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Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzlle Piece Wholesale for 500~1000 pieces

Product Name: Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzlle Piece Wholesale

Color: Blue

Quantity:6 pcs

Product Size: 20*9.8*20 cm

Age: 3+


Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzzle Piece Wholesale

Company profile:

Union Vision is manufacture and export of DIY toys, craft, gifts, fidget toy, stationary, educational toys, outdoor & sports, plush toys, RC toys, building blocks, Custom Baby Swim Float Toy , pre-school toys….
Over 20 years developing, our company has developed into an export and processing enterprise integrating production and development, covering professional purchaser, salesman, QC and R&D team, Our products have been sold well in Europe,the United States,Australia,Canada,South America,the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia,Russia and other parts of the world.With advanced production equipment, mature technologies,excellent quality,good services and improved management,our company has formed a good brand which has long been highly spoken of by customers.

How to use:

Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzzle Piece Wholesale is Easy sorting of puzzle pieces – Separate puzzle pieces by color, pattern or shape into the 6 sturdy sorting trays for quick, easy access.
Link them – Link the trays of this puzzle organizer or move them around the table from one person to another.
Stack and store them – This uniquely engineered stacking system with indented ridges provides a perfect solution for compact organization, and the trays nest perfectly in the box for secure storage and transportation.

High Quality:

MAKE PUZZLE GAME EASIER.  puzzle storage box in obvious contrast with most colorful puzzles, which make it easier to spot your colored pieces. This can enormously improve the efficiency of your games.

FITS UP TO 1500 PUZZLE PIECES. These jigsaw puzzle storage bins apply to puzzles500 pieces to 1500 pieces ! Now you can tackle your favorite size without the need to shove multiple tables together. Each puzzle keeper tray measures 8.0″x8.0″x0.8″. It’s lightweight and easy to carry.

6 STACKABLE PUZZLE SORTER TRAYS FOR PUZZLE PIECES. With these puzzle trays for sorting, you can make jigsaw puzzles pieces safe, neat and tidy — all while saving time and table space! Sort the puzzle pieces in different groups according to shape, color or pattern, then store them separately in dedicated puzzle piece sorting trays.

IDEAL CHOICE FOR GIFTING. Set includes 6 premium puzzles trays for adults suitable for puzzle lovers. Stackable design allows you to work with your friends or family to have group fun. Puzzle enthusiasts will be thrilled to get these puzzle sorting boxes for Christmas or a birthday

The Benefits of Play:

The Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzzle Piece Wholesale  is an absolute game changer for puzzlers! It is perfect for puzzles with lots of colors, shapes or patterns needing to be sorted and ideal for tight spaces.It is also convenient for puzzle gatherings as you can move the trays around the table instead of having to get up to find pieces!

Helps the puzzle to look neat on your table and the fun puzzle shaped sorting trays are a great accessory for proudly displaying your puzzling hobby. This handy kit allows puzzlers to sort, link, stack, and store puzzle pieces and even bring them on trips, so you no longer have to leave an unfinished puzzle behind. It is easily expandable for puzzles with piece counts higher than 1000 pieces, and makes a great gift for puzzle lovers.

With Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzzle Piece Wholesale, you can organize your pieces by color and store them for later use. IThis set of puzzle sorting trays comes with a lid to safely stack and store. One set fits up to 1000 pieces, or add more puzzling trays that interlock for even more organization.

Enjoy Your Time:

Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzzle Piece Wholesale are made from high-quality ABS material, sturdy and durable enough to guarantee a long service life,it can help you quickly find the puzzle pieces you need. Puzzle games will be made easier and funnier. Definitely an indispensable helping hand for puzzle enthusiasts.

Stackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzlle Piece Wholesale for 500~1000 piecesStackable Puzzle Sorter Trays For Puzlle Piece Wholesale for 500~1000 pieces

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Q1: What is the best way to remove the crease in the mat created by it being shipped folded in the box?

You have to let the mat lie flat for a few hours and it will straighten out under its own weight. Also, our puzzle pad isn’t felted, it is rubberized underneath, that’s why all the folds are easily straightened out without any external influence.

Q2: What kind of custom service do you offer?
As a Professional Wholesale Supplier ,the product itself can be purchased in single style or mixed style. The color box can be produced according to the design you want, and the packing number can also be arranged according to the quantity you want.(OEM )

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