project the pattern. Aim the flashlight at the surface you want to project on (e.g. ceiling or wall) and adjust the distance and angle to see a clear projected pattern.Turn off the flashlight light. Push the flashlight switch down to turn off the light.

It should be noted that when using the flashlight, it is recommended to place the flashlight on a smooth surface to avoid accidents. In addition, because the toy uses LED lights, so please avoid prolonged use to avoid over-irradiation on the eyes.

The Benefits of Play:

With this projector flashlight-shaped projector toy, children can gain the following benefits while playing:

Developing imagination and creativity: The toy allows children to imagine and create in a virtual world, which is very important for their cognitive and creative development.Learn cognition: By projecting patterns, children can recognize different animals, objects and scenes and learn to recognize new things.Improve attention and concentration: Children need to focus on the projected patterns, which helps them develop the ability to concentrate and focus.Enhance language skills: Children can improve their language skills by telling their own stories and describing the projected patterns.Enhance family interaction: Parents and children can use the projector toys together to tell stories and play games to enhance family interaction and intimacy.

In short, this projector flashlight toy can not only bring entertainment, but also help children to develop in many aspects while playing.

The best gift to your children on holidays:

This projector flashlight shaped projector toy is a great holiday gift. This projector flashlight toy can bring a lot of entertainment and fun for kids to have a fun-filled time during the holidays. This projector toy will not only entertain children, but it will also help them learn and grow. It can be used to help children learn to recognize words, identify animals and various other things, and stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up
OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up
OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up
OEM Toys Projector Flashlight for Kids 3 & Up

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Q1: Do you have to put cart together?
No. The cart is one piece. You do have to put the heads on the clubs, but they just screw on—one minute and you are ready to play.

Q2: Can you help make our own design?
We are experienced in OEM and ODM service for many world famous brands and retailers for years. Send us your idea, our professional design team will support your vision and make it a reality.

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