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Quality Control

Union Vision takes product quality seriously. That’s why you can choose us as your toy import partner in China.

Capable QA Team

Union Vision always insist on monitoring quality for our customers and we take every step to ensure the highest quality of all our products. With over ten years of industry experience, our expert quality auditors perform detailed inspections on every step of the production process (from raw material to packaging).
We provide a detailed inspection report for each shipment, giving you confidence in the products we supply.

Our Certificates

Strict Toy Quality Control System

At Union Vision, we take toy safety seriously. During the production process, we carry out logistical tests on the completeness and quality of the toys.


We test toys for flammability. Flammability properties are designed to reduce the risk of injury to children from potentially flammable toys.

The following materials are prohibited to use to make toys:
1. Celluloid (nitrous fiber) and materials with similar combustion characteristics
2. Plush fabric with surface sparkling effect after fire
3. Toys must not contain highly flammable liquids

Physical Properties

As a manufacturer to keep toys safe, we do the following physical tests: test items, torque test, pull test, drop test, pressure test, and impact test..

High-quality standards are upheld through toy test process. 

Toy quality control system

Packaging and Labeling

As a professional manufacturer, we inspect packaging and labels to meet safety standards. Packaging and labeling is one of ASTM’s items.

1.age indicator

2.Product-specific warnings

Toy quality control system

Chemical Safety

According to the toy safety assessment requirements, before the toy is put on the market, we analyze the potential hazards of the toy in chemical, physical, mechanical, electrical, flammability, hygiene and radioactivity, etc., and analyze the potential hazards of the toy in the above hazards. to evaluate.

Toy quality control system

Manufacturing Factoy Display

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Our Clients Say About Toy Quality

We firmly believe in providing our customers with competitive prices and efficient service.
Customer feedback lets us know we’re doing the right thing!

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Minimum Order Amount: $2000

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"Wooden Cutting Food Toy" received an inquiry from O*****
"Kid-friendly ladder ball games" received an inquiry from R*******
"Private label Splash Play Mat" received an inquiry from H******
"Kids Tent Teepee Grey" received an inquiry from B****
"Unicorn Pop Up Toy Tent" received an inquiry from A*******
"Playing House Toy Tent" received an inquiry from A******
"Mini Desktop Spider Shooting Game" received an inquiry from W***
"Pretend Supermarket Toy Set" received an inquiry from W***
"Pretend Play Cleaning Toys Broom Mop Set" received an inquiry from A*******
"Detachable Housekeeping Cart Cleaning set" received an inquiry from L*******
"Doughnut Food Set Toy" received an inquiry from I*****


Our experts who specialized in wholesale toys will contact you as soon as possible.