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How to find the best toy manufacturers in China?

In this guide, I am going to introduce you to everything you need to know about how to find the best wholesale toy manufacturers in China.

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I’ll show you some tips and the best marketplaces to find wholesale toy manufacturers in China, and also the things you should know when finding Chinese wholesale toy manufacturers.

Things to consider while dealing with toy manufacturers in China

Finding a suitable manufacturer can be a little challenging. Following are the list of some common things that you need to keep in consideration while dealing with toy manufacturers in China.

1. Safety regulations, quality inspections, and quality standards

Toys are for the kids and people are usually very concerned regarding the safety and health of their kids.

 It is crucial to make sure that the manufacturer that you are choosing follows all the safety regulations and quality standards.

 You can also ask them regarding their quality inspections to make sure that their products are by following safety and quality regulations.

Also, you can research the quality standards regarding toys in your country to confirm that your toy manufacturers fulfills all those quality standards.

2. Keep your business capacity in consideration while finding the toy manufacturers

If you are a small or medium-sized business then it may be better to find toy manufacturers that is a small or medium size toy manufacturers.

 Big toy manufacturers usually have bugger MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the order which might not be feasible for you in the start if you are a small or medium-sized business.

Small vendors can offer you a small MOQ and they usually have time for you as compared to the big toy manufacturers and they can provide better support as well.

3. Ask your toy manufacturers to provide test reports

There is some test certificates requirement for toy importing to other countries like Australia and USA etc.

 It is always better to ask your manufacturer regarding test reports in advance. These test reports can be helpful in the smooth import process.

4. Ask for a product sample

Some toy manufacturers offer product samples. You can ask your toy manufacturers to provide a product sample before placing the order.

This will give you an idea regarding the quality of the final product.

This can also ensure that all your requirement is met and the end products are according to your requirement. It is also easier to make a change request at this point.

5. Make sure that toy manufacturers has a formal manufacturing system

Make sure that your toy manufacturers are using a standardized process and has international certificates.

You can also ask them if they meet international quality standards there as quality is very important.

  This will also help in shortlisting and finalizing the manufacturer as you have a parameter to choose the toy manufacturers that has certificated for quality standards.

FAQs about toy manufacturers in China

1. How can I make sure to meet all the required toy quality standards?

You can ask toy manufacturers to provide test reports. You can also get your product lab tested to ensure that it meets all the safety standards.

You also need to issue all the documents on your company name as the toy manufacturers test reports can’t be used as compliance documents.

2. How to import private label toys from China?

You can import private label toys from China. Many Chinese toy manufacturers provide the option of private label toys.

You can easily find toy manufacturers in China that can provide wooden and plastic private labeling.

If you are importing private label toys from China then you also need to lab test the toys.

You need to get all the relevant documentation and compliance documents that are required according to safety and quality standards.

3. What is the Minimum order quantity (MOQ) while manufacturing toys from China?

All toy manufacturers have a Minimum order quantity (MOQ). It can vary depending on the toy manufacturers.

 If you are a small or average business then you should look for toy manufacturers that offers MOQ according to your requirement.

Usually, toy manufacturers have an MOQ of 500 to 1000 units per order.

4. How can I start my toy manufacturers business?

 Starting a new business is easier now as you can import the products from a manufacturer instead of making your products.

 You need to do some market research on your target market, market segment, and target customers. Then you can decide which type of toys you want for your business.

 After selecting the type of toys you can find a Chinese toy manufacturers that offers that type of toy and meet all your requirement and budget.

There are many ways to find toy manufacturers, you can refer to this blog to know more. Marketing is also an essential part of the toy business.

5. Do toy manufacturers provide samples for their products?

Some toy manufacturers provide the product sample. You can ask your supplier for a product sample for the product.

This will give you a chance to check the quality of the product and verify if the end products meet all your quality standards and requirements.

You can discuss the details with your toy manufacturers regarding the required product sample.

 You can also check the online review of the toy manufacturers to get an idea regarding their product quality and customer service. This will help you to make an informed decision.


In this blog, we have provided a detailed guide on how you can find reliable and professional toy manufacturers in China.

You can use various mediums to find toy manufacturers in China. You can use B2B (business to business) platforms to find toy manufacturers online at affordable prices.

You can use Google searches and social media to find the toy manufacturers as well. Another great way to find toy manufacturers by contacting the Union Vision.

The toy manufacturers can help you in supplier management and many other services. There are many different types of toys available in the market and you can find toy manufacturers for a wide range of toys.

 It is also crucial to meet all the quality and safety standards, make sure to ask toy manufacturers regarding the quality certificated and test reports before placing the order.

We hope that this blog will be helpful for you. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below.

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