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6 Effective Tips to Peonalize and Customize Toy Products in China

With the development of economy, consumers pay more and more attention to brands when buying toys. So,new toy company how to develop your own brand? Next, this article will help you to personalized and customize toy brand in China.

Customize Toy
Customize Toy

How to know the popular toys of this season?

Before making toys, we need to know the hot toys in this quarter, so as to adapt to the market and quickly sell the whole batch of toys:Amazon, Tiktok…These can help you find out the popular toys

Customize Toy
Customize Toy

What are the customize toy MOQ ?

Generally, the customize toy minimum order quantity of toys with low value is about 5000set, and the minimum order quantity of with high value toys is 1-2000set

If you still think that the minimum order quantity is too high, you can try another way: add your own stickers on the product packaging, and the minimum order quantity is usually 3 ctn.

Where can I find a supplier?

It is very important to find reliable toy suppliers, who not only determine the quality of toys, but also determine the efficiency of the entire order, which is very critical:


Newstar popular website, a toy company with a young team, is gradually realizing this dream with the idea of bringing toys to all parts of the world and making every child happy.

The website shows you some popular toys beyond the frontline: wooden toys, bath toys, beach toys, baby toys… Shantou, Zhejiang Ningbo/Yiwu have their toy factories. Experienced sales, strict QC team and one-stop service enable your orders to reach your port safely and quickly.

Customize Toy


Alibaba has grown into the world’s largest B2B trade website. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every merchant knows about Alibaba. It is a professional intermediary between suppliers and buyers.

Whether you’re a large supermarket or retail store, you can find the toy you want.

Customize Toy
Customize Toy


AliExpress is China’s one of the cross-border retail e-commerce platform. Currently, it has opened sites in 18 languages, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It is called “the international version of Taobao” by the majority of sellers.

AliExpress is the third largest English-language online shopping website in the world for overseas buyers. It is also a purchasing toy website that communicates directly with suppliers.

The characteristics of these three websites are: 1. Contact the supplier directly 2. The price MOQ is clear 3. The credit-level supplier 4. The toy quality is complete5.Many quality toy suppliers 6.The platform protects the interests of buyers

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