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Top 6 Best Selling Wholesale Toy Products

To be a great industry retailer? It is very important to grasp the direction of the market! As a professional toy supplier, based on our rich sales experience, this article sorts out and lists several types of toy products that are very popular in major markets for you! I believe this article can provide you with some inspiration, combined with our product page, to help you find the most popular wholesale toys in the market~

1. Wholesale Fidget Toy

The most intuitive impact of the COVID-19 is that social interaction has been reduced, coupled with the resulting pressures such as anxiety, emotional wholesale comfort toys like Fidget Toys Pack have become so popular. In a narrow sense, the emotion category mainly refers to toys that incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. For example, some toys teach children to correctly identify and express their emotions, and some toys with emotional healing functions, guide children to think mindfully and digest and control negative emotions.

In 2021, as the COVID-19 is known to the public, the application scope of such products has also changed from being relatively limited in the past to a wider range.

Fidget Toys Pack

In a broad sense, all toys with emotional comfort functions belong to this category, such as traditional cloth plush, dolls, building blocks, art DIY, dynamic sand, slime, fingertip decompression toys, etc. These toys provide a sense of companionship (cloth plush, dolls), immersive activities (building blocks, art DIY), sensory stimulation of various textures (dynamic sand, slime, fingertip decompression toys),and a combination of ways to divert the mind’s attention from negative factors. These conventional toys are given a new mission by a special social background. In this category, there are many explosive products.

Affected by the continuous impact of overseas epidemics, the anxiety of overseas people has spread. Unzipping the outlet outside the toy station has become the new favorite in the market of people’s favorite decompression products. On the AliExpress platform, starting from October 2020, the monthly growth of decompression toys has shown a 4-digit explosive growth, and the demand for decompression toys also continued to increase in 2021. There are a wide variety of stress-relief toys, and the hot-selling products include pinch music, rodent pioneer, flip octopus, fidget spinner, and so on.

Sensory Toys

2. Wholesale Board Game Toy

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the demand for board game products with their own “home entertainment” genes has surged, prompting families to sit together and enhance their relationships. Although the popularity and demand for wholesale board games will drop slightly compared with 2020 after the full implementation of vaccination in 2021, it will not affect its status as an important entertainment product. Manufacturers have launched many new IP-licensed products based on classic games.

Board game

According to Amazon’s data, from January to October, the top position on the best-selling toy list is the new board game derived from the classic board game Catan board game and the video game Candy Kingdom.

Board game

3. Educational Toy Supplier

Among the hot-selling toy categories in shopping malls, educational toys can be regarded as “evergreen trees”.Whether staying at home or returning to school, parents’ emphasis on children’s learning will not change. The epidemic has made parents further recognize the educational function of toys. Coding and scientific exploration toys are as popular as ever. The difference is that basic subject products have become a hot new force, especially reading, writing, and computing products for school-aged children aged 6 to 10.

Educational toy brands are regulars on the list. They are constantly innovating. Based on ensuring quality and safety, they are also constantly developing new buying points and increasing product functions to adapt to changes in market demand.

Educational wooden toys

In the process of playing, children will develop their language ability, learning ability, practicing social skills, developing creativity, physical movement ability, and so on. Scientific research has confirmed that from birth to about three years old, games have a profound impact on their brain development and are the key to laying a solid foundation for children’s future interests and abilities.

Toys of young age have always been a rigid demand category in the market. Since the impact of the epidemic in 2020, social anxiety has accumulated, and anxiety about the future has accelerated the market demand for educational toys. The core value of toys lies in “interesting” and “inspirational”, and it is a medium for children to contact, understand and explore the world.

In the “play”, children understand the cause and effect relationship, learn scientific knowledge, and explore the rules of the operation of everything in the world. On the AliExpress platform, hot-selling baby toys include baby educational toys, baby rattles, and mobile phones, crawling mats, Montessori toys, painting toys, math toys, jigsaw puzzles, play house toys, Outdoor toys, water toys, handmade toys.

Educational toys

4. Wholesale Plush Toy

First of all, the image and shape of plush toys are very cute, especially plush teddy bears. Their shapes can be said to be full of naivety, which makes children feel at ease when they see them. A safe and secure appearance can be very tempting to a young child.

The second is the smooth feel of plush toys. The doll master has repeatedly mentioned in previous articles that we should try our best to choose from regular channels when purchasing plush toys. Take doll masters as an example, our plush toy fabrics go through multiple processes and are repeatedly processed to finally make finished products. Therefore, such plush toys often feel very smooth and have a very high safety factor.

Plush toys

The third point is that the use of plush toys can be said to be unlimited. There is no space limitation for plush toys, you can put a cute plush toy in any corner of the house, even in the car, on the bag, and anywhere you want to decorate. Cute plush toy. This also makes plush toys in great demand in real life. At the same time, plush toys can also appear at any time. Plush toys are not only divided into spring, summer, autumn, winter, and day and night. As long as you like it, you can have a plush toy that feels smooth and cute at any time of the day !

Plush toys

5. Pretend Play Toy Factory

Many children in the age group of 2-4 like to imitate the actions of adults, play the role of family members, or play the role of cooks and customers, students and teachers, and pretend toys were born because of this, and since their introduction, they have become the most popular among children. One of my favorite toy categories.

Pretended play toys

Now there are many kinds of pretend toys on the market, including kitchen pretend toys, doctor pretend toys, supermarket pretend toys, etc. When toy designers and toy companies select new toys for design and development, they should directionally confirm the type of pretend toys, make a comprehensive comparison of the functions and appearance of the same type of products on the market, and choose the most cost-effective style

Ours pretend play toy made of high-quality plastic, rounded edges, and non-toxic colors and prints, with no burrs that will not hurt your kids’ hands. Believe we will provide kids with hours of fun and imaginative play.

Pretended play toys

6. Customized Car toy

Toy cars are something boys can’t refuse. Therefore, in the process of wholesale, various types of toy cars have also become frequent visitors to the hot list. Toy cars also have a wide range of categories, such as car models, cool remote-controlled cars, and large rides cars.

Car model toy

Cool and stylish design can easily get a baby’s attention, which is a dream gift for a birthday or holiday. It is convenient to carry to any place with the portable handle, allowing kids to experience the pleasure of playing at any time.

Toy cars with lights and vocals are great for young children, while cool remote-controlled racing cars are suitable for boys to compete, exercising social skills and hands-on ability in the process.

Car model toy

Juli Lennett, Senior Vice President and Toy Industry Advisor, NPD Group, said: “Today’s industry needs speed. Now more than ever, the retail environment requires a response to consumers’ changing tastes and rapidly changing consumer trends. Responsiveness. Toy companies, big and small, have to be quick enough to react and get to market faster to go the long way.”

The above are some of the hot-selling toy categories sorted out in this article. I believe these toys will definitely bring you huge business opportunities. Click on our product website link to choose from the rich toy products~

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