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Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer

Product Name: Stress Relief Ball
Packing: Blister Card
Product Specification: 6pcs/set
Product Size: 6.3*1.57*9.25 inches
Ball’s Diameter: 1.58 inches
Color: Multi Colors
MOQ: 3000 sets


Wholesale Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer

Absolute Competitive Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer:

As a Professional Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer,this ball is made very durable and playable. If the ball is dirty, the clay and dirt on the ball can be washed directly with water, as good as new after washing.

Improve Children’s Concentration:

This color-changing sticky ball can be used to vent stress, anxiety, anger or as a calming toy to help children focus. Children can simply squeeze these stress-relieving and fidgeting toys, wait for them to absorb sunlight or electric light, then hold the ball in a dark place and watch it slowly glow in different colors until the light is gone.

Reassure People:

These Small stress relief balls can also be used to help children and adults with autism and ADHD. Because the playing method is very simple, it doesn’t make children feel stressed or scared. Children and adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders can also try this ball. This ball can find an outlet for your irritability and tension. Please feel free to share.

Exercise and Stay Healthy:

These relief balls can be used to exercise your wrists, hands and fingers. You can simply throw the ball, watch it stick to the ceiling or wall, fall, pick them up, and throw them out. Because the game is so simple, you can play it alone, or with friends and family. You don’t have to worry about the numbers, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Even on rainy days, play indoors and do simple physical exercises.

Notice・Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer:

New balls are very sticky at first. You need to play with them and rub them around a lot before you try to throw them into a wall or ceiling. Otherwise, they may stick firmly to the wall or ceiling and cannot be removed.

Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer

Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer1

Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer Application



Q1: Can the ball stick to the wall?
Usually, yes. However, please note that the newly opened ball, please play with your hands for a while, until the viscosity is weakened, and then throw it high, otherwise it may not fall off .

Q2: Can I change the color?
Yes! It’s optional. As a Professional Luminous Stress Relief Ball Manufacturer,You could choose the same color to make the suit, or different colors.You can make OEM also.

Q3: Does it need battery?
No need battery. The ball only needs to absorb light.


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