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Wholesale Rainbow Ball Factory

Product Name: Rainbow Ball
Ball’s Size: 0.23*0.23*0.246 inches
Material: ABS
Color: Multi Colors
MOQ: 3000 sets


Wholesale Pressure-Relieving Luminous Rainbow Ball Factory

Playing Method:

The rainbow ball has 12 colors corresponding to the rainbow circle, including the white hole that makes way. Press the rainbow to move to the outer color circle of the cprresponding ball. Built-in blastic sponge to support the colored ball, strong blasticity, the correspondenve is completed.

The Benefits of Play:

Can develop the ability of observation, hands-on, spatial imagination, logical thinking, observation and color discrimination.

Rainbow Ball Factory’s Product Advantage:

Matte texture, rounded edges, will not cause damage to delicate hands. Fall resistance, not easy to damage even when falling from high places. As a Professional Rainbow Ball Factory,the rainbow ball is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, which is non-toxic, lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Applicable Age:

Up to 3 years old. Children or adult. Playing rainbow ball requires concentration, patience, thinking and observation. Is a very good puzzle game, can exercise the brain, improve the ability to solve problems. Rainbow balls can also help people spend less time on their phones and help adults cope with stress and anxiety at work.

Perfect Gift:

On children’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other wonderful festivals, rainbow balls as gifts to family or friends oh, it is very appropriate. Family and friends can play with this toy to improve their abilities and bond with each other.

Wholesale Rainbow Ball Factory

Wholesale Rainbow Ball Factory 1

Wholesale Rainbow Ball Factory 4

Wholesale Rainbow Ball Factory 5

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Q1: What’s the MOQ?
Pls feel free to do the try order, no need MOQ. We also provide sample service.

Q2: Can I change the color?
Yes! It’s optional. As a Professional Rainbow Ball Factory,You could choose the same color to make the suit, or different colors.You can make OEM also.

Q3:Do you offer sample test?
Yes, we welcome sample testing.

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